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Tangmere 1953

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Date: 19 September 1953

Made by: John Havers, "Registration Research News Sheet No.22"


Mosquito T. T. (ex B35) TJ125
Canberra B.2		WH719
Canberra B.2 		WD929
Valetta C.1   		VL281
Varsity T.1		WF427 H
Lincoln B. 2  		RF395 J
Lancaster ASR.3		RE194 V-H
Dragonfly HR.3 		WP495 982/FD
Chipmunk T.10		WK581 10
Tiger Moth. 		T5368
Tiger Moth. 		DF203
Auster A0P 6		TW538 PF-Z
Proctor 5  		VN896
Oxford C.2		HN420
Invader RB-26C-40-OT  	435617A  BC-617
Vampire FB.5  		VV619 RS-J
Meteor FR.9		WB137 UU-C
Sabre F86A-7-MA    	8315  FU-315
Sabre F86A-7-MA    	91074 FU-074
Seahawk F.1 		WF168 170
Vampire T.11		WZ586 B
Sea Vampire 20  	VV150 503/FD
Harvard T.2B		KF224 V-N
Firefly AS.6 		WD.862 022
Avenger AS.3		XB364 064

WA729 ES-22

Flying Display:
Hurricane  		LF363
Sedbergh T.XI		WB940
Cadet T.3		XA299
Avro 707A		WZ736
Sunderland GR.5		ML817 D-P 
Canberra B.2		WD988
Canberra B.2		WH662
Canberra B.2		WF891
Wyvern S.4		VZ763 184
Varsity T.1		WF428 J
Varsity T.1		WJ891 P
Varsity T1		WF418 A
Anson T.21		VV246
Anson T.21		VV896
Anson T.21		VV915
Shackleton 		WG557
Shackleton 		WB831 T-B
Shackleton 		WG508 B-X
Spitfire LF.16		TE357
Lincoln B.2		SX983
Lincoln B.2		RE360
Lincoln B.2		RE295
Meteor F.8		WK979
Meteor NF.11		WD598 T
Meteor F.8		WK985 C

Joy Flights:
Rapide			G-AKMH

Meteor T.7		VW487 J
Vampire FB.5		VZ841 LO-L

Meteor F.8		WK731 JAK
Meteor F.8		WH842 A
Meteor F.8		VZ458 B
Meteor F.8		WK985 C
Meteor F.8		WA845 E
Meteor F.8		VZ549 F
Meteor F.8           	VZ548 G
Meteor F.8  		VZ496 J
Meteor F.8  		WK908 L
Meteor F.8  		WA845 N
Meteor F.8  		WA872 R
Meteor F.8  		WH286 S
Meteor F.8  		WF642 T
Meteor F.8  		WK989 V
Meteor F.8  		WK916 X
Meteor F.8  		WA853 Z
Meteor T.7		WG938 Y
Meteor NF.11		WD597 B
Meteor NF.11		WD603 C
Meteor NF.11		WD605 D
Meteor NF.11		WD725 F
Meteor NF.11		WM257 G
Meteor NF.11		WD599 
Meteor NF.11		WM266 Q
Meteor NF.11		WD598 T
Meteor NF.11		WD792 U
Meteor NF.11		WD715 W
Meteor NF.11		WD762 X

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