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Yeovilton 2011

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Date: 9 July 2011

Made by: Scramble


185                  Falcon 10MER         57S
811                  Lynx HAS4            34F
37+01                F-4F                 JG71
83+11                Lynx Mk 88A          MFG3  #
1115                 M-28B1R              30.elMW
ZK458/D              Beech B200GT         45(R)Sqn
ZA708                Chinook HC2          Odiham Wg
WK608/906            Chipmunk T10         RNHF
XZ327                Gazelle AH1          Traveling exhibit
ZH800                Sea Harrier F/A2     as ZH801/001, std
ZH801                Sea Harrier F/A2     asZH800/123, std
ZB604/722            Harrier T8           pres
XX261                Hawk T1A             FRADU  #
XZ675/H              Lynx AH7             671sq
ZD560                Lynx AH7             QinetiQ/ETPS
XX910                Lynx HAS2            IHM
XZ699                Lynx HAS2            FAAM
ZE477                Lynx Mk3             IHM
XZ235/630            Lynx HAS3S(ICE)      702sq
XZ720/GC-410         Lynx HMA8SRU         815sq
ZH832                Merlin HM1           829sq
XV656/185            Sea King ASaC7       857sq
ZA166/16             Sea King HU5SAR      771sq
ZA310/B, ZF120/Z     Sea King HC4         845sq
G-BYVF, G-BYXK       Tutor T1             727sq
XT778/430            Wasp HAS1            FAAM
G-UANO               Chipmunk T20         ex 1367
G-JPVA               Jet Provost T5A      ex XW289
G-MOOS               Provost T1           ex XF690
G-CRUM               Scout AH1            ex XV137
G-ANEW               Tiger Moth 1         ex NM138/44
G-BYCX               Wasp HAS1            ex SAAF 92
G-YAKX               Yak-52               as “27” red

Flight lines north:
FA95                 F-16AM               2w
FA110                F-16AM               2w  #
28                   Rafale M             12F
46                   Super Etendard       11F
Q-17                 AH-64D               301sq  #
15                   MiG-29UB             1.elt  #
38                   MiG-29A              1.elt
ZK450/J              Beech B200           45(R)sq
XX244                Hawk T1              208(R)sq  #
XX307                Hawk T1              208(R)sq
ZA299/D              Sea King HC4         845sq
LS326/L2             Swordfish II         RNHF
ZA453/022, ZD743/091 Tornado GR4          15(R)sq  nmks
ZD711/079            Tornado GR4          15(R)sq
ZF145/145            Tucano T1            1FTS
ZF378                Tucano T1            1FTS  #
G-ASAJ               Auster T7            ex WE569
G-RNHF               Sea Fury T20         ex VX281/VL-120
G-CVIX               Sea Vixen D3         ex XP924/E-134
G-SIJJ               P-51D                ex USAAF 44-72035

Apron by Lynx hangars:
XZ233/635            Lynx HAS3S           702sq  blue c/s
XZ237/631, XZ730     Lynx HAS3S           702sq
XZ692/641            Lynx HMA8SRU         702sq/Black Cats
XZ722/645            Lynx HMA8SRU         702sq/Black Cats  #
ZD257/642            Lynx HMA8SRU         702sq
ZD268/643            Lynx HMA8SRU         702sq
ZD262/301            Lynx HMA8SRU         815sq/HQ Flt
ZF563/303            Lynx HMA8SRU         815sq/HQ Flt
XZ736/DA304          Lynx HMA8SRU         815sq/HQ Flt
XZ255/314            Lynx HMA8SRU         815sq/B Flt
ZD260/315            Lynx HMA8SRU         815sq/B Flt 
XZ719/316            Lynx HMA8SRU         815sq/B Flt
ZD565/GC410          Lynx HMA8SRU         815sq/Gloucester Flt
ZD281/K              Lynx AH7             671sq
ZJ269                Squirrel HT1         DHFS
ZZ401                Wildcat              Agusta Westland

Commando flight line:
XZ192                Lynx AH7             847sq
ZD626/S              Sea King HC4         845sq
ZA314/WT             Sea King HC4         846sq
ZD625/P, ZD479/WQ    Sea King HC4         848sq
ZE425/WR, ZF115/R    Sea King HC4         848sq  @
ZG822/WS             Sea King HC4         848sq

Flight line South:
XX303, XX316         Hawk T1A             FRADU
G-BARS  1377         Chipmunk 22          G-BARS
G-BXFI               Hunter T7            ex WV372/R
G-GAII               Hunter GA11          ex XE685/VL861
G-PRII               Hunter PR11          ex XG194
G-VETA               Hunter T7            ex XL600
G-VLCN               Vulcan B2            ex XH558, VTTS

Extra 300L Royal Jordanian Falcons:

Flying only:
MK356/UF-Q           Spitfire LFIXC       BoBMF
PA474/BQ-B/HW-R      Lancaster B1         BoBMF

Hawk T1/A* of the Red Arrows:
XX177, XX227*, XX237, XX242,  XX260*, XX264* XX266*,  XX306*, XX322*

Hangar 2 (closed):
ZD267/LST2           Lynx HMA8            gia

Hangar 5 SK AMG:
XZ236/LST1           Lynx HMA8            gia
XZ594, ZE368/R       Sea King HAR3        nn
ZH542                Sea King HAR3A       nn
ZF116/WP, ZF117/X    Sea King HC4         nn
ZG821/G              Sea King HC4         nn

Hangar 6 (closed):
XZ228/313            Lynx HAS3GMS         std
XZ238/EE43           Lynx HAS3S           std
XZ693/311            Lynx HAS3S           std
XZ696                Lynx HAS3SGMS        std
ZD263                Lynx HAS3S           std
ZF121/T              Sea King HC4         846sq
All Lynxes in the hangar were stored and were reduced to spares and probably eventually scrapped.

Hangar 8:
ZZ398                Wildcat AH1          Agusta Westland

Hangar 9 (closed):
XZ180                Lynx AH7             847sq
XZ229, XZ239         Lynx HAS3GMS         702sq
XZ727/634            Lynx HMA8SRU         702sq
ZD265/644            Lynx HMA8SRU         702sq

Hangar 10 (closed):
ZF123/WW, ZE426/WX   Sea King HC4         848sq
ZF119/WY             Sea King HC4         848sq

Hangar 13 (closed):
XZ254/-              Lynx HAS3S           815sq
XZ689/DA451          Lynx HMA8SRU         815sq

Hangar 14 (closed):
XZ245/632            Lynx HAS3GMS         815sq
XZ691/AY365          Lynx HMA8SRU         815sq

Paint shop:
XT458                Wessex HU5           std

RNHF Hangar South side:
W5856/A2A            Swordfish II         RNHF
WV908/A188           Sea Hawk FGA6        RNHF
VR930/Q110           Sea Fury FB11        RNHF

Stored outside:
WV911/C115           Sea Hawk FGA6        std

Fire dump:
XS513                Wessex HU5           dumped
XV755/M, XW630       Harrier GR3          dumped
ZB601                Harrier T4           dumped
ZG478                Harrier GR9          dumped
773                  Sea King Mk47        dumped

#special c/s
@arctic c/s
RNHF=Royal Navy Histopric Flight
IHM=Internation Helicopter Museum
FAAM=Fleet Air Arm Museum

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