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Upper Heyford 1986

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Date: 16 August 1986

Made by: Phil Globe, Paul Tiller, Jason Ganner

Updated: 2 January 2011

80-0206/WR yl         A-10A               USAF 
80-0220/WR gy         A-10A               USAF 
80-0279/WR            A-10A               USAF 
84-0163               C-12                USAF 
84-0458               C-23A               USAF 
72-1293        	      C-130E              USAF
57-2609        	      KC-135A             USAF
62-3501               KC-135              USAF 
64-0609               C-141               USAF 
63-7449/SA            F-4C                BDRT 
69-0372/ZR            RF-4C               USAF 
69-7571/SP            F-4G                USAF 
74-0653/SP bl         F-4E                USAF 
79-0048/BT tiger      F-15C               USAF 
79-0053/BT yl         F-15C               USAF 
79-0075/BT yl         F-15C               USAF 
82-0931/TJ bl         F-16C               USAF 
82-0933/TJ bl         F-16C               USAF 
82-0996/TJ bl         F-16C               USAF 
67-0034/UH            EF-111A             USAF 
68-0020/UH            F-111E              USAF 
68-0077/UH            F-111E              USAF 
69-6609               UH-1                USAF 
226671                P-47                (N47DD) 
BD-13                 MIRAGE VBD          BELGIAN AF 
188729                CF-188A             CANADIAN FORCES 
AT-156                DRAKEN              DANISH AIR FORCE 
ET-210                F-16B               DANISH AIR FORCE 
K-3015                NF-5A               KLu 
K-3026         	      NF-5A         	  KLu
XX900/MS              BUCCANEER           RAF 
XS735/R               DOMINIE             RAF 
XX396/N               GAZELLE             AAC 
ZB629                 GAZELLE		  RAF
XZ997/E               HARRIER             RAF 
XX256                 HAWK                RAF 
XX499          	      JETSTREAM		  RAF
XV223                 C-130               RAF 
ZE396                 HS-125              RAF 
XX119/01              JAGUAR              RAF 
XW409/123             JET PROVOST T5      RAF 
XS899                 LIGHTNING           RAF 
XV253                 NIMROD              RAF 
ZE353/E               F-4J                RAF 74 sqn 
ZD937/AG              TORNADO F2          RAF 
ZD932/AM              TORNADO F2          RAF 
ZA608/2               TORNADO             RAF 
ZA140/A               VC-10               RAF 

66-0037               EF-111A 
66-0056               EF-111A 
67-0032               EF-111A 
67-0052               EF-111A 
68-0006               F-111E 
68-0014               F-111E 
68-0015               F-111E 
68-0025               F-111E 
68-0034               F-111E 
68-0083               F-111E

G-ATBG        	      N.1002
G-AWAH      	      Baron
G-BFHG        	      CASA 352
G-HAEC        	      P-51
G-JORR        	      AS.350
N94466         	      P-40

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