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Mildenhall 1981

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Date: 23 May 1981

Made by:


PA474            Lancaster B.I          RAF BoBMF 
62-4131          RC135M                 USAF 55 SRW 
61-0282          EC135H                 USAF 10 ACCS 
61-0291          EC135H                 USAF 10 ACCS 
58-0037          KC135                  USAF 
64-14830         KC135                  USAF 
62-3534          KC135                  USAF 
55-3141          KC135                  USAF 
63-8885          KC135                  USAF 
57-2608          KC135                  USAF 
60-0360          KC135                  USAF 
63-8012          KC135                  USAF 
60-0339          KC135                  USAF 
63-8016          KC135                  USAF 
63-8874          KC135                  USAF 
59-1512          KC135                  USAF 
58-0095          KC135                  USAF 
58-0103          KC135                  USAF 
63-7978          KC135                  USAF 
44-63221         P51D                   Private 
68-0568/AR       RF4C                   USAF 10 TRW 
141023           VC131F                 USN NAF Mildenhall 
68-10943         C130                   USAF 
69-6583          C130                   USAF 
68-10935         C130                   USAF 
70-1271          C130                   USAF 
63-7823          C130                   USAF 
64-0540          C130                   USAF 
63-7899          C130                   USAF 
68-10934         C130                   USAF 
69-5826          C130                   USAF 
158565           P3                     USN 
161322/8D        UC12B                  USN NAF Mildenhall 
XZ229            Lynx HAS.2             RN 
C-10             F.27M                  KLu 334 Sqn 
PZ865            Hurricane IIC          RAF BoBMF 
P7350            Spitfire IIA           RAF BoBMF 
RR299            Mosquito T.3           Private 
XH673            Victor K.2             RAF 
ST07             SF.260MB               FAB 
ST11             SF.260MB               FAB 
ST25             SF.260MB               FAB 
XZ458            S.Harrier FRS.1        RN 
XZ459            S.Harrier FRS.1        RN 
XZ460            S.Harrier FRS.1        RN 
K-3012           NF5A                   KLu 
K-3066           NF5A                   KLu 
GT-874           TF100                  RDAF 
XX753/05         Jaguar GR.1            RAF 226 OCU 
XX754/23         Jaguar GR.1            RAF 226 OCU 
FT229            Harvard IIB            Private 
14               Yak 11                 Private G-AYAK 
RCAF385          Harvard IV             Private G-BGBP 
68-3799          OV10A                  USAF 601 TCW 
WG307            Chipmunk T.10 
79-0036/BT rybl  F15C                   USAF 36 TFW 
79-0074/BT y     F15C                   USAF 36 TFW 
XX304            Hawk T.1               RAF Red Arrows 
XX257            Hawk T.1               RAF Red Arrows 
XX260            Hawk T.1               RAF Red Arrows 
XX306            Hawk T.1               RAF Red Arrows 
XX259            Hawk T.1               RAF Red Arrows 
XX252            Hawk T.1               RAF Red Arrows 
XX253            Hawk T.1               RAF Red Arrows 
XX264            Hawk T.1               RAF Red Arrows 
XX227            Hawk T.1               RAF Red Arrows 
XX251            Hawk T.1               RAF Red Arrows 
77-0255/WR       A10A                   USAF 81 TFW 
XM648            Vulcan B.2             RAF 
69-5796          HH53C                  USAF 67 ARRS 
70-1629          HH53C                  USAF 67 ARRS 
68-15838         CH47C                  USArmy 
44-85784         B17G                   Private 
XV177            Hercules C.1           RAF LTW 
XV299            Hercules C.1           RAF LTW 
70-2398/LN       F111F                  USAF 48 TFW 
79-0122/WR       A10A                   USAF 81 TFW 
68-0556/AR       RF4C                   USAF 10 TRW 
74-01535         F5E                    USAF 527 TFTAS 
WH872            Canberra T.17          RAF 
141009           VC131F                 USN NAF Mildenhall 
70-2368/LN       F111F                  USAF 48 TFW 
68-0496/HR r     F4E                    USAF 50 TFW 
69-0369/AR       RF4C                   USAF 10 TRW 
79-0121/WR       A10A                   USAF 81 TFW 
NJ695            Auster 4               Private 
K-4026           NF5B                   KLu 
BR14             Mirage 5BR             FAB 
XS417            Lightning T.5          RAF 
FB07             F16B                   FAB 
11404            T43A                   USAF 
XV154            Buccaneer S.2A         RAF 
XX233            Hawk T.1               RAF 
61-0653          T39A                   USAF 
68-3809          OV10A                  USAF 601 TCW 
69-17017         OV1D                   USArmy 
61-2489          VC140B                 USAF 
WD413            Anson C.21             Private 
XS711            Dominie T.1            RAF 6 FTS 
56-0694          B52D                   USAF 
66-8304          C5A                    USAF 
65-9408          C141                   USAF 
64-0539          C130                   USAF 
61-0286          EC135H                 USAF 10 ACCS 
58-0102          KC135                  USAF 
71-0880          C9A                    USAF 
WB271            Firefly AS.5 
104713           CF104                  CF 
104756           CF104                  CF 
104776           CF104                  CF 
104810           CF104                  CF 
104843           CF104                  CF 

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