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Chivenor 1969

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Date: 23 August 1969

Made by: John A. Smith, Brian Evans

Updated: 30 November 2003

HH-43B Huskie, US Air Force
This funny looking chopper is a HH-43B Huskie (serial 62-4533). In the late 60s and early 70s this type could be seen very frequently at European airshows.

Photo Steve Williams

XA286 		    Cadet
WT917 		    Cadet
WG488/B 	    Chipmunk (wreckage)
WP848/6             CHIPMUNK T10            CFS 
XR953/29            GNAT T1                 4FTS 
XM383/1             JET PROVOST T3          2FTS 
XS219/33            JET PROVOST T4          RAFCAW 
XM144/B             LIGHTNING F1            TFS WATTISHAM 
XS458               LIGHTNING T5            226OCU 
XV575               PHANTOM FG1             43SQ. 
WE982 		    Prefect T30
XP908               SCOUT AH1               SWINGFIRE MISSILE AC. 
XG729/733           SEA VENOM 22            FRU 
XJ491 		    Sea Vixen
XJ521/705           SEA VIXEN FAW2          766SQ. 
XP855 		    Scout
WB973 		    Sedburgh T21
XT142               SIOUX AH1               AAC 
VT812/N             VAMPIRE F3              RAF MUS. 
WZ549/F             VAMPIRE T11             CATCS 
WF423 		    Varsity
P347 		    Whirlwind HAR10
547/AE              MAGISTER                FAF. 
P-254               F84F THUNDERSTREAK      315SQ. KLU. 
P-255               F84F THUNDERSTREAK      315SQ. KLU. 
26+04		    F104G		    WGAF
26+27   	    F104G		    WGAF
3188                FIAT G91R               LG.41 GAF. 
10594/AH-Z'         F5B                     332SQ.NORW.AF. 
170/12-YJ           SUP.MYSTERE B2          FAF. 
120227              HEINKEL 162A            MUSEUM 
191904              ME.163B                   " 
GH+12               ME.109                  EX.DG200 
BT474               FIAT CR.42              MUSEUM 

WJ861/Z             CANBERRA T4             85SQ.
XM706/94            GNAT T1                 CFS 
XR980/48            GNAT T1                 4FTS 
XR987		    GNAT T1		    RED ARROWS
XS111		    GNAT T1		    RED ARROWS
8x		    GNAT T1		    RED ARROWS
XV738               HARRIER GR1             HSA AVN. 
LF363/LE-D          HURRICANE 2             B-O-B FLT. 
XP676/64            JET PROVOST T4          3FTS  (also logged as XR676)
XR700/46            JET PROVOST T4          3FTS 
XR671/48            JET PROVOST T4          3FTS 
XR659/67            JET PROVOST T4          3FTS 
XS177/43            JET PROVOST T4          3FTS 
XM147/A             LIGHTNING F1            TFF WATTISHAM 
XS903/A		    LIGHTNING 		    5SQN
XS926/B		    LIGHTNING		    5SQN
XV429               PHANTOM FGR2            228OCU 
XV317/Z             SIOUX HT2               CFS 
XV318/V             SIOUX HT2               CFS 
XV319/N             SIOUX HT2               CFS 
XV323/L             SIOUX HT2               CFS 
P7350/ZH-T          SPITFIRE 2                 " 
XH590		    VICTOR
MT17                MAGISTER                BELG.AF 
156/12-YA           SUP.MYSTERE B2          EC1/12 
3097                FIAT G91R               LKG41 
69210/AH-P          F5A                     332SQ.NORW.AF 
104801              CF104G                  1CAG RCAF 
65-0788		    F-4D		    USAF
..-....		    F-100		    USAF
56-0097		    RF-101C		    USAF
56-1261		    F-102A		    USAF
24533               HH43B HUSKIE            40 RECOV. USAF 

WB567               CHIPMUNK T10            BRISTOL UAS 
WK507/W             CHIPMUNK T10            MANCH.UAS 
WP915/E             CHIPMUNK T10            LEEDS UAS 
XN857               ARGOSY C1               RED ARROWS SUPP. 
XP409               ARGOSY C1               RED DEVILS SUPP. 
XS772               BASSET C1               32SQ. 
XP817               BEAVER AL1              132FLT. 
TG536               HASTINGS C1             48SQ. 
XL714               TIGER MOTH              YEOVILTON 
XK624/32            VAMPIRE T11             CFS 
119/61-QO           NORATLAS                FAF 

XG194/A             HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XE651/B             HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XF419/D             HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XG260/T             HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XL571/Q             HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XE606/2             HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XF439/3             HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XJ634/4             HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XF456/5             HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XJ637/10            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
WW594/11            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XF426/12            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XE596/13            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XE653/28            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XF420/29            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XG160/30            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XG196/31            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XE608/32            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XF386/33            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XG172/36            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XE644/37            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XF526/38            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XF382/40            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XG131/41            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XG229/42            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XG199/44            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XE557/46            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XG226/47            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XF516/49            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XF447/54            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XJ713/55            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XE656/56            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XF418/59            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XF515/60            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XE627/61            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XL576/81            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XL577/82            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XL572/83            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XL569/85            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XL587/86            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XL618/87            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XL623/88            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XL578/89            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
XL617/95            HUNTER                  229OCU. 
VZ567/F             METEOR                  229OCU. 
WH286/A             METEOR                  229OCU. 
WK941/E             METEOR                  229OCU. 
WL349               METEOR                  229OCU. 
XP346               WHIRLWIND HAR10         22SQ. 

WP963               CHIPMUNK T10            JWS 
WP980/E             CHIPMUNK T10            LIVERPOOL UAS 
XK149/7             HUNTER                  229OCU 
XJ639/8             HUNTER                  229OCU 
XK141/9             HUNTER                  229OCU 
XG191/27            HUNTER                  229OCU 
XE561/43            HUNTER                  229OCU 
XG225/58            HUNTER                  229OCU 
XL575/80            HUNTER                  229OCU 
XL592/84            HUNTER                  229OCU 
XL586/90            HUNTER                  229OCU 
XL583/91            HUNTER                  229OCU 
XL595/98            HUNTER                  229OCU 

XH891/H             JAVELIN FAW9            EX.23SQ. 

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