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Greenham Common 1979

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Greenham Common IAT 
Date: 21-24th June 1979
Updated: 2 January 2011
XS641 Andover C1 115sq S
XX919 BAC1-11 RAE S
XS765 Basset CC1 A&AEE S
XP820 Beaver AL1 AAC S
XT275/A Buccaneer S2A 15sq S
XV354 Buccaneer S2A 237 OCU F
XV357 Buccaneer S2A 237 OCU F
XX524/04 Bulldog T1 London UAS V
XX553/07 Bulldog T1 London UAS S
WJ817 Canberra PR7 13sq F
XH167 Canberra PR9 39sq S
WH774 Canberra PR7 RAE S
WK163 Canberra B(I)6 RAE S
WP964 Chipmunk T10 AAC S
XS738/U Dominie T1 6 FTS S
XW902/H Gazelle HT3 CFS(H) S
XW884/CU41 Gazelle HT2 705sq/Sharks F
XW863/CU42 Gazelle HT2 705sq/Sharks  F
XX397/CU43 Gazelle HT2 705sq/Sharks F
XW891/CU49 Gazelle HT2 705sq/Sharks F
XW894/CU52 Gazelle HT2 705sq/Sharks F
XZ341 Gazelle AH1 AAC F
XV748/B Harrier GR1 233 OCU F
XV760/F Harrier GR1 233 OCU F
XZ445/Q Harrier T4 233 OCU S
KF183/F Harvard T2B A&AEE S
XX230/129 Hawk T1 63sq F
XX280/142 Hawk T1 63sq F
XX265/140 Hawk T1 234sq S
XV181/181 Hercules C1 LTW V
XV185/185 Hercules C1 LTW F
XV200/200 Hercules C1 LTW S
XV302/302 Hercules C1 LTW S
XV208/208 Hercules W2 RAE/MRF S
XW790 HS125 CC1 32(TR)sq 23rd V
XF445/Q Hunter FGA9 2 TWU S
XL619/06 Hunter T7 2 TWU S
WT804/VL831 Hunter GA11 FRADU/Blue Herons F
XE682/VL835 Hunter GA11 FRADU/Blue Herons F
WV267/VL836 Hunter GA11 FRADU/Blue Herons F
WT806/VL838 Hunter GA11 FRADU/Blue Herons F
XF977/VL865 Hunter GA11 FRADU/Blue Herons F
LF363 Hurricane BBMF  
XZ395 Jaguar GR1 54sq S
XX764/13 Jaguar GR1 226 OCU F
XX766/14 Jaguar GR1 226 OCU F
"XX724" Jaguar A Replica  
XW352/R Jet Provost T5B 6 FTS F
XW309/V Jet Provost T5B 6 FTS F
XX499/G Jetstream T1 6 FTS S
PA474 Lancaster B1 BBMF  
XP749/A Lightning F3 LTF F
XP764/B Lightning F3 LTF F
XR724 Lightning F6 5/11sq S
XZ232/BM333 Lynx HAS2 702sq F
XZ203 Lynx AH1 AAC F
WF791 Meteor T7 CFS Vintage Pair F
XV262/62 Nimrod MR1 St Mawgan Wg S
XV263/63 Nimrod MR1 St Mawgan Wg V
XV488/R Phantom FGR2 228OCU F
XV438/Y Phantom FGR2 228OCU F
XV501/O Phantom FGR2 29sq S
XV424(Alcock&Brown) Phantom FGR2 56sq S
XW215/CM Puma HC1 33sq  
XW235/DM Puma HC1 230sq  
XT624 Scout AH1 AAC S
TF956/T123 Sea Fury FB11 RNHSF F
WV908/A188 Sea Hawk FB4 RNHSF F
XZ588 Sea King HAR3 SKTU F
WR963/63 Shackleton AEW28sq F  
WR965/65 Shackleton AEW28sq S  
XL814 Skeeter AOP12    
P7350/QV/B Spitfire BBMF  
LS326/5A Swordfish Mk11 RNHSF F
XX947 Tornado RAF 24th F
XH304 Vampire T11 CFS Vintage Pair F
XL231 Victor BK2 57sq S
XJ784 Vulcan B2 44sq S
XM605 Vulcan B2 50sq F
XV733 Wessex HCC4 Queens Flt  
XP359 Whirlwind HAR10 S  
159441/AG-110 F-14A VF-143 S
159584/AG-602 EA-6B VAQ138 S
160564/AG-301 A-7E VA-66 S
160418/AG-013 E-2C VAW-121 S
153437/LE-4 P-3B VP-11 S
149797/JM-797 C-130F VR-24 S
141023 C-131F STN.FLT. S
160121/AG-704 S-3A    
1602 HC-130H USCG S
77-0231/WR A-10A 81st TFW S
77-0234/WR A-10A 81st TFW F
58-0258 B-52G 416th BW S
68-0217 C-5A 436th MAW S
71-0880 C-9A 375th AAW S
73-1213 C-12A S  
73-22261 C-12C US Army 22nd V
54-1640 C-130A 105th TAS TN ANG S
57-0493 C-130D 139th TASS NY ANG S
55-0023 C-130A 64th TAS AFRC S
63-7876 C-130E UUUUU S
68-10941 C-130E 39th TAS S
69-6566 C-130E 37th TAS S
69-5827 HC-130N 67th ARRS S
66-0220 HC-130P 67th ARRS S
63-7990 KC-135A 305th ARW S
61-2491 VC-140B 58th MAS F
62-4198 VC-140B 58th MAS S
66-0152 C-141A 437th MAW S
68-0568/AR RF-4C 1st TRS S
68-0392/HR F-4E 50th TFW S
74-01551/51 F-5E 527th TFTAS S
74-01556/56 F-5E 527th TFTAS 22nd
74-01560/60 F-5E 527th TFTAS F
77-0081/CR F-15A 32nd TFS F
77-0158/CR F-15B 32nd TFS S
68-0023/UH F-111E 20th TFW  
68-0054/UH F-111E 20th TFW S
68-0057/UH F-111E 20th TFW  
68-0027/UH F-111E 55th TFS  
67-15560 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
67-15640 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
68-15011 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
68-15086 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
70-15975 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
70-15982 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
70-16017 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
70-16024 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
70-16029 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
70-16056 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
70-16076 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
70-16089 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
70-16093 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
71-21020 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
71-21024 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
71-21038 AH-1S 503rd AvCo. U
67-19491 UH-1H 503rd AvCo. S
71-20162 UH-1H 503rd AvCo. U
73-21752 UH-1H 503rd AvCo.. U
74-22283 CH-47C 295th AvCo. U
74-22286 CH-47C 295th AvCo. U
76-22677 CH-47C 295th AvCo. U
69-5785 HH-53C 39ARRW/67ARRS S
68-16765 OH-58C 503rd AvCo. U
68-16963 OH-58C 503rd AvCo. U
69-16137 OH-58C 503rd AvCo. U
69-16200 OH-58C 503rd AvCo.. U
71-20538 OH-58C 503rd AvCo. U
72-21214 OH-58C 503rd AvCo. U
72-21217 OH-58C 503rd AvCo. U
72-21399 OH-58C 503rd AvCo. U
62-4461 CT-39A 58MAS S
67-14630 OV-10A 20th TASS S
67-14684 OV-10A 20th TASS F
1122/B S105OE Karo As F
1123/C S105OE Karo As F
1127/G S105OE Karo As F
1128/H S105OE Karo As F
1129/I S105OE Karo As F
1102/B/YE S105OE Karo As F
A-713 Twin Bonanza Transp Fl.Korps F
J-4022 Hunter F58 Patrouille de Suisse F
J-4025 Hunter F58 Patrouille de Suisse F
J-4026 Hunter F58 Patrouille de Suisse F
J-4027 Hunter F58 Patrouille de Suisse F
J-4028 Hunter F58 Patrouille de Suisse F
J-4030 Hunter F58 Patrouille de Suisse F
2406 T-37C Asas de Portugal F
2414 T-37C Asas de Portugal F
2415 T-37C Asas de Portugal F
2423 T-37C Asas de Portugal F
2426 T-37C Asas de Portugal F
2429 T-37C Asas de Portugal F
2430 T-37C Asas de Portugal F
6805 C-130H Esq 501 S
K-3020 NF-5A 313sq F
K-3028 NF-5A 313sq F
K-4016 NF-5B 313sq S
D-8051 F-104G 311/312sq S
209/V SP-2H 320sq S
C-10 F-27M-300 334sq F
263/K SH-14A 7sq S
556/4-BB Mirage IIIE EC2/4  
608/4-BI Mirage IIIE EC2/4 F
42 Br1150 23/24F S
76/AD N262 GAEL1/65 21st V
904 PA-31 FN 22nd V
MM40122/30-07 Br1150 86°Gr S
21+18 F-104G MFG2/VIKINGS F
21+27 F-104G MFG2/VIKINGS F
20+01 F-104G JABOG31 S
20+02 F-104G JABOG32 S
35+03 RF-4E AKG51 S
35+07 RF-4E AKG51 S
32+80 G-91R3 JABOG49 S
50+62 C-160D LTG61 F
61+16 Br1151 MFG3 F
58+06 Do28D/2 JABOG31  
59+15 Do28D/2 MFG5 F
84+38 CH-53G MHFTR35 F
71+24 UH-1D    
72+29 UH-1D HF S
BA10 Mirage VBA 1sm S
FT28 T-33A 11sm S
FT29 T-33A 11sm S
CH09 C-130H 20sm 24th V
890 CF-104G Skv334 S
4633 CF-104D Skv334 S
574 F-5A Skv338 F
131 F-5A Skv338 F
955/UN C-130H Skv335 F
104760/760 CF-104G 1 CAG S
130316/316 CC-130E 435sq S
10735/35 CP-107 415sq S
B-678 C-130H Esk 721 S
B-680 C-130H Esk 721 21st V
AT-157 SK-35XD Esk 727 S
T-430 T-17   F
H-207 H-500 Haerens flyvetj F
M-071 SA318 Esk 722 S
TK.10-7/301-07 KC-130H 301 Esc S
T.12B-13/745-13 C-212A EMT&TA/745 Esc F
C.12-40 F-4C Ala 12 S
J-1704 VENOM FB54 Flieger Staffel. S
1233 CANBERRA B82 FA Venezuela S
4224 C-130H FA Venezuela S
TC-67 C-130H FA Argentina. S
A97-008 C-130H 36sq S
NZ7001 C-130H 40sq S
2454 C-130H 1°/1°GT S
436/4X-FBW C-130H 103/131sq S
1619 C-130H 16sq S
JY-RJG Pitts S-2A Special    
JY-RJH Pitts S-2A Special    
JY-AFK Pa34-200T Seneca II    
OE-FPK Pa30-160 Twin Comanche    
G-BGIF AS350B    
  BEAGLE 206    
G-BCMY BN-2A    
G-AWWW Ce401    
G-BBUJ Ce421B    
G-BFRM Ce550    
G-AKKB Miles M65 Gemini  
S = Static  
F = Fligthlines/Flying  
V = Visitor  
U = Unknown  

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