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Culdrose 1993

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Date: 28 July 1993

Made by: Wim Sonneveld


8970		   	SeaKingMk41	MFG5
WH779/BP		CanberraPR7	39sqn
XW845/CU47		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XW853/CU53		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XW854/CU46		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XW856/CU49		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XW857/CU55		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XW861/CU52		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XW868/CU50		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XW871/CU44		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XW895/CU51		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XW884/CU41		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XW907/CU48		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XX391/CU56		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XX436/CU39		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XX446/CU57		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XX451/CU58		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XZ938/CU45		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XZ942/CU42		GazelleHT2	705sqn
ZB647/CU40		GazelleHT2	705sqn
ZB649/CU43		GazelleHT2	705sqn
XV741			HarrierGR3	SAH
XV786/S			HarrierGR3	dumped
ZD406/WB		HarrierGR7	1sqn
XX285/CH		HawkT1A		100sqn
XX325/CE		HawkT1A		100sqn
XX331/CK		HawkT1A		100sqn
WT723/VL866		HunterGA11	SAH
XE668/DD832		HunterGA11	SAH
XX466/DD830		HunterT7	SAH
XX475/CU572		JetstreamT2	750sqn
XX476/CU561		JetstreamT2	750sqn
XX478/CU564		JetstreamT2	750sqn
XX479/CU563		JetstreamT2	750sqn
XX480/CU565		JetstreamT2	750sqn
XX483/CU562		JetstreamT2	750sqn
XX484/CU566		JetstreamT2	750sqn
XX485/CU567		JetstreamT2	750sqn
XX486/CU569		JetstreamT2	750sqn
XX487/CU568		JetstreamT2	750sqn
XX488/CU571		JetstreamT2	750sqn
XX490/CU570		JetstreamT2	750sqn
ZA111/CU574		JetstreamT2	750sqn
XZ493/VL714		SeaHarrierFRS1	899sqn
WF225/CU		SeaHawkF1	preserved
XV664/CU181		SeaKingAEW2A	AMG
XV707/CU181		SeaKingAEW2A	849sqn
XV714/CU502		SeaKingAEW2A	849sqn
XV661/CU824		SeaKingHAR5	771sqn
XV666/CU823		SeaKingHAR5	771sqn
XV705/CU821		SeaKingHAR5	771sqn
XZ920/CU822		SeaKingHAR5	771sqn
XV647/CU180		SeaKingHAS6	AMG
XV648/CU582		SeaKingHAS6	706sqn
XV651/CU591		SeaKingHAS6	706sqn
XV653/CU500		SeaKingHAS6	810sqn
XV660/CU503		SeaKingHAS6	810sqn
XV673/CU588		SeaKingHAS6	706sqn
XV700/CU008		SeaKingHAS6	820sqn
XV706/CU505		SeaKingHAS6	810sqn
XV708/CU510		SeaKingHAS6	810sqn
XZ578/CU581		SeaKingHAS6	706sqn
XZ579/CU011		SeaKingHAS6	AMG
XZ918/CU589		SeaKingHAS6	706sqn
ZA126/CU509		SeaKingHAS6	810sqn
ZA129/CU502		SeaKingHAS6	810sqn
ZA130/CU587		SeaKingHAS6	706sqn
ZA134/CU598		SeaKingHAS6	706sqn
ZA136/PW706		SeaKingHAS6	AMG
ZA137/CU597		SeaKingHAS6	706sqn
ZA166/CU590		SeaKingHAS6	706sqn
ZA170/CU584		SeaKingHAS6	AMG
ZD633/CU507		SeaKingHAS6	810sqn
ZD634/CU506		SeaKingHAS6	810sqn
ZE419/N269		SeaKingHAS6	AMG
ZE420/CU592		SeaKingHAS6	706sqn
ZG817/CU504		SeaKingHAS6	AMG
ZA295/ZU		SeaKingHC4	707sqn
ZA310/ZV		SeaKingHC4	707sqn
ZD476/ZX		SeaKingHC4	707sqn	
ZD625/ZZ		SeaKingHC4	707sqn	
ZD626/ZY		SeaKingHC4	707sqn	
ZF118/ZT		SeaKingHC4	707sqn	
ZF119/ZS		SeaKingHC4	707sqn	
ZE811/HB		TornadoF3	111sqn	
XP158/522		WessexHAS1	dumped	
XS877/PO516		WessexHAS1	dumped	
XS885/CU12		WessexHAS1	SAH	
XM328			WessexHAS3	SAH	
XR529/E			WessexHC2	72sqn	
XT762			WessexHU5	SAH	
G-BCGC			ChipmunkT10	private	WP903
A-324			SE3160S		Grashoppers	
A-350			SE3160S		Grashoppers	
A-398			SE3160S		Grashoppers	
A-453			SE3160S		Grashoppers
A-465			SE3160S		Grashoppers

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