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Abingdon 1981

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Date: 12 September 1981

Made by: anonymous


HB751		Argus 3
VP948		Devon C2		207sq
WH779		Canberra PR7
WP901		Chipmunk T10
WP964		Chipmunk T10		AAC
XE606		Hunter F6A		1TWU
XL586		Hunter T7		1TWU
XM594		Vulcan B2
XP359		Whirlwind HAR10		Abingdon Exhibition Unit
XP753		Lightning F3		11 Group
XP811		Beaver AL1		AAC
XR501		Wessex HAR2
XR658		Jet Provost T4		Abingdon Exhibition Unit
XR760		Lightning F6		11 Group
XS610		Andover E3
XS738		Dominie T1		6FTS
XT283		Buccaneer S2		237 OCU
XT661		Viscount		Re Bedford
XV423		Phantom FGR2		11 Group
XW360		Jet Provost T5A
XX144		Jaguar T2
XX145		Jaguar T2
XX172		Hawk T1			4FTS
XX174		Hawk T1			4FTS
XX262		Hawk T1 replica		Abingdon Exhibition Unit
XX476		Jetstream T2		RN 750sq
XX495		Jetstream T1		6FTS
XX526		Bulldog T1		Oxford UAS
XX718		Jaguar replica		Abingdon Exhibition Unit
XX719		Jaguar GR1
XX724		Jaguar GR1
XX752		Jaguar GR1		226 OCU
XX754		Jaguar GR1		226 OCU
XX766		Jaguar GR1		226 OCU
XX821		Jaguar GR1
XX835		Jaguar T2		226 OCU
XX967		Jaguar GR1
XZ365		Jaguar GR1
XZ366		Jaguar GR1
XZ377		Jaguar GR1
XZ387		Jaguar GR1
XZ452		Sea Harrier FRS1	RN 700sq
XZ935		Gazelle HT3
ZA322		Tornado GR1
ZA680		Chinook HC1
ZA947		Dakota C3		RAE Farnborough
ZD230 (G-ASGA)	Super VC10		stored
ZD231 (G-ASGB)	Super VC10		stored
ZD235 (G-ASGG)	Super VC10		stored
ZD236 (G-ASGH)	Super VC10		stored
ZD237 (G-ASGI)	Super VC10		stored
ZD238 (G-ASGJ)	Super VC10		stored
ZD239 (G-ASGK)	Super VC10		stored
ZD240 (G-ASGL)	Super VC10		stored
ZD241 (G-ASGM)	Super VC10		stored
ZD242 (G-ASGP)	Super VC10		stored
ZD243 (G-ASGR)	Super VC10		stored
132002		CC-132			CAF 412sq
83825		OV-10A Bronco		USAF 601TCW
G-AOSU		Chipmunk 22
G-AXDL		Twin Comanche 160C
G-AYJP		Cherokee 140C
G-BBNT		Navajo Chieftain 350
G-BBOH		Pitts S1S
G-BDZW		PA-28 Cruiser
G-BESS		Hugher 369D
G-BETF		Cameroon 355S
G-WREN		Pitts S2A

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