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Cosford 2001

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Date: 10 June 2001

Made by: Scramble, Kevin Hall


Devon C2, RAF
Like last year, the museum of Cosford put some aircraft outside during the annual airshow. One of the aircraft that could be photographed in the sun was this Devon C2 with serial VP952.

Photo copyright Andrew Bates

More pictures of this airshow, see Air-Scene UK

227			SF260WE			BFTS/TW     
230			SF260WE		        BFTS/TW     
ZJ236/X			Griffin HT1	        60(R)sq/DHFS
ZJ125/J			Merlin HC3	        28sq        
XW217			Puma HC1	        33sq        
ZD625/VZ		Sea King HC4	        848sq       
ZJ280/80		Squirrel HT1	        DHFS        
ZF136			Tucano T1	        1 FTS       
ZH121/TG, ZH125/TL	Vigilant T1	        633 VGS     
ZH187/TZ, ZH197/UK	Vigilant T1	        633 VGS     
ZH206/UM		Vigilant T1	        633 VGS     
And the following Jet Provost T5As as instructional airframes with 1SoTT:
XW290/9199M/MA-41	XW301/9147M/MC-63
XW304/9172M/MD-X	XW309/9179M/ME-V 
XW311/9180M/MF-W	XW360/9153M/ML-61
XW364/9188M/MN-35	XW367/9193M/MO-64
XW405/9187M/MQ-J	XW418/9173M/MT   
XW420/9194M/MU-83	XW430/9176M/MW-77

At the rear of Hanger 4:
Dominie T1s as instructional airframes with 1SoTT:
XS710/9259M/O		XS726/T
Jaguar GR1s as instructional airframes with 1SoTT:
XX110/8955M/EP		XX751/8937M/10
XX819/8923M/CE	        XX958/9022M/BK
XX967/9006M/AC	        XX968/9007M/AJ
XZ370/9004M/JB	        XZ374/9005M/JC
XZ383/8901M/AF	        XZ390/9003M/DM

Pleasure Flight Area:
ZJ268/68		Squirrel HT1		DHFS             
G-BZIN			R44		        Helicentre       
G-CCAU			EC135T-1	        W.M.Police       
G-SJDI			R44		        Total Asset      
G-TOYZ			Bell 206B	        private          
G-WMAA			Bo105DBS/4	        W.M.Air Ambulance

ZF145, ZF405		Tucano T1		1FTS                   
ZD375/23, ZD404/33	Harrier GR7	        20(R)sq                
XX403, XX447		Gazelle AH1	        671sq/Blue Eagles      
ZA777, XW846/M		Gazelle AH1	        671sq/Blue Eagles      
XV185			Hercules C1	        LTW                    
XZ191			Lynx AH7	        671sq/Blue Eagles      
XZ257, ZD251/636	Lynx HAS3S	        702sq                  
ZJ259/59		Squirrel HT1	        DHFS                   
ZH839/CU-539		Merlin HM1	        700Msq (outside hangar)
G-BYWO			Tutor T1	        Liverpool UAS          
G-BYXC			Tutor T1	        CFS                    
G-BCSA			Chipmunk T10	        ex WP799               
G-BMGC			Swordfish III	        RNHF ex W5856          
G-HTPS			SA341G		        private                
RA-01813/13		Yak-52		        private                

In hangar 3:
XW265/W			Harrier T4A		instr
The following Jaguar GR1s as instructional airframes with 1 SoTT:
XX959/8953M/CJ		XX969/8897M/01
XX818/8945M/DE	        XX746/8895M/09

XS641/9198M/Z		Andover C1PR		stored
WS843/7937M/Y		Meteor NF(T)14		stored

Flying only:
FA114			F-16A			10w        
510/5-OQ		Mirage 2000B	        EC02.005   
ZA947			Dakota C3	        BBMF       
XX309			Hawk T1		        208(R)sq   
LF363/US-C		Hurricane IIc	        BBMF       
XX117			Jaguar GR3	        16(R)sq    
PA474/QR-M		Lancaster B1	        BBMF       
XV236/36		Nimrod MR2	        Kinloss MRW
ZE961/AW		Tornado F3	        56(R)sq    
PS915/UW-G		Spitfire PRXIX	        BBMF       
G-BVGH			Hunter T7	        ex XL573   
G-BVVC			Hunter F6A	        ex XF516/19
G-CVIX			Sea Vixen D3	        ex XP924   
And finally also the Red Arrows did their performance.
The following two aircraft were noted at Shawbury where they were
waiting as spare aircraft for the others that did the demo over
FA120			F-16AM			10w
521/5-ON		Mirage 2000B		EC02.005

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