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Leuchars 2013

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Leuchars Battle of Britain Air Show
Date: 7-9-2013
E-607 F-16AM Esk 730  
ET-022 F-16BM Esk 730  
11, 38 Rafale M 11F  
45+19 Tornado IDS JBG33  
MM7286/36-02 EF2000 X Gruppo CIO  
MM7300/36-12 EF2000 X Gruppo CIO $
J-002 F-16AM 323sq  
J-628 F-16AM 322sq  
T-264 KDC-10 334sq  
304 F-16BM FLO  
672 F-16AM FLO  
ZZ501 Avenger T1 750sq  
ZK459/X Beech B200GT 45(R)sq  
XX321/CI Hawk T1A 100sq  
ZJ692/Spl Sentinel R1 5sq  
ZA400/011 Tornado GR4 2sq  
ZA492/Spl Tornado GR4 617sq  
G-CGKJ Tutor T1 East of Scotland UAS (3sq mks)
ZK310/EL Typhoon FGR4 6sq (29sq mks)
ZK311/EK Typhoon FGR4 6sq  
ZK314/EO, ZK327/EJ Typhoon FGR4 6sq (41sq mks)
ZK320/EV Typhoon FGR4 6sq (11sq mks)
ZK334/FB Typhoon FGR4 1sq  
ZK339/FG Typhoon FGR4 1sq  
ZK381/EX Typhoon T3 6sq  
ZA147/F VC10 K3 101sq  
ZZ335 Voyager KC3 10sq  
G-WINI Bulldog T1 ex XX546/03  
G-BZFN Bulldog T1 ex XX667/16  
G-BDRJ Chipmunk T10 ex WP857  
G-ARGG Chipmunk T10 ex WD305  
G-AJAJ Auster J1N    
G-PBYA Canso A ex Canada 11005 (ex RCAF 20507)
G-FRAW Falcon 20C FRA  
XR713/C Lightning F3 pres  
XV582/M PhantomFG1 Pres cockpit section
XV240 Nimrod MR2   cockpit section
XS176 Jet Provost T4   cockpit section
XE597 Hunter FGA9    
Hangar display:
ZE533/VV Viking T1 661 VGS  
West end ramp (Flying):
XZ588 Sea King HAR3 202sq D Flt  
ZA404/013 Tornado GR4 617sq (spare) $
ZA412 Tornado GR4 617sq  
ZE700 BAe146 CC2 32(TR)sq $
ZF239/RA-F Tucano T1 72(R)sq  
ZF264/264 Tucano T1 72(R)sq  
PZ865/EG-S Hurricane IIC BoBMF  
MK356/UF-Q Spitfire LFIXC BoBMF  
PA474/KC-A Lancaster B1 BoBMF  
G-RRGN Spitfire PRXIX PS853/C  
G-RNHF Sea Fury T20S RNHF, ex VX281/VL120  
G-BWSGX Jet Provost T5 ex XW324/U  
G-FFOX Hunter T7B ex WV318  
G-RORI Gnat T1 ex XR538 ‘XS111’
G-TIMM Gnat T1 ex XP504  
G-SOAF Strikemaster Mk82A ex 425    
N14113 T-28A ex French 119  
B-BXSD J-20 ex Yugoslavia 30146  
SE-DXT Vampire T55 SAFHF, ex Swiss U-1212  
SE-DXN AJSJ37 SAFHF, ex 37098/52  
SE-DXG Sk-60E SAFHF, ex 60140 c/n 899907
G-TYK Yak 52    
Hawk T1/A*/W^ of the Red Arrows:
XX219*, XX227*, XX242, XX263*, XX310^, XX311, XX319*, XX323*, XX325
Only eight jets displayed due to “Red 9” being on paternity leave, all nine flew in the “Typhoon” fly-past though.
South west corner:
8T-CA C-130K LuTSta  
North east, in front of crowd line:
ZJ275/75 Squirrel HT1 DHFS  
ZJ708/K Griffin HT1 60(R)sq  
ZH839/11 Merlin HM1 820Nsq  
Flying only:
ZH101/01 Sentry AEW1 8/54sq  
South east HAS site:
7L-WD, 7L-WE EF2000 ÜbwGeschwader  
ZK306/BT Typhoon FGR4 29(R)sq (QRA demo)
ZK316/FA Typhoon FGR4 1sq (solo)
ZK344/BQ Typhoon FGR4 29(R)sq (QRA demo)
ZK346/ER Typhoon FGR4 6sq  
ZK342/ED, ZK313/EN Typhoon FGR4 6sq  
ZK336/FD, ZK331/FE Typhoon FGR4 1sq  
ZK329/FH, ZK341/FJ Typhoon FGR4 1sq  
Typhoons taking part in the flypast with the Red Arrows were ED, ER, FA & FE, while FH was launched as an air-spare. The Typhoons FA and ER also flew in formation with the Sentry.
XT864/A Phantom FG1 pres gate 43sq  
ZE967/UT Tornado F3 pres gate 56sq  
$ special colours

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