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Old Warden 1999

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Date: 1 August 1999

Made by: Ben Dunnell


Gladiator, Shuttleworth Collection
Looking for oldies? Then the shows at Duxford and Old Warden are a must-see! This Gladiator of the Shuttleworth Collection was one of the many old-timers attending the show at Old Warden.

Photo Gary Parsons

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

Flightline public side: 
Chinook HC.2             ZA679/C                 7 Sqn 
Harrier GR.7             ZD404/33                HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
                         ZG479/69                HOCU/20(R) Sqn 
A.61 Terrier 2           G-ATBU                  K9 Flying Group 
Auster J.5F              G-AMZT                  D. Hyde, J.W. Saull & J. Hutchinson 
Avro 504K                H5199 (G-ADGV)          Shuttleworth Collection 
Avro Tutor               K3215 (G-AHSA)          Shuttleworth Collection 
Bleriot XI               G-AANG                  Shuttleworth Collection 
Bristol F.2b             D8096/D (G-AEPH)        Shuttleworth Collection 
Bristol Boxkite (rep.)   G-ASPP                  Shuttleworth Collection 
CAP.10B                  G-BECZ                  Avia Special 
DH.82A Tiger Moth        T6818/91 (G-ANKT)       Shuttleworth Collection 
                         G-ANDE                  Montrose Aviation Ltd 
DH.87B Hornet Moth       W9385/YG-L/3 (G-ADND)   Shuttleworth Collection 
Gladiator I              423/427 (G-AMRK)        Shuttleworth Collection 
Hawker Tomtit            K1786 (G-AFTA)          Shuttleworth Collection 
L-18B Super Cub          848/FA-N (LN-ACL)       Warbirds of Norway 
L-21B Super Cub          542447/A-447 (G-SCUB)   David Needham 
                         44/33-K (G-BJLH)        Felthorpe Flying Group 
LVG C.VI                 7198/18 (G-AANJ)        Shuttleworth Collection 
Lysander IIIA            V9441/AR-A (G-AZWT)     Shuttleworth Collection 
M.14A Hawk Trainer 3     P6382/C (G-AJRS)        Shuttleworth Collection 
O-1E Bird Dog            24550/GP (G-PDOG)       David Needham 
Pitts S-2B               G-SIIB                  G. Ferriman 
Sopwith Pup              N6181 (G-EBKY)          Shuttleworth Collection   'Happy' 
Sopwith Triplane (rep.)  N6290 (G-BOCK)          Shuttleworth Collection   'Dixie II' 
Spitfire LF.VC           AR501/NN-A (G-AWII)     Shuttleworth Collection 

Flying display only (did not land): 
Lancaster B.I            PA474/WS-J              BoB Memorial Flight 
AD-4NA Skyraider         126922/AK-402 (G-RAID)  Fighter Collection 
Blenheim IVT             L8841/QY-C (G-BPIV)     Aircraft Restoration Co 
Jet Provost T.3A         XN637/3 (G-BKOU)        Tony Haig-Thomas 
L-29A Delfin 64          (G-MAYA, Fast Jets Ltd c/n 394912) 
P-40N                    42-104640/49 (G-KITT)   Fighter Collection 
P-51D                    472773/QP-M (G-SUSY)    Paul Morgan   'Susy' 
Spitfire PR.XIX          PS853/C (G-RRGN)        Rolls-Royce 
TBM-3E Avenger           53319/RB-319 (G-BTDP)   Tony Haig-Thomas 

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