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Valley 1989

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Date: 19 August 1989

Made by: Jason Ganner


FA80            F-16
FA94            F-16
133542          CT-133
188750          CF-188
188768          CF-188
E-199           F-16
ET-205          F-16
J-363           F-16
J-879           F-16
K-4007          NF-5
K-4024          NF-5
68-0053         F-111
80-0236         A-10
81-0982         A-10
81-0984		A-10
XV163           Buccaneer
XX614           Bulldog
WE113           Canberra
WK624           DHC-1
XS712           Dominie
XW906           Gazelle
XV783           Harrier
XZ129           Harrier
XZ971           Harrier
FT391           Harvard
XL586           Hunter
XX116           Jaguar
XX723           Jaguar
XN494           Jet Provost
XN497           Jet Provost
XW330           Jet Provost
XX491           Jetstream
WH453           Meteor
RR299           Mosquito
XV244           Nimrod
XF877           Provost
ZA470           Tornado
ZE252           Tornado
ZE887           Tornado
ZF169           Tucano
XH672           Victor
XE874           Vampire
XR501           Wessex
XR518           Wessex
XT601           Wessex
XT670           Wessex
XT680           Wessex
XV724           Wessex
D-EBTS          EA-300  
G-AMSV        	C-47 
G-ARHP          PA-22
G-AXJV          PA-28
G-AYPJ          PA-28
G-BAJO          AA-5 
G-BAJR          PA-28
G-BBMT          DHC-1
G-BCZN          C-150
G-BFJV          C.172
G-BGIB          C-152
G-BHIR          PA-28R
G-BHUE        	Jodel  
G-BIYX          PA-28
G-BNNO        	PA-28
G-CINE        	B.206
G-JFHL          PA-28
G-RODS          B.206  

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