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Abingdon 1978

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Date: 16 September 1978

Made by: Paul Carr


Shackleton AEW.2      WL801 
Vulcan B.2            XL392,XM572 
JP T.5A               XW362/17,XW404/77,XW428/70 
Basset CC.1           XS770 
BN-2A                 G-AXXH 
Cricket               G-AXVK 
Tiger Moth            G-AOAA 
Vampire T.11          XH304 
Chipmunk              G-AOSU,WZ877 
Beaver AL.1           XP778 
Dakota C.3            KG661 
Canberra PR.9         XH170 
Canberra T.19         XA536 
Lightning F.1A        XM191 (nose) 
Lightning F.3         XP694/R 
Lightning F.6         XR747/E,XS899/C,XS919/F 
Firefly AS.5          WB271/R204 
Meteor T.7            WA662 
Victor K.2            XH669 
Hurricane IIC         LF363/LE:D 
Sea Fury FB.11        TF956/T123 
Hunter F.4            XE670 (nose) 
Hunter F.6            XE656/35 
Hunter FGA.9          XE643 (nose) 
Gnat T.1              XM693,XM698 (both RAFEF),XR538/01 
Buccaneer S.1         XN962 (nose) 
Buccaneer S.2A        XV163,XV354 
Dominie T.1           XS709/M 
Nimrod MR.1           XZ282 
Harrier GR.3          XW767/H 
Hawk T.1              XX196/111,XX225 
Hercules C.1          XV294 
Phantom FG.1          XV572/N 
Phantom FGR.2         XV466/K 
PA-31-350             G-BBNT 
Pitts S-1             G-BBOH 
Jetstream T.1         XX498/75 
Bulldog T.1           XX515/7,XX516/10,XX524/04,XX526/C,XX528/D,XX530/12,XX544/01, 
Jaguar GR.1           XX113/09,XX117,XX121,XX719,XX730,XX733,XX750/22,XX752/06, 
Jaguar T.2            XX144,XX834/U,XX835/V,XX844/DZ 
Stampe                G-ATIR 
Stevens Akro          G-RIDE 
Spitfire LF.16E       TE311 (RAFEF) 
Spitfire PR.19        PS853 
Varsity T.1           WF379 
Viscount 838          XT661 
VC10 C.1              XV107 
Whirlwind HAR.10      XP328 
Scout AH.1            XT624 
Wessex HC.2           XT601/AH 
Gazelle AH.1          XZ318 
Lynx HAS.2            XZ244/340 
Zlin 526              G-AWJX,AWSH       

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