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Mildenhall 1961

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Date: 17 June 1961

Made by: H.J. Curti


O.90373		KB-50J-125-BO	420ARS
2791(52.0791)	RB-47E-30-BW	SAC
21063		C-124C		1607ATW/MATS
33276		C-118A		MATS
40137		C-133A		1607ATW/MATS
4426(54.426)	RB-66B		19TRS/10TRW
61131		F-102A		496FIS/86FIW
63319		F-100D-90-NA	492TFS/48TFW
60014		F-101C-45-MC	78TFS/81TFW
70537		T-33A		48TFW
WZ401		Valiant B1	138sq
XA932		Victor B1	10sq
XJ113/X		Javelin FAW8	41sq
XK141/55	Hunter F6	229OCU
68/10-RC	Sup. Mystere B2	10Esc
72/10-RY	Sup. Mystere B2	10Esc
IF-108		Hunter F6	FAB
9699		Bristol 170	137TF/CAF

N4423A		Tri-Pacer 150	Mil. Aero Club

On airfield:
O.15619		C-47A		7513ABS
O.48913		C-47A		MAAG(UK)
O.49784?	C-47B		7513ABS
O.76207?	C-47B		48TFW
O.76600?	C-47B		48TFW
O.50940		C-47B		48TFW
15192		C-124C		MATS
30016		C-124C		AFLC
33283		C-118A		MATS
60503		C-130A		TAC
60506		C-130A		TAC
63883		F-100F		492TFS
63907		F-100F		494TFS
52789		F-100D		492TFS
52792		F-100D		492TFS
52807		F-100D		493TFS
52828		F-100D		492TFS
62920		F-100D		494TFS
62980		F-100D		492TFS
63208		F-100D		494TFS
63212		F-100D		492TFS
63231		F-100D		494TFS
63310		F-100D		494TFS
63315		F-100D		492TFS
N8218H		DC-7CF		Riddle Airlines
+ approximately ten other 48TFW F-100s.

Flying only:
...../FG-737	F-104D		USAF
40140		C-133A		MATS
63884		F-100F		492TFS
XA935		Victor B1	10sq
XH563		Vulcan B2	83sq
XK699		Comet C2
XN404		Britannia C1
XN549		Jet Provost T3	CFS
2x		Jet Provost T3	CFS

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