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Mildenhall 1985

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Date: 26 May 1985

Made by:

Updated: 3 June 2004

XW533/HS           Buccaneer S.2B             RAF 208 Sqn 
XX634/C            Bulldog T.1                RAF Cambs UAS 
WB627/N            Chipmunk T.10              RAF 5 AEF 
WK518              Chipmunk T.10              RAF BoBMF 
XS738/U            Dominie T.1                RAF 6 FTS 
XZ931/R            Gazelle HT.3               RAF 2 FTS 
XV758/J            Harrier GR.3               RAF 233 OCU 
XX178              Hawk T.1                   RAF 4 FTS 
XX179              Hawk T.1                   RAF 4 FTS 
XX299              Hawk T.1                   RAF 4 FTS 
XX227              Hawk T.1                   RAF Red Arrows 
XX237              Hawk T.1                   RAF Red Arrows 
XX252              Hawk T.1                   RAF Red Arrows 
XX259              Hawk T.1                   RAF Red Arrows 
XX260              Hawk T.1                   RAF Red Arrows 
XX264              Hawk T.1                   RAF Red Arrows 
XX266              Hawk T.1                   RAF Red Arrows 
XX304              Hawk T.1                   RAF Red Arrows 
XX306              Hawk T.1                   RAF Red Arrows 
XX308              Hawk T.1                   RAF Red Arrows 
XV218              Hercules C.1               RAF LTW 
XV222              Hercules C.3               RAF LTW 
XL573/WC           Hunter T.7                 RAF 237 OCU 
LF363              Hurricane IIC              RAF BoBMF 
XX728/EH           Jaguar GR.1                RAF 6 Sqn 
XM461/11           J.Provost T.3A             RAF 1 FTS 
XW336/6            J.Provost T.5A             RAF RAFC 
XX499/G            Jetstream T.1              RAF 6 FTS 
PA474              Lancaster B.I              RAF BoBMF 
WA669              Meteor T.7                 RAF Vintage Pair 
XV229              Nimrod MR.2                RAF 42 Sqn 
WV701              Pembroke C.2               RAF 60 Sqn 
P7350              Spitfire IIA               RAF BoBMF 
ZA591/F            Tornado GR.1               RAF 9 Sqn 
ZA448/EB           Tornado GR.1               RAF 15 Sqn 
ZD903/AB           Tornado F.2                RAF 229 OCU 
ZD932/AM           Tornado F.2                RAF 229 OCU 
XH304              Vampire T.11               RAF Vintage Pair 
XL426              Vulcan B.2                 RAF VMF 
XR521/WD           Wessex HC.2                RAF 2 FTS 
XZ648/D            Lynx AH.1                  AAC LCF 
XZ649/E            Lynx AH.1                  AAC LCF 
XZ680/F            Lynx AH.1                  AAC LCF 
XV127              Scout AH.1                 AAC 
XW907/CU-40        Gazelle HT.2               RN 705 NAS 
XW863/CU-42        Gazelle HT.2               RN 705 NAS 
XW860/CU-44        Gazelle HT.2               RN 705 NAS 
XW886/CU-48        Gazelle HT.2               RN 705 NAS 
XW895/CU-51        Gazelle HT.2               RN 705 NAS 
WT744/866          Hunter GA.11               RN FRADU 
XX480              Jetstream T.2              RN 750 NAS 
ZD253/304          Lynx HAS.3                 RN 815 NAS 
ZA195/710          S.Harrier FRS.1            RN 899 NAS 
WV908              Sea Hawk FGA.6             RN RNHF 
XV706/597          Sea King HAS.5             RN 706 NAS 
XV632/610          Wasp HAS.1                 RN 829 NAS 
XS515/N            Wessex HU.5                RN 845 NAS 
BR19               Mirage 5BR                 FAB 42 Sm 
FA34               F16A                       FAB 1W 
FA47               F16A                       FAB 1W 
MT26               Magister                   FAB O&TW 
133393             CT133                      CF 1 CAG 
140114             CP140                      CF VP-140 
AT-155             Draken                     RDAF Esk729 
ET-614             F16B                       RDAF Esk723 
R-345              CF104                      RDAF Esk726 
RT-657             TF104G                     RDAF Esk726 
A-350              Alouette III               KLu Grasshoppers 
A-351              Alouette III               KLu Grasshoppers 
A-390              Alouette III               KLu Grasshoppers 
A-398              Alouette III               KLu Grasshoppers 
A-499              Alouette III               KLu Grasshoppers 
J-215              F16A                       KLu TCA 
J-253              F16A                       KLu TCA 
J-262              F16B                       KLu TCA 
72-0176/SD         A7D                        USAF 175 TFS, SD ANG 
82-0650/WR         A-10A                      USAF 81 TFW 
81-0980/WR	   A-10A		      510TFS/81TFW
80-0183/WR	   A-10A		      510TFS/81TFW
68-0225            C5A                        USAF 436 MAW 
82-0190            KC10A                      USAF 22 ARW 
84-0162            C12F                       USAF 58 MAS 
84-0462            C23A                       USAF 10 MAS 
63-10948           C-130B		      731TAS/AFRes
63-7885            C-130E		      435TAW
66-0220            HC-130N                    USAF 67 ARRS 
74-1660            C-130H		      463TAW
74-1662            C-130H		      463TAW
74-1663            C-130H                     USAF 463 TAW 
74-1666            C-130H		      463TAW
74-1677            C-130H                     USAF 463 TAW 
74-1680            C-130H                     USAF 463 TAW 
74-1685            C-130H		      463TAW
74-2061            C-130H		      463TAW
74-2065            C-130H                     USAF 463 TAW 
57-1506            KC-135A                    USAF 42 BW 
58-0033            KC-135A		      305ARW
58-0054            KC-135Q 		      9SRW  
58-0062            KC-135Q 		      9SRW  
58-0065            KC-135Q		      380BW  
58-0074            KC-135Q		      9SRW  
58-0077            KC-135Q		      9SRW  
58-0097            KC-135A                    USAF 7 BW 
58-0129            KC-135Q		      9SRW  
60-0345            KC-135Q		      9SRW  
61-0285            EC-135H                    USAF 10 ACCS 
61-0291            EC-135H      	      10ACCS
62-4132            RC-135W		      55SRW 
64-0613            C141B                      USAF 438 MAW 
66-0196            C141B                      USAF 437 MAW 
68-0379/RS         F4E                        USAF 86 TFW 
68-0413/RS y/bk    F4E                        USAF 86 TFW 
68-0563/AR bl      RF4C                       USAF 10 TRW 
69-0380/AR         RF4C                       USAF 10 TRW 
74-01551           F5E                        USAF 527 AS 
79-0058/BT bl      F15C                       USAF 36 TFW 
79-0062/BT bl      F15C                       USAF 36 TFW 
80-0020/BT bl      F15C                       USAF 36 TFW 
80-0577/HR bl      F16A                       USAF 50 TFW 
81-0738/HR rwbl    F16A                       USAF 50 TFW 
67-0052/UH         EF111A                     USAF 42 ECS 
68-0077/UH         F111E                      USAF 20 TFW 
70-2390/LN         F111F                      USAF 48 TFW 
69-5785            HH53C                      USAF 67 ARRS 
70-1629            CH53C                      USAF 601 TCW 
80-1079            TR1A                       USAF 17 RW 
64-17962           SR-71A		      9SRW
64-17979           SR-71A                     USAF 9 SRW 
80-23375           C12                        USArmy 56 AvnCo 
68-15036           AH1S                       USArmy 11 ACR 
67-17501           UH1H                       USArmy 11 ACR 
69-17114           CH47C                      USArmy 295 AvnCo 
68-16978           OH58                       USArmy 10 ACR 
25897              OV1D                       USArmy 73 CICo 
161322/8D          UC-12B		      NAF Mildenhall
161503/8G          UC-12B                     NAF Mildenhall 
161408/LC-88       P3C                        USN VP-8 
26+66              F104G                      WGN MFG-2 
26+72              F104G                      WGN MFG-2 
43+69              Tornado                    WGN MFG-1 
61+16              Atlantic                   WGN MFG-3 
JV928              Catalina                   Private 
485784             B17G                       Private 
463221             P51D                       Private 
133722/15F    	   F-4U-7 Corsair  	      Private (NX1337A)
K1786              Tomtit              	      S'worth (G-AFTA)
K5414              Hind                	      S'worth  (G-AENP)
N5180              Sopwith Pup     	      S'worth (G-EBKY)
N5430              Sopwith Triplane 	      S'worth (G-BHEW)
51-6769            T-33A Shooting Star        BDRF
10                 Mystere IVA                BDRF Ex FAF
G-BOOM/ET274	   Hunter T.53 		      Private  Ex RDAF 
G-HUNT/E-418       Hunter F.51 		      Private Ex RDAF 

Flying only:
61-0885/LN	   F-111F		      495TFS/48TFW
73-0712/LN	   F-111F		      495TFS/48TFW
73-0713/LN	   F-111F		      495TFS/48TFW
XZ284/84           Nimrod MR.2        	      St. Mawgan Wing

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