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Mildenhall 1994

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Date: 28 May 1994

Made by: Gary Donnison, Peter A Hambelton

Updated: 3 June 2004

North side: 
81-0962/SP           A-10A                   510FS 
86-0103/DY           B-1B                    9BS 
60-0052/MT           B-52H                   23BS         "The Reluctant Dragon" 
86-0021              C-5B                    60AW 
71-0879              C-9A                    75ALS 
92-3291              C-17A                   17ALS 
84-00084    	     C-21A		     76AS/86AW
69-6566              C-130E                  37ALS 
69-5826              HC-130N                 67SOS 
84-0476              MC-130H                 7SOS 
61-0313/D            KC-135R                 351ARS       "100 Proof" 
64-14842    	     RC-135V		     55W
64-14845/OF          RC-135V                 55W 
86-0164/LN           F-15C                   493FS        "493FS" 
90-0248/LN           F-15E                   492FS        "48FW" 
91-0414/SP           F-16C                   23FS 
69-5795              MH-53J                  21SOS 
163840/8G            UC-12M                  Mildenhall 
163215/AA-204        F-14B                   VF-103 
163481/AA-303        F/A-18C                 VFA-83 
161587/LJ-1          P-3C                    VP-23 
164880/WK-508        F/A-18D                 VMFA(AW)-224 
69-15605             UH-1H                   HQ USEUCOM 
WD955/EM             Canberra T17A           360 Sqn      special c/s 
ZA682/N		     Chinook HC2	     7 Sqn
ZD403/G		     Harrier GR7	     20(R)223OCU
ZD466/I		     Harrier GR7	     20(R)223OCU
XX312/CF             Hawk T1A                100 Sqn      special c/s 
XV307/307	     Hercules C3P            LTW (Falcons)
ZH105/05             Sentry AEW1             8 Sqn 
ZG757/CA             Tornado F3              5 Sqn 
ZA352/B-04           Tornado GR1             TTTE 
ZA559/F              Tornado GR1             15(R)Sqn     demo c/s 
ZA563/TC             Tornado GR1             15(R)Sqn 
ZG725/J              Tornado GR1A            13 Sqn 
ZA141/B              VC-10 K2                101 Sqn 
XR523/M              Wessex HC2              60 Sqn 
"ZD472/01"           Harrier GR7 replica     Exhibition Flt (hangar) 
"XX725/GU"           Jaguar GR1 replica      Exhibition Flt 
XX253                Hawk T1A                Red Arrows 
XX264                Hawk T1A                Red Arrows 
XX294                Hawk T1                 Red Arrows 
XX233                Hawk T1A                Red Arrows 
XX306                Hawk T1A                Red Arrows 
XX227                Hawk T1A                Red Arrows 
XX260                Hawk T1A                Red Arrows 
XX266                Hawk T1                 Red Arrows 
XX308                Hawk T1                 Red Arrows 
XX237                Hawk T1A                Red Arrows 
AT03                 Alpha Jet               9w           demo c/s 
AT08                 Alpha Jet               9w 
12441                CH-124A                 HS-423       HMCS Toronto 
140103               CP-140                  VP-404 
144610               CC-144                  434 Sqn 
188754               CF-188A                 4 Wing       419/441 Sqn mks 
188758               CF-188A                 4 Wing       409/441 Sqn mks 
188780               CF-188A                 4 Wing       410/416 Sqn mks 
E-183                F-16A                   Esk723 
ET-206               F-16B                   Esk730 
U-278                S.61A                   Esk722 
E23/1/F-TERO         Alpha Jet               Patrouille de France 
E121/2/F-TERK        Alpha Jet               Patrouille de France 
E125/3/F-TERH        Alpha Jet               Patrouille de France 
E89/4/F-TERE         Alpha Jet               Patrouille de France 
E132/5/F-TERN        Alpha Jet               Patrouille de France 
E140/6/T-TERD        Alpha Jet               Patrouille de France 
E126/7/F-TERA        Alpha Jet               Patrouille de France 
E106/8/F-TERJ        Alpha Jet               Patrouille de France 
E173/9/F-TERP        Alpha Jet               Patrouille de France 
E97/0/F-TERL         Alpha Jet               Patrouille de France 
F88/61-ZF            C-160F                  ET61 
E11/7-PE             Jaguar E                EC7 
E15/7-PF             Jaguar E                EC7 
E25/7-PK             Jaguar E                EC7 
516/2-FM             Mirage 2000B            EC2/2 
518/2-FU             Mirage 2000B            EC2/2 
16                   Atlantique NG           24F 
4450                 Tornado                 JBG32 
MM40124/41-11        Atlantic                41 St 
A-536                Alouette III            298 Sqn      UN c/s 
C-8                  F27-300M                334 Sqn      demo c/s 
J-231                F-16A                   323 Sqn 
J-250                F-16A                   313 Sqn 
J-253                F-16A                   313 Sqn      demo c/s 
302                  P-3C                    MARPAT 
124485/DF-A/G-BEDF   B-17G                   Private      "Sally B"/"Memphis Belle" 
NC41HQ/38-0502       C-41                    Private 
LB375/G-AHGW         Taylorcraft Plus D      Private 
MT438/G-AREI         Auster III              Private 
TW467/G-ANIE         Auster AOP5             Private 
WE569/G-ASAJ         Auster T7               Private 
XR240/G-BDFH         Auster AOP9             Private 
RR299/HT-E/G-ASKH    Mosquito T3             Private 
MK732/OU-U           Spitfire LF9            Royal Netherlands AF "Baby Bea V" 
TE566/DU-A/G-BLCK    Spitfire LF9e           Private 

On sports field behid terminal building: 
81-23596             UH-60A                  236MedCo 
82-23685             UH-60A                  236MedCo 

South side: 
60-0023/MT           B-52H                   23BS 
70-0467              C-5A                    436AW 
61-0321/D            KC-135R                 351ARS       "Wild Cargo" 
62-3558/D            KC-135R                 351ARS       "Shades of Gray" 
63-8003/D            KC-135R                 351ARS       "Hump Happy Pappy" 
63-8008/D            KC-135R                 351ARS 
63-8875/D            KC-135R                 351ARS       "The Outlaw" 
64-14843/OF          RC-135V                 55W 
66-0135              C-141B                  437AW 
160628/BH-628        KC-130R                 VMGR-252 
164874/WK-505        F/A-18D                 VMFA(AW)-224 
XX235                Hawk T1                 74(R)Sqn     demo c/s 
XX244                Hawk T1                 74(R)Sqn     demo c/s 
XV254                Nimrod MR2P             Kinloss Wing 
ZE290/AD             Tornado F3              56(R)Sqn 
ZE785/AT             Tornado F3              56(R)Sqn 
ZE789/AU             Tornado F3              56(R)Sqn     demo c/s 
XW897/Z              Gazelle AH1             670 Sqn/Blue Eagles 
XX408/Y              Gazelle AH1             670 Sqn/Blue Eagles 
XZ344/I              Gazelle AH1             670 Sqn/Blue Eagles 
ZA737/V              Gazelle AH1             670 Sqn/Blue Eagles 
XZ675/E              Lynx AH7                671 Sqn/Blue Eagles 
FA80                 F-16A                   23 sm 
FA95                 F-16A                   31 sm 
E-198                F-16A                   Esk730 
A-324                Alouette III            Grasshoppers 
A-390                Alouette III            Grasshoppers 
A-398                Alouette III            Grasshoppers 
A-453                Alouette III            Grasshoppers 
A-465                Alouette III            Grasshoppers 
J-234                F-16A                   323 Sqn 

Flying only:
91-0314/LN (r)       F-15E Eagle    	     494FS/48FW
91-0320/LN (r)       F-15E Eagle    	     494FS/48FW   
WE169/AC    	     Canberra PR.9    	     39Sqn
XV192/192    	     Hercules C.1P    	     LTW
44-74008/VF-R        P-51D Mustang           Private (N51RR)
44-74425/OC-G        P-51D Mustang   	     Private(NL11T)

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