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Valley 2008

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Date: 14 August 2008

Made by: Scramble


XX230/230 		Hawk T1A 	19(R)sq
XX231/231               Hawk T1W 	208(R)sq
XX236/236               Hawk T1W 	208(R)sq

CH04 			C-130H 		20sm
FA72 			F-16AM 		350sm special c/s
E121/314-LE 		Alpha Jet E 	EAC00.314
J-058 			F-16AM 		312sq
J-146 			F-16AM 		312sq
ZK454/N 		Beech B200 	45(R)sq
XS727/D 		Dominie T1 	55(R)sq
XX162 			Hawk T1 	CAM
XX176/176 		Hawk T1 	19(R)sq
XX181/181 		Hawk T1W 	208(R)sq #
XX184/19 		Hawk T1 	19(R)sq special c/s
XX205/205 		Hawk T1A 	208(R)sq #
XX221/221 		Hawk T1A	19(R)sq #
XX234/234 		Hawk T1 	208(R)sq #
XX235/235 		Hawk T1W 	208(R)sq #
XX247 			Hawk T1A 	FRADU #
XX261 			Hawk T1A 	FRADU #
XX265/265 		Hawk T1A 	19(R)sq #
XX284/CA 		Hawk T1A 	100sq
XX313/313 		Hawk T1W 	19(R)sq #
XX325 			Hawk T1A 	4 FTS special mks
XX327 			Hawk T1 	CAM
XX331/CP 		Hawk T1A 	100 Sqn
ZD435/47 		Harrier GR9 	4sq
ZD436/48A 		Harrier GR7A 	nmk
P7350/XT-L 		Spitfire IIa 	BoBMF
ZJ243/43 		Squirrel HT2 	DHFS
ZJ272/72 		Squirrel HT1 	DHFS
ZA546/AG 		Tornado GR4 	2sq (9sq mks)
ZD851/112 		Tornado GR4 	2sq (nmk)
ZE288/HA 		Tornado F3 	111sq
ZJ912/AB 		Typhoon FGR4 	17(R)sq
G-AOTY 			Chipmunkt T10 	ex RAF WG472
G-EIGG 			Jetstream 31 	Highland Airways
G-RRGN 			Spitfire PR.XIX ex RAF PS853
G-SOAF 			Strikemaster82A ex Oman AF 425

Far side:
ZJ241/L, ZJ242/E 	Griffin HT1 	60sq/DHFS
XZ590/F 		Sea King HAR3 	22sq/C Flt
XZ591/G 		Sea King HAR3 	nmks

Flying Only:
ZD703 			BAe 125 CC3 	32(TR)sq
ZK452/L 		Beech B200 	45(R)sq
ZH107/07 		Sentry AEW1 	8/23/54(R)sq
ZE292/FE 		Tornado F3 	43sq (25sq mks)
ZG751/HI 		Tornado F3 	111sq (1435 Flt mks)
XR807/Q 		VC10 C1K 	101sq

WV396/91 		Hunter T8C 	gate
The aircraft marked with # flew a diamond eight

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