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Leeming 1978

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Date: 23 April 1978

Made by:

Updated: 8 October 2008

In hangars: 
Bulldog T.1          XX515/7                 3 FTS 
Bulldog T.1          XX516/10                3 FTS 
Bulldog T.1          XX522/4                 3 FTS 
Bulldog T.1          XX527/9                 3 FTS 
Bulldog T.1          XX531/14                3 FTS 
Bulldog T.1          XX532/15                3 FTS 
Bulldog T.1          XX535/18                3 FTS 
Bulldog T.1          XX536/19                3 FTS 
Bulldog T.1          XX555/20                3 FTS 
Bulldog T.1          XX712/6                 3 FTS 
Bulldog T.1          XX518/43                CFS 
Bulldog T.1          XX541/48                CFS 
Bulldog T.1          XX668/45                CFS 
Bulldog T.1          XX633/X                 NUAS 
Bulldog T.1          XX639/Y                 NUAS 
Jetstream T.1        XX492/70                3 FTS 
Jetstream T.1        XX495/72                3 FTS 
Jetstream T.1        XX497/74                3 FTS 
Jetstream T.1        XX498/75                3 FTS 
Jetstream T.1        XX499/76                3 FTS 
Jet Provost T.3A     XM349/H                 CFS 
Jet Provost T.3A     XM403/M                 CFS 
Jet Provost T.3A     XM419/N                 CFS 
Jet Provost T.3A     XM455/-                 CFS 
Jet Provost T.3A     XM458/P                 CFS 
Jet Provost T.3A     XN581/Q                 CFS 
Jet Provost T.3A     XN584/R                 CFS 
Jet Provost T.5A     XW320/50                3 FTS/CFS 
Jet Provost T.5A     XW366/52                3 FTS/CFS 
Jet Provost T.5A     XW415/53                3 FTS/CFS 
Jet Provost T.5A     XW421/68                3 FTS/CFS 
Jet Provost T.5A     XW436/62                3 FTS/CFS 
Jet Provost T.5A     XW423/55                3 FTS/CFS 
Jet Provost T.5A     XW429/57                3 FTS/CFS 
Jet Provost T.5A     XW430/58                3 FTS/CFS 
Jet Provost T.5A     XW431/59                3 FTS/CFS 
Jet Provost T.5A     XW434/49                3 FTS/CFS 
Chipmunk T.10        WK633/- 
Chipmunk T.10        WK638/83 
Chipmunk T.10        WZ878/86 
Chipmunk T.10        WZ879/80 

Hangar Two:
Jet Provost T.3A     XN499/L         	     CFS   
Bulldog T.1          XX533/16                RNEFTS
Bulldog T.1          XX558/17                RNEFTS
Bulldog T.1          XX514/44                RNEFTS
Bulldog T.1          XX540/47                RNEFTS

Hanger Four:
Jetstream T.1        XX500/77        	     METS

Hanger Five:
Bulldog T.1          XX629/V        	     Northumbria UAS
Bulldog T.1          XX631/W        	     Northumbria UAS
Bulldog T.1	     XX637/Z        	     Northumbria UAS
Bulldog T.1	     XX520/2        	     3 FTS
Bulldog T.1	     XX523/5        	     3 FTS
Chipmunk T.10        WK517/84       	     11 AEF
Jet Provost T.3A     XM358/J        	     CFS
Jet Provost T.5A     XW368/66       	     CFS
Jet Provost T.5A     XW   /69       	     CFS

Shackleton AEW 2     WR963/63                8 Sqn 
Gnat T.1             XP504/04
Hunter T.7           XL597/87 
Vulcan B.2           XL390 
Lightning F.6        XR752/H 
Phantom FGR.2        XV415/V 
Harrier GR.3         XV757/12                1 Sqn 
Jaguar GR.1          XX766/14                226 OCU 
Jaguar GR.1          XX759/19                226 OCU 
Hawk T.1             XX166/166               4 FTS 
Wasp HAS.1           XT423/615 
Wessex HAS.3         XP139/PO651             737 Sqn RN? 
Wessex HU.5          XT476/VL-WS             848 Sqn RN 
NF-5B                K-4018                  KLU 
Spitfire XIX         PS853                   BBMF 
Meteor T.7           WF791                   Vintage Pair 
Vampire T.11         XH304                   Vintage Pair 

Red Arrows : XP514, XP535, XR540, XR572, XR955, XR977, XR987, XR991, XR993, XS101 all Gnats 
Spitfire XVI         TE356 
Meteor NF.14         WS788/P 
Javelin              XA634 
Fire Dump: 
Victor               XH615 

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