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Chivenor 1985

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Date: 24 July 1985

Made by: David Robins


XT280/NS                BUCCANEER S2B           208SQN
XW530/HF                BUCCANEER S2B           12SQN
WK630/11                CHIPMUNK T10            2AEF
XV183                   C130 C3                 LTW
XV187                   C130 C1P                LTW
XV208                   C130 W2                 RAe FARNBOROUGH
XS736/S                 DOMINIE T1              6FTS
XV753/06                HARRIER GR3             1SQN
XW763/02                HARRIER GR3             1SQN
XW919/03                HARRIER GR3             1SQN
XZ968/01                HARRIER GR3             1SQN
XZ993/04                HARRIER GR3             1SQN
XX183                   HAWK T1                 4FTS
XX186                   HAWK T1A                63SQN/2TWU
XX205                   HAWK T1                 63SQN/2TWU
XX248                   HAWK T1                 63SQN/2TWU
XX255                   HAWK T1                 63SQN/2TWU
XX256                   HAWK T1                 63SQN/2TWU
XX263                   HAWK T1A                63SQN/2TWU
XX282                   HAWK T1A                63SQN/2TWU
XX288                   HAWK T1                 63SQN/2TWU
XX287                   HAWK T1A                63SQN/2TWU
XX258                   HAWK T1A                79SQN/1TWU
XX189/J                 HAWK T1                 151SQN/2TWU
XX202/P                 HAWK T1A                151SQN/2TWU
XX326/A                 HAWK T1A                151SQN/2TWU
XX329/C                 HAWK T1                 151SQN/2TWU
XX281/O                 HAWK T1A                151SQN/2TWU
XX325/X                 HAWK T1                 151SQN/2TWU
XX333/G                 HAWK T1                 151SQN/2TWU
XX337/K                 HAWK T1                 151SQN/2TWU
XX340/Z                 HAWK T1A                151SQN/2TWU
XX346/T                 HAWK T1A                151SQN/2TWU
XX227                   HAWK T1                 RED ARROWS
XX252                   HAWK T1                 RED ARROWS
XX253                   HAWK T1                 RED ARROWS
XX259                   HAWK T1                 RED ARROWS
XX260                   HAWK T1                 RED ARROWS
XX266                   HAWK T1                 RED ARROWS
XX304                   HAWK T1                 RED ARROWS
XX306                   HAWK T1                 RED ARROWS
XX308                   HAWK T1                 RED ARROWS
ZE395                   HS125 CC3               32SQN
XW372/121               JET PROVOST T5A         7FTS
XX497/E                 JETSTREAM T1            6FTS
XR758/AH                LIGHTNING F6            5SQN
XS899/AJ                LIGHTNING F6            5SQN
XV233                   NIMROD MR2              42SQN
XV235                   NIMROD MR2              236OCU
XV409/A                 PHANTOM FGR2            29SQN
XV432/T                 PHANTOM FGR2            29SQN
WL790                   SHACKLETON AEW2         8SQN
ZD932/AM                TORNADO F2              229OCU
ZD935/AF                TORNADO F2T             229OCU
XZ648/D                 LYNX AH1                AAC
XW860/44CU              GAZELLE HT2             705SQN/SHARKS
XW863/42CU              GAZELLE HT2             705SQN/SHARKS
XW857/55CU              GAZELLE HT2             705SQN/SHARKS
XW907/40CU              GAZELLE HT2             705SQN/SHARKS
XW886/48CU              GAZELLE HT2             705SQN/SHARKS
XL580/719VL             HUNTER T8M              899SQN
ZA195/710               SEA HARRIER FRS1        899SQN
ZB604/717               SEA HARRIER T4N         899SQN
ZA127/511               SEA KING HAS5           810SQN
XS529/461               WASP HAS1               829SQN
80-0207/WR              A10A                    81TFW
80-0276/WR              A10A                    81TFW
133315                  CT133                   CF/1CAG
ET210                   F16B                    RDAF/Esk723     
E58/7/FTERH             ALPHA JET               FrAF/PduFr
E137/8MF                ALPHA JET               FrAF/ET1/8
E164/8MS                ALPHA JET               FrAF/ET1/8
43+64                   TORNADO                 WGN/MFG1
RR299/HT-E              DH MOSQUITO T3          BAe
VP981                   DEVON C2                BBMF
425/17                  FOKKER DR1 DREIDEKKER
PZ865/JU-Q              HURRICANE II            BBMF
WA669                   METEOR T7               V/PAIR
RG333                   MILES MESSENGER IIA
JV928/Y                 PBY5A CATALINA
WW397/NE                PERCIVAL PROVOST T1
WG655/910GN             SEA FURY T20            RNHF
AB910/XT-M              SPITFIRE VB             BBMF
PM631/DL-E              SPITFIRE XIX            BBMF
LB375                   TAYLORCRAFT PLUS D
XH304                   VAMPIRE T11             V/PAIR

Flying only:
00359                   KC135A                  USAF
?      /UH              F111E                   20TFW
?      /UH              F111E                   20TFW

22 Sqn Hangar:
XR504                   WESSEX HC2              22SQN
XV729                   WESSEX HC2              22SQN
XD186                   WHIRLWIND HAR10         PRESERVED

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