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Exeter 1974

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Date: 6 July 1974

Made by: Paul Carr


Airtourer                G-AZTM 
Lancaster 1              PA474/KM:B                      BBMF 
Vulcan B.2               XM597 
Jet Provost T.5A         XW370/51, XW407/50, XW424/52, 
                         XW426/53, XW428/54 
Pup                      G-AWYO, G-AXNL 
Bell 47                  G-BBUK                          Bristow 
JetRanger                G-BAZN, G-BCCZ 
Islander                 G-BADK                          Brymon 
Cessna 150               G-AVPH 
Cessna 210               F-BFRQ 
Cessna 310               G-AVZS 
Dove 5                   G-AROI                          Fairflight 
Devon C.2                VP956 
C-47B Dakota 6           G-AMYJ                          Intra Airways 
Fa330 Bachelstasse       100545                          (Torbay Ac Museum) 
Fuji FA.200              G-AZTJ 
HP Herald                G-APWF, G-AVEZ, G-BBXI, G-BBXJ  all BIA 
Hurricane IIC            LF363/LE:D                      BBMF 
Hunter F.4 nose          XE670                           RAFEF 
Gnat T.1                 XP531, XR540, XR955, XR981,     Red Arrows 
                         XR987, XR991, XR993, XS101,     Red Arrows 
                         XS107, XS111                    Red Arrows 
Nimrod MR.1              XV230 
Hughes 369               G-AYIA 
Hercules C.1             XV294, XV298                    LTW 
Phantom FG.1             XV581/E 
Aztec                    G-AYTC, G-BALU, G-BBAV          Baylee Air Charter 
PA-28                    G-ASII 
Pitts S-2A               G-BADW, X, Y, & Z               Rothmans 
Bulldog T.1              XX519/1, XX523/5, XX528/10 
Rallye                   G-AVZX, G-AWSZ, G-AXGD, G-BAOD 
Spitfire IIA             P7350/UO:T                      BBMF 
Sea King HAS.1           XV657/CU596 
Puma HC.1                XW199/CY 

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