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Portland 1988

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Date: 23/24 July 1988

Made by:


XV709/585	Sea King	
ZF121/21	Sea King	
ZF123/23	Sea King	
ZF124/24	Sea King	
XZ237/603	Lynx		

XZ691/603	Lynx		'HMS Active' also logged as code 332

HMS Amazon:
XZ727/332	Lynx		also logged as uncoded

Hangar 1:
XZ721/376	Lynx		
ZF122/22	Sea King	

Hangar 2:
ZF120/20	Sea King	

Main hangar/apron:
XZ231/-		Lynx
XZ232/335	Lynx
XZ234/305	Lynx		
XZ238/645	Lynx		
XZ240/420	Lynx
XZ252/644	Lynx		
XZ254/333	Lynx		
XZ690/635	Lynx		also logged as uncoded
XZ696/475	Lynx
XZ699/300	Lynx		
XZ725/725	Lynx
XZ728/432	Lynx		
XZ730/341	Lynx
ZD251/332	Lynx
ZD252/333	Lynx		
ZD254/631	Lynx
ZD257/407	Lynx		
ZD260/303	Lynx		
ZD262/632	Lynx
ZD263/630	Lynx		
ZD565/633	Lynx		
ZD567/636	Lynx		

829sq Hangar:
XZ233/435	Lynx
XZ235/605	Lynx
XZ241/604	Lynx
XZ246/-		Lynx
XZ697/602	Lynx
XZ729/-		Lynx
XZ732/601	Lynx
XZ735/301	Lynx
XZ736/414	Lynx
ZD250/342	Lynx
ZD255/466	Lynx
ZD265/328	Lynx
ZD268/479	Lynx

XS537/582	Wasp
XV623/601	Wasp
XV624/YM	Wasp

Unknown location:
XZ239/330	Lynx		23rd, 24th
XZ257		Lynx		23rd
XZ680		Lynx		24th
XZ695/403	Lynx		23rd, 24th
ZD264		Lynx		23rd
ZD566		Lynx		23rd

Flying on 24th:
PZ865           Hurricane	
XW374/38        Jet Provost     
XX487/CU-568    Jetstream       
XV425/CD        Phantom         
XZ499/715       Sea Harrier     
TF956/T         Sea Fury        
P7350/EB-Z      Spitfire	

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