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Middle Wallop 1960

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Date: 23 July 1960

Made by: John Chapman


G-AOFR          Tiger Moth
G-APLD          Eon Olympia 4
17              NC.856A Norvegie        ALAT (AGH)
58-2003         L-20A                   US Army
TW536           Auster AOP.6
TW568           Auster AOP.6
TW629           Auster AOP.6
TW642           Auster AOP.6
VF514           Auster AOP.6            651 sqdn, Middle Wallop
VF516           Auster AOP.6            (T)
VF541           Auster AOP.6
VF543           Auster AOP.6            (M)
VF552           Auster AOP.6            651 sqdn, Middle Wallop
VF571           Auster AOP.6
VF576           Auster AOP.6
VF628           Auster AOP.6
VF631           Auster AOP.6
VF636           Auster AOP.6
VW996           Auster AOP.6
VX113           Auster AOP.6
VX123           Auster AOP.6
VX927           Auster AOP.6
VX935           Auster AOP.6            (S)
VX942           Auster AOP.6
WB754           Chipmunk T.10           Army
WD325           Chipmunk T.10           Army (N)
WE536           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop
WE542           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop (Q)
WE545           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop (W)
WE546           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop (T)
WE549           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop (O)
WE554           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop (V)
WE559           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop (Z)
WE562           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop (M)
WE565           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop (P)
WE570           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop
WE572           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop
WE598           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop
WE603           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop
WE607           Auster T.7              Middle Wallop
WG432           Chipmunk T.10           Army (L)
WJ357           Auster AOP.6
WJ363           Auster AOP.6
WJ368           Auster AOP.6
WJ401           Auster AOP.6
WJ404           Auster AOP.6
WK512           Chipmunk T.10           Army (O)
WK549           Chipmunk T.10           Army
WK613           Chipmunk T.10           Army (P)
WK630           Chipmunk T.10           Army
WL460           Meteor T.7              dismantled in hangar
WP772           Chipmunk T.10           Army (Q)
WP925           Chipmunk T.10           Army (C)
WP926           Chipmunk T.10           Army (F)
WP928           Chipmunk T.10           Army (D)
WP930           Chipmunk T.10           Army (J)
WP964           Chipmunk T.10           Army (E)
WP972           Chipmunk T.10           Army (A)
WV640           Provost T.1             1 FTS (P-C), Linton-on-Ouze
WZ716           Auster AOP.9
WZ726           Auster AOP.9
XK381           Auster AOP.9
XK406           Auster AOP.9
XK412           Auster AOP.9
XK416           Auster AOP.9
XK419           Auster AOP.9
XK480           Skeeter AOP.10          Middle Wallop (A)
XK481           Skeeter AOP.10          Middle Wallop (F)
XK776           M.L. Utilty
XL808           Skeeter AOP.12          Middle Wallop
XL811           Skeeter AOP.12          Middle Wallop (H)
XM524           Skeeter AOP.12          Middle Wallop
XM528           Skeeter AOP.12          Middle Wallop
XM529           Skeeter AOP.12          Middle Wallop
XM530           Skeeter AOP.12          Middle Wallop (H)
XM560           Skeeter AOP.12          Middle Wallop
XM565           Skeeter AOP.12          Middle Wallop
XM797           EP-9                    Middle Wallop (evaluation)
XM834           Wessex HAS.1            FAA
XN412           Auster AOP.9
XN435           Auster AOP.9
XN442           Auster AOP.9
AN443           Auster AOP.9

Base Engineering Sqdn:
7431M           Auster AOP.9            (ex WZ667)
7432M           Auster AOP.9            (ex WZ724)
7434M           Auster AOP.6            (ex TW575: 666 sqdn)
7435M           Auster T.7              (ex WE539)
7436M           Chipmunk T.10           (Army (H); ex WZ882)
7438M           Chipmunk T.10           (Army : ex WP965)

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