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Halton 1987

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Date: 20 June 1987

Made by: David Miller


R84			Grob Astir		Chilton G.C.	                      
ZE636		        Grob Viking TX1		Halton G.F	                      
ZA666	6	        Venture T2		Hanger Display                
XZ558	8	        Venture T2		Hanger Display                
XZ559	3	        Venture T2		Hanger Display                
8673M		        Whirlwind HAR.10	ex XD165	Hanger Display

ZA803	X		Gazelle HT.3		2 FTS	
XR244		        Auster AOP.9		AAHF	
XT131	B	        Sioux			AAHF	     
XP820		        Beaver			AAHF	     
XT646	2	        Scout			AAHF	     
LS326			Swordfish		FAAHF
WB271	204/R	        Firefly			FAAHF	     
425/17 / G-BEFR		Fokker DR1 		Private	Replica
XV215			Hurcules		LTW	
XX238			Hawk T.1		4 FTS
ZE351	I	        F-4J			74 Sq.	     
81-995		        A-10			81 TFW	     
XR807		        VC-10			10 Sq.	     
XX494	B		Jetstream T.1		6 FTS
"WR410"/G-BLKA		Venom			Private	
G-GNAT			Gnat T.1		Private	  
RR299		        Mosquito		  
PA474		        Lancaster		BoBMF	  
PZ865		        Hurricane 		BoBMF	  
		        Spitfire		BoBMF	  
9x 			Hawk T.1		Red Arrows
XX528	D		Bulldog			Oxford UAS			
XX693	11		Bulldog			
WG316			Chipmunk T.10		Private		
WK589	C		Chipmunk T.10		Private		
XF836/G-AWRY		Provost .1		Private			
Pleasure Flights:						
G-BMIB			Jet Ranger				
G-WACX			Cesna 172				
G-WACZ			Cesna 172				
In Workshop:					
SL574			Spitfire XVI		on rebuild for U.S.A.( San Diego )		
Based Aircraft Outside: 						
8671M			Whirlwind HAR.10	ex XJ435	
8661M			Whirlwind HAR.10	ex XJ727	
XS215 / 8507M   17  	Jet Provost T.4				
XR662 / 8410M   25  	Jet Provost T.4			
XS210 / 8239M   22  	Jet Provost T.4			
XS179 / 8237M   20  	Jet Provost T.4			
XR704 / 8506M         	Jet Provost T.4				
XP585 / 8407M   24  	Jet Provost T.4				
XR143 / 8516M   36  	Jet Provost T.4				
XS218 / 8508M         	Jet Provost T.4  		
XS180 / 8238M   21   	Jet Provost T.4		
XS209 / 8409M   29  	Jet Provost T.4	
XP672 / 8458M   27  	Jet Provost T.4	
XR650 / 8459M   28  	Jet Provost T.4	
XP567 / 8510M   23  	Jet Provost T.4	
XR538 / 8621M   69      Gnat T.1		
XR998 / 8623M   71      Gnat T.1		
XP534 / 8620M   64      Gnat T.1		
XP511 / 8619M   65      Gnat T.1		
XR953 / 8609M   63      Gnat T.1		
XR980 / 8622M   70      Gnat T.1		
XP530 / 8606M   60      Gnat T.1		
XR574 / 8631M   72      Gnat T.1		
XP540 / 8608M   62      Gnat T.1		
XS109 / 8626M   75      Gnat T.1		
XP504	04/68	   	Gnat T.1
XX746	09		Jaguar    
XX747	B	        Jaguar    
XX975	07	        Jaguar    
XP442	10	        Argosy T.2
XR140	56	        Argosy E.1

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