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Middle Wallop 1975

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Date: 26 July 1975

Made by:


7342,7360  		UH-1D  		LHFTR-10
8500,8476  		CH-53G 		HFR-15
68-15819,68-15846 	CH-47C  	180 AC
68-18458  		CH-54A  	295 AC
72-21400,72-21214 	OH-58A  	334 THB 
67-15624,68-17092	AH-1G		334 THB
67-15808,67-15781	AH-1G		334 THB
68-15057,68-15102	AH-1G		334 THB
68-15023  		AH-1G		334 THB
XV217  			Hercules C.1  	LTW
XT474/XE,XT476/XC  	Wessex HU.5  	846 Sq
XL843  			Whirlwind HAR.9
XM553  			Skeeter AOP.12
XL814  			Skeeter AOP.12
XX153  			Lynx
XR244,XP242 		Auster AOP.9  	AFWF
XW202/DM		Puma HC.1  	230 Sq
XP772,XP819,XP805  	Beaver AL.1  	6 Flt
XP812/7735M		Beaver AL.1  	AETW  
XV268,XV270,XV272,XP771 Beaver AL.1 	AFWF
XP814  			Beaver AL.1  	669 Sq
XR378,XR380,XN132  	Al.II  		6 Flt
XR385,XR386,XR382  	Al.II  		6 Flt
WP930/J,WK620/T		Chipmunk T.10 	IFWF
WP772/Q,WP972/A		Chipmunk T.10 	IFWF
WD325/N,WK515/G		Chipmunk T.10 	IFWF
WP928/D,WZ882/K		Chipmunk T.10 	IFWF
WP983/B,WB693/S		Chipmunk T.10 	IFWF
WK512/O,WP964		Chipmunk T.10 	IFWF
WD373/12		Chipmunk T.10  	2 AEF
WP962/V			Chipmunk T.10  	3 AEF
XT108/U,XT131/B		Sioux AH.1	ARWF
XT137/D,XT143/F		Sioux AH.1	ARWF
XT145/G,XT149/H		Sioux AH.1	ARWF
XT151/I,XT207/J		Sioux AH.1	ARWF
XT211/P,XT220/L		Sioux AH.1	ARWF
XT228/W,XT243/T		Sioux AH.1	ARWF
XT801/V,XT803/Y		Sioux AH.1	ARWF
XT113/W,XW187/U		Sioux AH.1	666 Sq
XW188/V			Sioux AH.1	666 Sq
XT124,XT167,XT202	Sioux AH.1	1 RTR
XT232,XT554,XT558	Sioux AH.1	1 RTR
XT841			Sioux AH.1	1 RTR
XT130,XT134,XT193	Sioux AH.1	Blue Eagles
XT206,XT511,XW192	Sioux AH.1	Blue Eagles
XT153,XT186		Sioux AH.1	14 Flt,
XT160/B,XT569/F		Sioux AH.1	658 Sq
XT824/G 		Sioux AH.1	658 Sq
XT192/E,XT199/C		Sioux AH.1	657 Sq
XT567/K,XT839/G		Sioux AH.1	657 Sq
XW180/B  		Sioux AH.1	657 Sq
XT197/Z  		Sioux AH.1	3 CBAS
XT510 			Sioux AH.1	n/n
XT819/C,XT847/F  	Sioux AH.1	662 Sq
XT833    		Sioux AH.1	659 Sq
XW848,XW865		Gazelle AH.1	AETW
XW869/A,XW885/B		Gazelle AH.1	Cvn Flt 
XW888/C,XW889/D		Gazelle AH.1	Cvn Flt 
XW903/E  		Gazelle AH.1	Cvn Flt
XW893/B,XW897/D		Gazelle AH.1	660 Sq
XW900/F  		Gazelle AH.1	660 Sq
XW905,XX370,XX372	Gazelle AH.1	2 Flt
XX375  			Gazelle AH.1	2 Flt
XW908,XW911,XX373  	Gazelle AH.1	661 Sq
XX376/K,XX380/M		Gazelle AH.1	3 CBAS
XX390/A  		Gazelle AH.1	3 CBAS
XP857/E,XP884/F		Scout AH.1	ARWF
XP890/G,XP899/D		Scout AH.1	ARWF
XP900/C,XR600/B		Scout AH.1	ARWF
XW284/A  		Scout AH.1	ARWF
XP906 			Scout AH.1	n/n
XP907/F,XR627/G,XT629	Scout AH.1	3 CBAS
XP909,XR493  		Scout AH.1	AETW
XR597,XT637,XW614  	Scout AH.1	653 Sq
XR601/A,XR628/B		Scout AH.1	666 Sq
XT640/D  		Scout AH.1	666 Sq
XT624,XT632,XW280	Scout AH.1	D&TS
XW613  			Scout AH.1	D&TS
XT634  			Scout AH.1	A&AEE

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