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Woodbridge 1976

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Date: 7 August 1976

Made by: Nick Cross, Keith, Dave Wilton


73-1648         HH-53C            67thARRS             
69-5827         HC-130N           67thARRS             
65-0217         C-141A            437thMAW             
58-0095         KC-135Q           No band/badge        
74-1545/45      F-5E              527thTFTAS 
65-0681/WR      F-4D              81stTFW              
66-0423/AR bl   RF-4C             10thTRW              
68-0022/UH bl   F-111E            20thTFW              
68-3805         OV-10A            20thTASS             
74-1061         F-4E              No marks 
74-1620         F-4E              No marks
74-1622         F-4E              No marks
67-15608        AH-1G             334thTHB             
68-15868        CH-47C            180thAvnCo           
BD05            Mirage 5BD        FAB/3 Wing (no badge)
FX19            F-104G            FAB/1 Wing           
XW415/53        Jet Provost T.5   3 FTS
XP394/C         Whirlwind HAR.10  2 (A)FTS
XS713/C         Dominie T.1       6 FTS

69-5823         HC-130N           67thARRS

XH304           Vampire T.11      CFS
WF791           Meteor T.7        CFS
XW437/39        Jet Provost T.5   CFS
PS853           Spitfire PR.19    BoBMF
                Hurricane IIc     BoBMF
44-85784        B-17G             "Sally B"
73-21696        UH-1H             US Army, no marks

65-0962         HC-130H           67thARRS
66-0220         HC-130P           67thARRS
69-5797         HH-53C            67thARRS
73-1647         HH-53C            67thARRS
74-1059         F-4E              No marks
74-1060         F-4E              No marks
74-1623         F-4E              No marks
65-0638/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0658/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0667/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0684/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0687/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0694/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0702/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0710/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0711/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0714/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0716/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0736/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0749/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0754/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0759/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0763/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0767/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0772/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0778/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0780/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
65-0781/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
62-4518         HH-43F            Stored
62-4535         HH-43F            Stored
54-2194/11-MG   F-100D            Fire dump, burnt
68-0060         F-111E            Escape module only, dumped near main gate

The unmarked F-4E's were in temporary storage prior to being
delivered to units in West Germany.

Flying only:
66-0261/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
66-7610/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
66-7644/WR      F-4D              81stTFW
66-7656/WR      F-4D              81stTFW

The following was logged at Bentwaters and most if not all of them
will have been connected with the Woodbridge show:
69-5820         HC-130N           67thARRS, also logged as 69-5823
69-5826         HC-130N           67thARRS
69-5785         HH-53C            67thARRS
68-10368        HH-53C            67thARRS
68-0006/UH yw   F-111E            20thTFW 
68-0044/UH yw   F-111E            20thTFW 
68-0015/UH bl   F-111E            20thTFW
68-0078/UH bl   F-111E            20thTFW
A40             Alouette II       "Blue Bees"
A45             Alouette II       "Blue Bees"
A50             Alouette II       "Blue Bees"
A64             Alouette II       "Blue Bees"
A75             Alouette II       "Blue Bees"
A77             Alouette II       "Blue Bees"
A78             Alouette II       "Blue Bees"
A79             Alouette II       "Blue Bees"
XV291           Hercules C.1      LTW
XR991/1         Gnat T.1          "Red Arrows"
XR540           Gnat T.1          "Red Arrows"
XR993/3         Gnat T.1          "Red Arrows"
XR981           Gnat T.1          "Red Arrows"
XR955/5         Gnat T.1          "Red Arrows"
XP514/6         Gnat T.1          "Red Arrows"
     /7         Gnat T.1          "Red Arrows"
XR572/8         Gnat T.1          "Red Arrows"
XS107/9         Gnat T.1          "Red Arrows"

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