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Cottesmore 1971

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Date: 18 July 1971

Made by: Ian Dennis Old


Argosy E.1            	XN814		115 Sqn
Argosy E.1            	XN855		115 Sqn
Argosy E.1            	XP413		115 Sqn
Argosy E.1            	XR137		115 Sqn
Argosy E.1            	XR140		115 Sqn
Argosy E.1            	XR143		115 Sqn
Argosy C.1            	XP412		114 Sqn
Canberra B.2         	WJ637 'Z'	231 OCU
Canberra B.2         	WJ728 'R'	231 OCU
Canberra B.2         	WJ731	 	231 OCU
Canberra T.4         	WE192		231 OCU
Canberra T.4         	WJ870 'F'	231 OCU
Canberra T.4         	WT480		231 OCU
Canberra T.4         	WT483 'D'	231 OCU
Canberra T.4         	WT488 'Y'	231 OCU
Canberra E.15      	WH948		98 Sqn
Canberra E.15      	WH957		98 Sqn
Canberra E.15      	WH964		98 Sqn
Canberra E.15      	WH972		98 Sqn
Canberra E.15      	WH973		98 Sqn
Canberra E.15      	WH981		98 Sqn
Canberra E.15      	WH983		98 Sqn
Canberra E.15      	WJ756		98 Sqn
Chipmunk T.10     	WG458 'N'	5 AEF
Devon C.2             	VP956		21 Sqn.
Gnat T.1                XP514		CFS/Red Arrows
Gnat T.1                XP531		CFS/Red Arrows
Gnat T.1                XR540		CFS/Red Arrows
Gnat T.1                XR955		CFS/Red Arrows
Gnat T.1                XR987		CFS/Red Arrows
Gnat T.1                XR991		CFS/Red Arrows
Gnat T.1                XR993		CFS/Red Arrows
Gnat T.1                XR996		CFS/Red Arrows
Gnat T.1                XS101		CFS/Red Arrows
Gnat T.1                XS111		CFS/Red Arrows
Harrier GR.1          	XV758 '58'	233 OCU
Hunter F.6              XF509 '73'	4 FTS
Lightning F.1A       	XM169 'X'	5 Sqn
Lightning F.1A       	XM181 'Y'	5 Sqn
Meteor T.7             	WA669 '27'  	CFS
Meteor F(TT.)8      	WF654 'W'	fire training
Sedburgh TX.1      	WB962		644  VGS
Swordfish II           	LS326 '5A'	RNHF
Whirlwind HAR.10 	XN127 'W'	CFS

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