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Farnborough 1996

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Date: September 1996

Made by: Alexis Antonakis, Peter Vercruijsse, Rogier Vermeulen

Updated: 14 June 2005

Su-30, Russian AF
Always impressive is the demonstrated agility of the Su-30 at airshows like Farnborough or Le Bourget. And if you're not impressed by its demo, then you can still admire its colour scheme! This picture of the 603 was taken on September 7th.

Photo copyright Paul Nann

More pictures of this airshow, see Paul Nann's Military Aviation Photo Gallery

REG            TYPE            OPERATOR              NOTES 
M01	       Rafale M        DASSAULT
0101           L-59            CZECH AIR FORCE       To Egyptian Air Force 
024 WHITE      KA-50 
0714           MIG-21          ROMANIAN AIR FORCE 
163199         AV-8B           USMC                  Coded ES/53 
163205         AV-8B           USMC                  Coded ES/52 
163477         F-18            USN                   Coded 400 
163509         F-18            USN                   Coded 300 
163676         AV-8B           USMC                  Coded ES/54 
164814         SH-60           USN 
164818         SH-60           USN 
165056         AH-1W           USMC 
165093         C-20G           USN 
39111          JAS-39          SWEDISH AIR FORCE 
39116          JAS-39          SWEDISH AIR FORCE 
39120          JAS-39          SWEDISH AIR FORCE 
506 BLUE       MIG-29 
603            SU-30 
707            AN-26           ROMANIAN AIR FORCE 
711 WHITE      SU-37 
81 WHITE       MIG-AT 
86-8957        AH-64A          USA 
89-0139        H-47C           USA 
91-0337        F-16            USAF                  Coded SP 
95-26649       UH-60           USA 
92-3292        C-17            USAF 
92-3915        F-16            USAF                  Coded SP 
93-23289       E-8             USAF 
94-0009        OH-58D          USA 
94-0070        C-17            USAF 
9A-HIT         B407 
B-2251         MD-90           China Northern Airlines 
C-FWYV         B412            CAF                   Also 146452 
C-GBJA         CL604 
D-ACJC         CL600-2B19      Lufthansa 
D-CDDD         350 
D-EGTA         GROB 
F-GLBF         TBM-700 
F-GLBK         TBM-700 
F-GMPR         F2000 
F-WNGG         TB-20 
F-WWAS         A319            Airbus Industries 
F-WWEH         ATR-72 
F-WWKY         A330            Malaysian Airline System     Also 9M-MKY 
F-WWLH         ATR-42          Continental Airlines 
F-WWRS         TBM-360 
F-WZZX         R2160                                 Also F-GOVZ 
G-5-848        125 
G-AWBU         MORANE 
G-BPOB         CAMEL 
G-BWMD         F480 
G-BWSK         F480 
G-BWTC         ZLIN 
G-BWUI         J41 
G-BWXD         T-67 
G-DHGS         R22 
G-INNS         R44 
G-RNLD         A109 
HB-FOE         PC-12 
HB-FOG         PC-12 
HB-IXM         RJ85            Crossair 
LY-ABR         YAK-52 
N126NH         B412 
N291XP         125 
N3252M         1900D 
N401JL         GIV 
N430Q          B430 
N50761         L60 
N62833         B430 
N707A          707 
N800AJ         IAI1125 
N8284M         PC-9 
N866BB         400A 
N9016W         MD900 
PP-ZTV         EMB-312 
PT-ZJD         EMB-145 
RA-25755       Mi-8AMTS	       Ulan-Ude Mil
RA-64501       TU-214 
RA-76388       IL-76 
RA-76389       IL-76 
RA-76756       IL-76 
ZD256          LYNX            RN 
ZH821          EH101           RN 

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