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Farnborough 1954

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Date: 6-12 September 1954

Made by: anonymous, Ian J Mcgarrigle

Updated: 23 March 2007

G-AIVX		Sealand 1
G-AKRD		AS57 Ambassador 1	Bristol Proteus
G-ALWB		Chipmunk 10
G-AMAV  	Viscount 700/3
G-AMTZ		Skeeter 5
G-AMWI		Bristol 171 Mk4
G-AMXD		Comet 2
G-AMYI		Auster J/5K
G-AMZM  	Provost P56/20
G-AMZN		Dove 6
G-ANAR		Beaver 2
G-ANAV		Comet 1
G-ANBA		Britannia 100
G-ANMH		Skeeter 6
G-ANLO		Comet 3
G-ANRG		Pioneer 2
G-ANSF		Balliol 2
G-ANSO		Meteor 7
OT-ZAH		Pembroke C51		Belgian AF
TC-HAK		Heron 2
VH-TVA		Viscount 720		Trans Australia Airlines
UB201		Provost 53		Birmese AF?
G-14-1		Shorts Sherpa
G-18-66		Bristol 170 Mk31E	For Pakistan AF
G-39-1		Folland Midge
VV106		Supermarine 510
VX138		Supermarine 525 (prototype)
VX169		Canberra B2
VX185		Canberra B5
VX224		AW55 Apollo
VX350		Fairey FD1
VX770		Vulcan (prototype)
VX835		Varsity (prototype)
WA982		Meteor F8
WB775		Victor (prototype)
WD125		Lincoln B2
WD933		Canberra B2
WD952		Canberra B2
WE146		Canberra PR3
WG240		Sea Vixen (prototype)
WG768		Short SB5
WJ771		Canberra B6
WJ820		Canberra PR7
WJ954		Valiant B2 (prototype)
WK195		Swift F1
WK247		Swift F3
WK273		Swift F4
WM569		Sea Venom NF21
WM882		Firefly T7
WN107		Sea Hawk FB3
WN360		Gannet AS1
WN365		Gannet T2 (prototype)
WN391   	Gannet AS1
WN909		Hunter F2
WR374		Venom FB4
WR969		Shackleton MR2
WS848		Meteor NF14
WT631		Hunter F1
WT827		Javelin (prototype)
WT830		Javelin (prototype)
WT836		Javelin (prototype)
WV733		Pembroke C1
WW393		Provost T1			also logged as WW383
WX889		Beverley C1
WX791		Venom NF3
WZ664		Auster AOP9
WZ889   	Blackburn Universal F1001
XA209		Seamew A51
XA213		Seamew A52
XA544		Javelin FAW1
XA546		Javelin FAW1
XA871		Whirlwind HAR1
XD674		Jet Provost T1
XE824		Vampire T11
XF833		Hunter F6
XH379		Bristol 173 Mk2

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