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Brize Norton 2000

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Date: 6 May 2000

Made by: Scramble, Joost de Bruin


Tornado ECR, German AF
Four foreign visitors attended the photocall at RAF Brize Norton. One of them is this ECR version of the Tornado of JBG32 at Lechfeld (4643).

Photo Gary Parsons

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AT05		Alpha Jet	1w	spec mks
ST43		SF260D		5sm
ST44		SF260D		5sm
3849		F-4F		JG71
4643		Tornado ECR	JBG32
XS596		Andover C1PR	DERA "Open skies"
ZH141		AS355F1		32(TR)sq
ZE396		BAe125 CC3	32(TR)sq
XX521/G		Bulldog T1	Birmingham UAS
WK518/K		Chipmunk T10	BoBMF
XS736/S		Dominie T1	55(R)sq
ZD375/23	Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
XX496/D		Jetstream T1	45(R)sq
ZH877/877	Hercules C4	LTW
XW222		Puma HC1	33sq
ZJ258/58	Squirrel HT1	DHFS
ZD811/JJ	Tornado GR4	14sq
ZE734/GB	Tornado F3	43sq
ZE889/H		Tornado F3	1435Flt
ZE705/705	Tristar C2	216sq
XV106/106	VC10 C1K	10sq
ZD240/M		VC10 K4		101sq
G-BXIM		Chipmunk T10	'WK512/A'

Far side:
ZD951		Tristar K1	216sq
ZD952	        Tristar KC1	216sq
ZE704	        Tristar C2	216sq
ZE706	        Tristar K2	216sq

XV191/191	Hercules C1	LTW
ZA144/E		VC10 K2		101sq
ZA150/J	        VC10 K3	        101sq
ZD241/N	        VC10 K4	        101sq
ZD242/P	        VC10 K4	        101sq

Flying only:
LF363/US-C	Hurricane IIc	BoBMF

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