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Manston 1988

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Date: 10 July 1988

Made by: David Eade, Dean Stocks

Updated: 14 December 2001; 29 Oktober 2022 by Edward P Mason

XT273		BUCCANEER S2B		208 SQN              
XV353	        BUCCANEER S2B	        237 OCU      
XX540	        BULLDOG T1	        1 FTS        
XX549	        BULLDOG T1	        1 FTS        
XX692	        BULLDOG T1	        CFS          
WE168	        CANBERRA PR3	        ON DISPLAY   
JV928	        CATALINA	        PRIVATE      
188753	        CF.18A HORNET	        1 CAG        
188766	        CF.18A HORNET	        1 CAG        
WG430	        CHIPMUNK T10	        1 AEF        
AT156	        DRAKEN SK-35XD	        ESK 729 DAF  
71-0884/LN      F.111F			48 TFW
73-0713/LN      F.111F	                48 TFW
80-0021/BT      F.15C EAGLE		36 TFW
FA73	        F.16A FIGHTING FALCON	23 SM BAF    
FA78	        F.16A FIGHTING FALCON	23 SM BAF    
ET210	        F.16B FIGHTING FALCON	ESK 726 DAF  
84-1297/HR      F.16C FIGHTING FALCON	50 TFW
84-1386/HR      F.16C FIGHTING FALCON	50 TFW
XW866	        GAZELLE HT3		2 FTS                
XV744	        HARRIER GR3	        233 OCU           
XX227	        HAWK T1A	        RED ARROWS        
XX237	        HAWK T1A	        RED ARROWS        
XX252	        HAWK T1A	        RED ARROWS        
XX253	        HAWK T1A	        RED ARROWS        
XX260	        HAWK T1A	        RED ARROWS        
XX264	        HAWK T1A	        RED ARROWS        
XX266	        HAWK T1A	        RED ARROWS        
XX283	        HAWK T1A	        2 TWU             
XX306	        HAWK T1A	        RED ARROWS        
XX308	        HAWK T1A	        RED ARROWS        
XX325	        HAWK T1A	        2 TWU             
XV176	        HERCULES C1P	        LTW               
XV182	        HERCULES C1P	        LTW               
XV196	        HERCULES C1P	        LTW               
XX829	        JAGUAR T2A	        22 OCU            
XH704	        JAVELIN FAW9	        ON DISPLAY        
XW334	        JET PROVOST T5A	        7 FTS             
XX496/CD        JETSTREAM T1	        6 FTS
1x		LIGHTNING		nn		flying only
XV260	        NIMROD MR2P	        KINLOSS WING      
ZE363/W	        PHANTOM F4J(UK)	        74 SQN.
XV393/CA        PHANTOM FGR2	        64 (R) SQN
XV425	        PHANTOM FGR2	        64 (R) SQN        
XZ459/R-006     SEA HARRIER FRS1	801 SQN
89+65	        SEA KING		MFG 5                
43+26	        TORNADO			TTTE               
XR810	        VC10 C1			10 SQN     
1x		VICTOR K2		nn        
XS675	        WESSEX HC2		22 SQN     
XT601	        WESSEX HC2		22 SQN     

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