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Waddington 1996

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Date: 28 June 1996

Made by: Kevin Hall, Ian Old

Updated: 8 February 2003

North side: 
WG486                Chipmunk T10              BBMF 
XM607                Vulcan B2                 RAF Waddington 
XS603/603            Andover E3A               Hunting Aviation 
XS734/N              Dominie T1                3 FTS 
XV205/205            Hercules C1               LTW 
XV231/31             Nimrod MR2                206 Sqn 
XW664                Nimrod R1                 51 Sqn 
XX235                Hawk T1                   74(R)Sqn 
XX248/CJ             Hawk T1A                  100 Sqn 
XX500/H              Jetstream T1              3 FTS/45(R)Sqn 
XX686/4              Bulldog T1                CFS 
XZ101/D              Jaguar GR1A               16(R)Sqn 
ZA140                VC10 K2                   101 Sqn 
ZA552/TS             Tornado GR1               15(R)Sqn 
ZA934/BZ             Puma HC1                  230 Sqn 
ZE160/DV             Tornado F3                11 Sqn 
ZE291/GQ             Tornado F3                43 Sqn 
ZE356/Q/9060M        F-4J(UK)                  BDR 
ZE735/AL             Tornado F3                56(R)Sqn 
ZF161/161            Tucano T1                 1 FTS 
ZG501/E              Harrier GR7               SAOEU 
ZG706/E              Tornado GR1A              SAOEU 
ZG731/(BL)           Tornado F3                29 Sqn 
ZH102/02             Sentry AEW1               8 Sqn/23 Sqn 
ZH777/EG             Chinook HC2               7 Sqn 
XV714/N-187          Sea King AEW2             849 Sqn 
XX487/CU-568         Jetstream T2              750 Sqn 
XZ669                Lynx AH7                  662 Sqn 
ZG847                Islander AL1              1 Flt 
ZD582/718	     Sea Harrier F/A2	       899 Sqn
MT14                 CM170R                    33sm 
140109               CP-140                    14 Wing 
E-604                F-16A                     Esk726 
ET-199               F-16B                     Esk726 
3736                 F-4F                      JG73 
4546                 Tornado                   MFG2 
J-210                F-16B                     315 Sqn 
LX-N90449            E-3A                      NAEWF 
37431/31             JA-37                     F16/2 
87-0441              AH-64A                    B 6/6th CAV 
60-0019/LA           B-52H                     11BS 
86-0103/DY           B-1B                      9BS 
86-0176/LN           F-15C                     493FS 
63-8061              KC-135D                   117ARS/KS ANG 
156525/11            EP-3E                     VQ-2 
18013/G-TRIC         Chipmunk 22A              Private 
BGA3393/FNL/705      Discus B                  Private 
G-AJIU               Auster 5 J/1 Autocrat     Private 
G-AYYU               Beech C23 Musketeer       Private 
G-BAAD               Evans Super VP-1          Private 
G-BCWL/BA-C/V9545    Lysander IIIA             Private 
G-BJAL               Casa I-131E Jungmann      Private 
G-BNDT               Brugger MB2 Colibri       Private 
G-BONW               Cessna 152 II             Private 
G-BPIV/QY-C/L8841    Bolingbroke 4             Private 
G-BRSY               Hatz CB-1                 Private 
G-FRAT               Da20C                     FR Anv Ltd. 
G-FUGA               CM170                     Private 
G-FUZZ               L-18                      Private 
G-HALO               CH-7 Angel                Private 
G-HONG               Slingsby T.67M 200        JEFTS 
G-MAVI               Robinson R22 Beta         Private 
G-RAMS               PA32R-301                 Private 
G-TSIX/"111836"/JZ-6 AT-6C                     Private 
G-YROS               Bensen B.8M Gyro          Private 
ML407/OU-V/G-LFIX    Spitfire IX               Private 
N6965/FL-J/G-AJTW    Tiger Moth                Private 
NX71MY/"G-EAOU"      Vickers Vimy replica      Private 
RA-44485             SM-92                     Private 
T7281/G-ARTL         DH82A                     Private 
T7909/G-ANON         DH82A                     Private 
T9738/F-AZOR         M.14A Hawk Trainer 3      Private 
WA662                Meteor T7                 SYAM 
WH863                Canberra B2               SYAM nose only 
WP869                Chipmunk T10              SYAM 
XH584                Canberra T4               SYAM nose only 
XN573/E              Jet Provost T3            NAM 

South side: 
XP638/E              Jet Provost T4            BDR 
XT606/WL             Wessex HC2                2 FTS 
XW665                Nimrod R1                 51 Sqn 
XW902/H              Gazelle HT2               2 FTS 
XX244                Hawk T1                   74(R)Sqn 
XZ108/A              Jaguar GR1A               16(R)Sqn 
ZA322/B-50           Tornado GR1               TTTE 
ZA360/B-56           Tornado GR1               TTTE 
ZD463/(53)           Harrier GR7               20(R)Sqn 
ZF169/169            Tucano T1                 1 FTS 
ZF446/446            Tucano T1                 1 FTS 
ZH103/03             Sentry AEW2               8 Sqn/23 Sqn 
ZH107/07             Sentry AEW2               8 Sqn/23 Sqn 
XW853/CU-53          Gazelle HT2               705 Sqn 
XX441/CU-38          Gazelle HT2               705 Sqn 
ZB646/CU-59          Gazelle HT2               705 Sqn 
XW897/Z              Gazelle AH1               Blue Eagles 
XX385/X              Gazelle AH1               Blue Eagles 
XZ175/Z              Lynx AH7                  Blue Eagles 
XZ317/R              Gazelle AH1               Blue Eagles 
XZ675/E              Lynx AH7                  671 Sqn 
ZA777/B              Gazelle AH1               Blue Eagles 
CF01                 Merlin IIIA               21sm 
FA136                F-16A                     23sm 
FA74                 F-16A                     23sm 
MT36                 CM170R                    33sm 
32/33-FW             Mirage F1C                EC03.033 
519/33-FB            Mirage F1B                EC03.033 
64/33-FC             Mirage F1C                EC03.033 
G-BVPO               Vampire FB6               Royal Jordanian AF Historic Flt 
G-BWKA/843/H         Hunter F58                Royal Jordanian AF Historic Flt 
597                  Su-30                     Russian AF c/n 1010102 
37420/20             JA-37                     F16/2 
37432/32             JA-37                     F16/2 
84001/841            Tp84                      F7 
85-0082/DY           B-1B                      9BS 
G-HIII               Extra 300                 Private 
G-MZPW               Pegasus Quaser IITC       Private 
G-OTAF               L-39ZO                    Private 
G-PASC               Bo105DBS/4                Lincs Ambulance SVS 
G-SIII               Extra 300                 Private 
JY-RNA               Extra 300                 Royal Jordanian Falcons 
JY-RND               Extra 300                 Royal Jordanian Falcons 
JY-RNE               Extra 300                 Royal Jordanian Falcons 
JY-RNF               Extra 300                 Royal Jordanian Falcons 
XE665/VL-876/G-BWGM  Hunter T8C                Private 
XE685/VL-861/G-GAII  Hunter GA11               Private 
XE689/VL-864/G-BWGK  Hunter GA11               Private 
XL573/G-BVGH         Hunter T8C                Private 

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