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Waddington 2004

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Date: 26 June 2004

Made by: David Miller


XH134			Canberra PR.9		39(1PRU) Sqn.	            
ZD983		        Chinook HC.2	        18 Sqn.	                    
XS713	C	        Domini T.1	        55(R) Sqn.	            
ZD405	34	        Harrier GR.7A	        FJW OEU	                    
XX154		        Hawk T.1	        ETPS	                    
XX159		        Hawk T.1A	        208(R) Sqn.	            
XX204		        Hawk T.1A	        208(R) Sqn.	            
XX720	GB	        Jaguar GR.3A	        54 Sqn.	                    
XZ106	FR	        Jaguar GR.3A	        41 Sqn.	                    
XZ113		        Jaguar GR.3A	        FJW OEU	                    
XV230		        Nimrod MR.2	        Kinloss Wing	            
ZH101		        Sentry AEW.1	        8/23 Sqns.	            
ZH106		        Sentry AEW.1	        8/23 Sqns.	            
ZE295	DC	        Tornado F.3	        11 Sqn.	                    
ZE942	XE	        Tornado F.3	        FJW OEU	                    
ZA543	FO	        Tornado GR.4	        12 Sqn.	                    
ZA585	AH	        Tornado GR.4	        9 Sqn.	                    
ZD739		        Tornado GR.4	        FJW OEU	                    
ZE116	X	        Tornado GR.4A	        13 Sqn.	                    
ZF138		        Tucano T.1	        1 FTS	                    
ZF447		        Tucano T.1	        1 FTS	                    
ZJ800	AC	        Typhoon T.1	        17(R) Sqn.	            
ZA111	CU565	        Jetstream T.2	        750 Sqn.	            
XZ721	302	        Lynx HAS.3SGM	        815 HQFlt	            
ZA167	CU822	        Sea King HU.5SAR	771 Sqn.	            
XV697	CU181	        Sea King ASaC.7		849 Sqn.	            
ZG847		        Islander AL.1		1 Flt. 5 Regiment           
XX385		        Gazelle AH.1	        JSFAW	                    
ZJ235	I	        Griffin HT.1	        DHSF	                    
ZJ265	65	        Squirrel HT.1	        DHSF	                    
G-BUUI		        T-67 Firefly II	        DEFTS	                    
G-BWXA		        T-67M-260 Firefly	DEFTS	                    
G-BYYB		 	Grob G.115 Tutor	CFS (Op by East Mids. UAS)
(105-435)E Blue	        Saab 105O		Flight Regiment 3	    
086	YI	        Xingu			EAT 00.319	            
50+46		        C-160D Transall		LTG-62	                    
38+27		        F-4F			Jg-71	                    
44+68		        Tornado			AkG-51	                    
61+20		        Atlantic		MFG-3	                    
83+09		        Lynx Mk.88		MFG-3	                    
86+47		        Bo.105P			HFR-16	                    
87+05		        Bo.105P	                HFR-26	                    
88+10		        Bo.105P	                HFVS-910	            
84+76		        CH-53GS	                HFR-10	                    
MM7145	51-44	        AMX		        51st Stormo 103 Gruppo      
MM7152	51-03	        AMX		        51st Stormo 103 Gruppo      
MM62122	46-23	        G.222	                46 BA	                    
145		        Let L-410UVP-T		1 Transporter Eskadrila	    
LX-N90450	        E-3A			NAEWF	                    
J-655		        F-16BM			306 Sqn.	            
1115		        M-28 Bryza-1R		30 DLOT	                    
68-0342		        F-4E			172 Filo                    
68-0473		        F-4E			172 Filo                    
WV318		        Hunter T.7B		G-FFOX                      
' XJ771'	        Vampire T.55		G-HELV                      
XM479		        Jet Provost T.3A	G-BVEZ                      
XX534		        Bulldog T.1		G-EDAV                      
XW324		        Jet Provost T.5		G-BWSG                      
XW433		        Jet Provost T.5A	G-JPRO                      
HKG-13		        T-67M-200 Firefly	G-BXKW                      
J-4058		        Hunter Mk.58		G-HHAD                      
C-FNJF		        PBY-5A	                                            
WK512	A	        Chipmunk T.10		G-BXIM                      
WK640	C	        Chipmunk T.10		G-BWUV                      
T7281		        Tiger Moth		G-ARTL                      
Flightline/Flying Aircraft:			
ZH895			Chinook HC.2		18 Sqn.           
ZD407	36	        Harrier GR.7	        20 (R) Sqn.     
ZD468	58	        Harrier GR.7	        20 (R) Sqn.     
XX157		        Hawk T.1A	        208 (R) Sqn.    
XX219		        Hawk T.1A	        208 (R) Sqn.    
XV697		        Hurcules 	        LTW               
XX766	PE	        Jaguar GR.3	        16 (R) Sqn.     
XX847	PY	        Jaguar T.4	        16 (R) Sqn.     
XV240		        Nimrod MR.2	        Kinloss Wing      
ZA939		        Puma HC.1	        33 Sqd.           
ZJ267		        Squirrel HT.1	        DHFS              
ZD703		        Bae 125		        32 Sqn.           
ZH103		        Sentry AEW.1	        8/23 Sqns.        
ZG732	WU	        Tornado F.3	        56 (R) Sqn.     
ZG795	WD	        Tornado F.3	        56 (R) Sqn.     
ZD843	TG	        Tornado GR.4A	        15 (R) Sqn.     
ZF241		        Tucano T.1	        1 FTS             
ZF446		        Tucano T.1	        1 FTS             
ZJ803	AA	        Typhoon T.1	        17 (R) Sqn.    
ZD990	721	        Harrier T.8	        899 Sqn.          
ZH809		        Sea HarrierF/A.2	899 Sqn.          
ZD250	630	        Lynx HAS.3S	                          
XZ235	633	        Lynx HAS.3S	                          
XR379		        Alouette AH.2		AACHF             
XR244		        Auster AOP.9	        AACHF             
XP820		        Beaver AL.1	        AACHF             
WD325	N	        Chipmunk T.10	        AACHF             
XT626	Q	        Scout AH.1	        AACHF             
XT131	B	        Sioux AH.1	        AACHF             
(105-430) J Red	        Saab 105O		Flight Regiment 3 
FA-111		        F-16A			31 Sml            
FA-114		        F-16A	                31 Sml            
45+30		        Tornado	                MFG-2             
46+20		        Tornado	                MFG-2             
NZ4205	05	        P-3K	                5 Sqn.  R.N.Z.A.F.
J-4021		        Hunter Mk.58		G-HHAC            
G-BYWP		        Grob G.115E Tutor	Yorkshire UAS     
MM54473/8, MM54475/10	MB339A			"Frecce Tricolori
MM54477/9, MM54478/7	MB339A			"Frecce Tricolori						
MM54479/3, MM54480/2	MB339A			"Frecce Tricolori
MM54482/6, MM54485/1	MB339A			"Frecce Tricolori
MM54486/5, MM54505/0 	MB339A			"Frecce Tricolori
MM54543/4		MB339A			"Frecce Tricolori"
XW848/D, XZ338		Gazelle AH.1		"Blue Eagles"
XZ349, ZB673/P		Gazelle AH.1		"Blue Eagles"
XZ652/T			Lynx AH.7		"Blue Eagles"
E.25-01/6, E.25-07/7	C101EB			"Patrulla Aguila"
E.25-08, E.25-13/7	C101EB			"Patrulla Aguila"
E.25-14/1, E.25-22/2	C101EB			"Patrulla Aguila"
E.25-25/3, E.25-86/5	C101EB			"Patrulla Aguila"

XM607			Vulcan B.2		Preserved			
XV497	D		Phantom FGR.2		Preserved			
ZH105			Sentry AEW.1		8/23 Sqns.     inside Alpha Hanger			

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