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Yeovilton 1969

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Date: 6 September 1969

Made by: John A. Smith, Joop de Groot

Updated: 2 January 2011

Gannet AEW3, Royal Navy
The prototype of the Fairey Gannet made its first flight in 1949 and was designed for Anti Submarine Warfare. The aircraft had foldable wings to save space when operating from aircraft carriers. In the static park of the airshow at Yeovilton, this XL497/760 could be seen and photgraphed.

Photo: Steve Williams

XN699/752          SEA VIXEN FAW2        766SQ. 
XR953/29           GNAT T1               4FTS 
XS165/51           HILLER HT2            705SQ. 
XM838/520          WESSEX HAS3           737SQ. 
XV631/453          WASP HAS1             ESKIMO FLT. 
WW296/734          SEA VENOM 22          FRU 
XL584              HUNTER T8             FOFT 
XV338/651          BUCCANEER S2          736SQ. 
XN586/11           JET PROVOST T4        2FTS 
XL497/760          GANNET AEW3           849SQ. 
XV586              PHANTOM FG1           NASU 
XV588              PHANTOM FG1           NASU HANGAR 

WP856/904          CHIPMUNK T10          BRNC 
XT284/656          BUCCANEER S2          736SQ. 
XV647              SEA KING HAS1         1FTU 
XH588              VICTOR BK1            57SQ. 
XL843/19           WHIRLWIND HAS7        YEOVILTON STN. 
XT134              SIOUX AH1             BLUE EAGLES 
XT193              SIOUX AH1             BLUE EAGLES 
XT206              SIOUX AH1             BLUE EAGLES 
XT498              SIOUX AH1             BLUE EAGLES 
XW192              SIOUX AH1             BLUE EAGLES 
XS507/C            WESSEX HU5            845SQ. 
XS514/M            WESSEX HU5            845SQ. 
XS516/U            WESSEX HU5            845SQ. 
XS523/S            WESSEX HU5            845SQ. 
XR654              JET PROVOST T4        CAW 
XR660/17           JET PROVOST T4        CAW 
XS211/14           JET PROVOST T4        CAW 
XS215              JET PROVOST T4        CAW 
XS703/48           HILLER HT2            705SQ. 
WT713/787          HUNTER FGA11          738SQ. 
WV380/794          HUNTER FGA11          738SQ. 
WW659/793          HUNTER FGA11          738SQ. 
XE674/788          HUNTER FGA11          738SQ. 
XE712/785          HUNTER FGA11          738SQ. 
XE716/-            HUNTER FGA11          738SQ. 
XF291/789          HUNTER FGA11          738SQ. 
XF297/781          HUNTER FGA11          738SQ. 
XP921/753          SEA VIXEN FAW2        766SQ. 
XN651/710          SEA VIXEN FAW2        766SQ. 
XJ582/702          SEA VIXEN FAW2        766SQ. 
XJ579/703          SEA VIXEN FAW2        766SQ. 
XJ574/704          SEA VIXEN FAW2        766SQ. 
XJ570/VL-715       SEA VIXEN FAW2        766SQ. 
XN707/701          SEA VIXEN FAW2        766SQ. 
XN685/716          SEA VIXEN FAW2        766SQ. 
XN658/750          SEA VIXEN FAW2        766SQ. 
XP923/751          SEA VIXEN FAW2        766SQ. 
XN700/700          SEA VIXEN FAW2        766SQ. 
XS578/244          SEA VIXEN FAW2        890SQ.?
XJ526/H-255        SEA VIXEN FAW2        893SQ. 
XP954/254          SEA VIXEN FAW2        890SQ.? 
XJ491/H-250        SEA VIXEN FAW2        893SQ. 
XJ490/245          SEA VIXEN FAW2        890SQ.?
XJ560/243          SEA VIXEN FAW2        890SQ.? 
XN688/251          SEA VIXEN FAW2        890SQ.?
XT859/001          PHANTOM FG1           892SQ. 
XT861/003          PHANTOM FG1           892SQ. 
XT870/005          PHANTOM FG1           892SQ. 
XT872/007          PHANTOM FG1           892SQ. 
XT866/158          PHANTOM FG1           767SQ. 
XT873/155          PHANTOM FG1           767SQ. 
XV572/156          PHANTOM FG1           767SQ. 
XV579/157          PHANTOM FG1           767SQ. 
XT869/154          PHANTOM FG1           767SQ. 

XN819              ARGOSY C1             RED ARROWS SUPP. 
WP312              SEA PRINCE T1         BRAWDY STN. 

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