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Finningley 1991

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Date: 21 September 1991

Made by: Gary Donnison, Al, Guy Fleshbourne

Updated: 5 November 2004

Canberra TT.18		WJ680    	100 Sqn
Chipmunk T.10		WK638/83   	AEF
Canberra B(1).6		XH568   	RAE Bedford
Hunter T.7A		XL568/C    	237 OCU
Wessex HC.2		XR504   	22 Sqn
Dominie T.1		XS739 		6 FTS
Phantom FGR.2		XT905/P 	74 Sqn
Hercules C.1P		XV218 		LTW
Nimrod MR.2P		XV226 		Kinloss Wg
Phantom FGR.2		XV470/D 	56 Sqn
Jet Provost T.5B	XW322/D 	6 FTS
Jet Provost T.5         XW304/X 	6 FTS
Jet Provost T.5 	XW293/Z 	6 FTS
Buccaneer S.2B 		XW542 		208 Sqn
Hawk T.1 		XX193/193 	234 Sqn/1 TWU
Hawk T.1 		XX244 		4 FTS
Jetstream T.1 		XX494 		6 FTS
HS 125 CC.2 		XX507 		32 Sqn
Bulldog T.1 		XX622/E  	Yorkshire UAS
Jaguar GR.1 		XZ113/FD  	41 Sqn "Desert Camo
VC10  			ZA142/C 	101 Sqn
Tornado GR.1		ZA368		TWCU
Tornado GR.1   		ZA606 		TWCU
Tornado GR.1 		ZA453/EG  	15 Sqn Desert camo
Tornado GR.1 		ZA492/GS  	20 sqn Desert camo
Tornado GR.1		ZD809/BA 	14 sqn "Hello Kuwait Goodbye Iraq" Desert camo
Tornado GR.1  		ZD707/BK 	14 Sqn
Chinook HC.1 		ZD574/FH 	240 OCU
Harrier GR.3		ZD667  
Tornado F.3		ZE158/DC	11 Sqn
Tornado F.3		ZE764/DH	11 Sqn
Tornado F.3 		ZE862 		TOEU
PC-9 			ZG969  		BAe
Sentry AEW.1  		ZH101 		8 Sqn
Canberra PR.3 		WE168  		(Nose)
Lightning F.1 		XM191 		(Nose)
Devon C2		VP955		(G-DVON)  
Jetstream T2 		XX483/CU562 	750 Sqn
Sea King HAS.5 		ZA128/598  	706 Sqn
KC-135E 		71482 		117 ARS Kansas ANG
EF-111A 		70048/UH  	42 ECS
F-111E 			80055/UH  	20 TFW
A-10A  			70247/AR 	10 TFW
A-10A        		70259/AR 	10 TFW
F-15C  			00050/IS 	57 FIS
F-15D  			00056/IS 	57 FIS
F-16A 			FA36 		350 Sm/BAF
CT-133 			133542 		1 CAD/ CAF
CH-136 			136224 		444 Sqn CAF
CF-18B 			188923 		1 CAD/CAF
Xingu 			79 		52S French Navy

Canberra TT18 		WJ682/CU 	100 Sqn
Canberra PR.9		XH135/AG  	1 PRU
Andover E.3A 		XS639 		115 sqn
Dominie T.1		XS728/E  	6 FTS
Dominie T.1		XS711/L  	6 FTS
Dominie T.1		XS709/M  	6 FTS
Dominie T.1		XS733/Q  	6 FTS
Andover CC.2 		XS791 		32 Sqn
Buccaneer S.2B		XV863/S 
Jet Provost T.5B	XW438/B 	6 FTS
Jet Provost T.5		XW291/N 	6 FTS
Jet Provost T.5		XW306/O 	6 FTS
Jet Provost T.5		XW324/U 	6 FTS
Gazelle HT.3 		XW866/E 	2 FTS
Hawk T.1		XX225 		4 FTS
Hawk T.1		XX240 		4 FTS
Hawk T.1		XX317/317	TWU
Hawk T.1		XX339/339 	TWU
Jetstream T.1		XX492/A 	6 FTS
Jetstream T.1		XX495/C 	6 FTS
Jetstream T.1		XX497/E 	6 FTS
Jetstream T.1		XX498/F 	6 FTS
Jetstream T.1		XX499/G 	6 FTS
Bulldog T.1		XX690/A 	Yorkshire UAS
Bulldog T.1		XX620/C 	Yorkshire UAS
Bulldog T.1		XX543/F 	Yorkshire UAS
Bulldog T.1		XX624/G 	Yorkshire UAS
Bulldog T.1		XX691/H 	Yorkshire UAS
Bulldog T.1 		XX689/3 	CFS
Jaguar GR.1 		XX965/07 	226 OCU
Nimrod MR.2P 		XZ284 		Kinloss Wg
Tornado GR.1		ZA543 		TWCU
Tornado GR.1		ZA556 		TWCU
Dakota C.3 		ZA947 		RAE Farnborough
Tucano T.1		ZF200
Tucano T.1		ZF245
Auster 5		TJ672(G-ANIJ) 
Auster AOP.6		TW536(G-BNGE) 
Terrier			WE569(G-ASAJ) 
Jet Provost T.3		XN637(G-BKOU) 
Venom FB.54		WR410(G-BLKA) 

Far Side:
Dominie T.1		XX727/D
Dominie T.1		XX731/J
Dominie T.1		XS734/N
Dominie T.1		XS710/O
Dominie T.1		XS714/P
Dominie T.1		XS726/T
Jet Provost T.5		XW287/P
Jet Provost T.5		XW296/Q
Jet Provost T.5		XW309/V
Jet Provost T.5		XW311/W
Jetstream T.1		XX496/D		6 FTS
Jetstream T.1		XX500/H		6 FTS
Jetstream T.1		XX482/J		6 FTS
Wessex HC.2		XV703  
Sea King HAR.3 		XZ593  		202 Sqn

Hangar 1:
Whirlwind HAR.10	XJ729  		BDRF
Wessex HC.2		XR507  		22 Sqn
Wessex HC.2		XR518  		22 Sqn
Wessex HC.2		XR524  		22 Sqn
Wessex HC.2		XV724  		22 Sqn
Sea King HAR.3		XZ592/S		202 Sqn
Sea King HAR.3		XZ594  		202 Sqn
Wessex HU.5		XS484/821	BDRF
Wessex HU.5		XT768  		BDRF

Hangar 2:
Chipmunk T.10		WD390/68   	9 AEF
Dominie T.1		XS713/C     	6 FTS
Jet Provost T.5B	XW431/A    	6 FTS
Jet Provost T.5		XW352/R   	6 FTS
Jet Provost T.5		XW302/T    	6 FTS
Jetstream T.1		XX493/L   	6 FTS
Bulldog T.1		XX621/D   	Yorkshire UAS

Hangar 3:
Dominie T.1 		XS712/A  	6 FTS
Bulldog T.1		XX637/U  	Northumbrian UAS
Bulldog T.1		XX636/Y  	Northumbrian UAS

Hangar 4:
Canberra T.4		WJ880  		(Nose)
SARO P.531		XN332 
Viking TX.1 		ZE499 		ACCGS
Tornado F.3 		ZE785/AO  	229 OCU
Vigilant T.1 		ZH265 		ACCGS
Me163B			191660  

Tornado F.3 		ZE167 		25 Sqn
Tornado F.3		ZE736/HA  	111 Sqn
Tornado F.3		ZE790/HC  	111 Sqn 
Tornado F.3		2x  
Tornado GR.1		4x
Tristar			1x		216 Sqn
Vulcan B.2 		XH558 		VDF
EC-135H			10282  
Su-27			04		Russian Knights
Su-27			05		Russian Knights
Su-27			07		Russian Knights
Su-27			10		Russian Knights
Su-27UB			18		Russian Knights
Su-27UB			19		Russian Knights
Avenger			"X2"		nn

Whirlwind HAS.7		XN302  
Jet Provost T.4		XS216 
Phantom F-4J(UK)	ZE351/I 
Nimrod AEW.3P 		XV263 		(Remains only)

Meteor F.8 		WL168 		(Painted as WK864)

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