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Goodwood 1972

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Date: 19 August 1972

Made by:


Serial       Code     Type             Mark         Unit             Operator 

FX-11                 Starfighter      F-104G       Slivers Team     BAF 
FX-17                 Starfighter      F-104G       Slivers Team     BAF 
104760                Starfighter      CF-104A                       CAF 
104786                Starfighter      CF-104A                       CAF 
104862                Starfighter      CF-104A                       CAF 
104880                Starfighter      CF-104A                       CAF 
P7350        ZH-T     Spitfire         IIa          BoBMF            RAF 
MH434        AC-S     Spitfire         HF.IXb       (G-ASJV) 
PA474        KM-B     Lancaster        I            BoBMF            RAF 
PZ865        DT-A     Hurricane        IIc          BoBMF            RAF 
VP953                 Devon            C2/2         26 Sqn           RAF 
WA669                 Meteor           T7           Vintage Pair     RAF 
WJ907        Q        Varsity          T1           AE&AES           RAF 
XG152                 Hunter           F6           229OCU/79Sqn     RAF 
XH304                 Vampire          T11          Vintage Pair     RAF 
XL392                 Vulcan           B2           Waddington       RAF 
XM406        48       Jet Provost      T3           3FTS/Gemini Pair RAF 
XM407        50       Jet Provost      T3           3FTS/Gemini Pair RAF 
XM410        51       Jet Provost      T3           3FTS/Gemini Pair RAF 
XS780                 Bassett          CC1          207 Sqn          RAF 
XV106        106      VC-10            C1           10 Sqdn          RAF 
XV195        195      Hercules         C-130K                        RAF 
XV277                 Harrier          GR1          HSA              RAF 
XW220        DD       Puma             HC1          230 Sqn          RAF 
XW289                 Jet Provost      T5           Red Pelicans/CFS RAF 
XW290                 Jet Provost      T5           Red Pelicans/CFS RAF 
XW291                 Jet Provost      T5           Red Pelicans/CFS RAF 
XW292                 Jet Provost      T5           Red Pelicans/CFS RAF 
68-0006      JT       Aardvark         F-111E       77TFS/20TFW      USAF 
...                   Gnat             T1           Red Arrows       RAF 
XM553                 Skeeter AOP.12                (G-AWSV) 
F-BOPX                CAP-10 
G-AXYW                Stampe SV-4C                  Rothmans Team 
G-AYCG                Stampe SV-4C                    Rothmans Team 
G-AWIW                Stampe SV-4C                    Rothmans Team 
G-AYIJ                Stampe SV-4C                    Rothmans Team 
G-AZJD                Harvard II 
G-ARZB                Wallis 116 
G-AXZN                Teal Amphibian 
G-AWPZ                Andreasson BA-4B 

Air Race Participants: 
G-AXDZ                Cassutt Racer 
G-AXEA                Cassutt Racer 
G-AWHV                Beta 
G-AWHX                Beta 
G-ATLY                Beta 
G-AYRJ                Cosmic Wind 

Visiting Aircraft: 
G-APNZ                D31 Turbulent 
G-ATRK                D31 Turbulent 
G-AWBC                Cherokee Arrow 180 
G-AWBY                Islander 
G-AXSC                Pup 1 
G-ARNE                Colt 108 
G-ARZT                Cessna 182P 
G-AXJN                Pup 2 
G-AYPW                Cherokee Arrow 200 
G-ASST                Cessna 150D 
G-AXHC                Stampe SV-4G 
G-AZTR                Stampe SV-4G 
G-AWJW                Jet Ranger 
G-AWGU                Jet Ranger 
G-ARYR                Cherokee 180 
G-AVSP                Cherokee 180 
G-ARLS                Aztec 
G-AYFV                Andreasson BA-4B 
G-AYLB                Twin Comanche 160C/R 
G-AWCN                Cessna FR172G 
G-APUB                Travel Air 
G-AYMD                Ralle Club 
G-ATWP                Alon A-2 Aircoupe 
G-AYPI                Cessna F177RG 
G-AMYI                Aiglet Trainer 
G-AYBF                Mooney M20F 
G-AYSJ                Bucker 133 Jungmeister 
G-ASKU                Cessna F172E 

Pleasure Flying: 
G-AWNU                Islander 
G-AXRN                Islander 
G-ATHJ                Aztec 250 
G-AZMK                Aztec 250 

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