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Waddington 1959

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Date: 19 September 1959

Made by: John A. Smith


WV635/P-I              PROVOST T1 
VL301                  ANSON C19 
WZ592/23               VAMPIRE T11 
WL360/Z                METEOR T7 
WG262/C                VALETTA T4              2ANS 
WH714/C                CANBERRA T11            228OCU 
XG228/E                HUNTER F6               92SQ. 
XA665/P                JAVELIN FAW5            228OCU 
WP223                  VALIANT B1              90SQ. 
XA939                  VICTOR B1               10SQ. 
XA905                  VULCAN B1               83SQ. 
31923                  B47E                    100BW 
WJ777,WJ778,WT373      CANBERRA B6             BINBROOK WING 
WZ364                  VALIANT B1              232OCU 
XA904                  VULCAN B1               230OCU 
XH592                  VICTOR B1               15SQ. 
WV667/D-K              PROVOST T1              RAFFC 
XD863                  VALIANT B1              90SQ. 
XH532                  VULCAN B1               83SQ. 
XH591                  VICTOR B1               15SQ. 
WW153/738,WW297/737    SEA VENOM 22 
XG610/730,XG617/733    SEA VENOM 22 
XE881,XH312,XJ771      VAMPIRE T11             8FTS 
XF543,XF548            VAMPIRE T11             8FTS 
XF693,XF885            PROVOST T1              2FTS 
XA928                  VICTOR B1               10SQ. 
XE616/E                HUNTER F6               1SQ. 
XA712/H                JAVELIN FAW5            151SQ. 
RE359/D,SX948,WD130/A  LINCOLN B2              CSE 
WT476                  CANBERRA T4             STN.FLT 
XA691,XA705 +2         JAVELIN FAW5 
3484                   B66                     USAF 
VZ521/3                METEOR T7 
WP778                  CHIPMUNK T10            NOTTM.UAS 
WN311                  METEOR F8               AOC 1GRP 
XE489/189              SEA HAWK FGA6 
WZ822                  GRASSHOPPER 
WB985,XN147            SEDBERGHS 
62992 + 3              F100D                   USAF 
XH477                  VULCAN B1 
XA702,XA714 + 4        JAVELINS                151SQ. 
WP991,WX201,WX224 + 1  VAMPIRE T5              RAFFC 
XJ412                  WHIRLWIND HAR10 
XD277/101              SCIMITAR F1             800SQ. 
XA911                  VULCAN B1               230OCU 
XA898,XH480,XH504      VULCAN B1 

XA896,XH497(617SQ.)    VULCAN B1 

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