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Plymouth 1977

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Date: 9 July 1977

Made by: Paul Carr


Jet Provost T.4      XR700 (nose) 
Gnat T.1             XM698 
Wasp HAS.1           XV638/474 (flying??) 
Wessex HAS.1         XP117/CU521,XS868/CU526 (flying??) 

Vulcan B.2           XM648 
Jet Provost T.5      unidentified 
Chipmunk T.10        WB575/907,WD374/903,WK608/906,WP809/912,WP856/904 
Buccaneer S.2        XV333 
Nimrod MR.1          XV231 
KZ.VIII              G-AYKZ 
Phantom FG.1         XV575/C 
Stampe SV-4          G-AYIJ 
Whirlwind HAR.10     XP395 

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