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Lee-on-Solent 1989

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Date: 22 July 1989

Made by:

Updated: 8 October 2008

G-ASZE		Beagle Terrier		Private	       
XX562		Bulldog
XX613		Bulldog
XX640		Bulldog
XX697		Bulldog
XX711 +1 	Bulldog
64-0513		C-130E		        USAF	        
G-AANV		DH.60M Moth	        Private	  
XM296		DH.114      
133722		F4U Corsair	        Private	        
WB271		Firefly AS.6	        Royal Navy	
XL500		Gannet AEW.3	        Royal Navy
XZ933		Gazelle	
XV808		Harrier GR.3	        RAF	        
EZ407		Harvard III	        Royal Navy	
XX173		Hawk T.1	        RAF	        
XR445		Heron C.1	        Royal Navy	
ZF573		Islander CC.2	        RAF	        
XX490		Jetstream T.2	        Royal Navy	
ZE440		Jetstream
XZ642		Lynx AH.1	        Army	        
XZ256		Lynx HAS.3	        Royal Navy	
XZ698		Lynx
G-ADGP		Miles Hawk Six	        Private	        
N58566		PT-13		        Private	        
N56431		PT-22		        Private	41-15510
43437		PT-23		        Private	        
WG655		Sea Fury T.20	        Royal Navy	
XZ446		Sea Harrier FRS.1	Royal Navy	
WV911		Sea Hawk
XV704		Sea King AEW.2		Royal Navy	           
XV673		Sea King HAS.5	        Royal Navy	  
ZA134		Sea King
ZF121           Sea King
G-BDIJ		Sikorsky S-61N	        Bristow Helicopters	SAR
N54922		Stearman	        Private	                   
LS326   	Swordfish
NF389		Swordfish III	        Royal Navy	
XS539		Wasp
XT434		Wasp
XT437		Wasp
XT778 		Wasp       
XM843		Wessex HAS.1	        Royal Navy	      
XS496		Wessex
XS502		Wessex
XS508		Wessex
XS510		Wessex
XS511		Wessex
XS514		Wessex
XS515		Wessex
XS516		Wessex
XS520		Wessex
XT453		Wessex
XT455		Wessex
XT458		Wessex
XT484		Wessex
XT485		Wessex
XT761		Wessex
XT765		Wessex
XT771		Wessex
D-EBTS          EA-300
G-AWUH         	C.150
G-BCLC          S.61
G-BHJS          P.68
G-STWO          ARV-1

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