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Cottesmore 2006

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Date: 11 August 2006

Made by: Scramble, Adrian Hairsine


Most of the exact types and units were taken from our database, as these were not
noted on the day.
Main gate:
XW917/-			Harrier GR3	preserved

Near hangars:
XW924/-			Harrier GR3	preserved

Static between hangars:
XE606/-			Hunter F6A	preserved
ZF139/139		Tucano T1	207(R)sq
G-BLPG			Auster Alpha	"16693/693"
G-BVGW			Luscombe 8	nn

Static and main ramp:
ZD327/08A		Harrier GR7A	800sq		solo display
ZG500/71, ZG504/75	Harrier GR9	1sq
ZG502/73, ZG530/84	Harrier GR9	800sq
ZG505/76, ZG531/85	Harrier GR9	4sq, 1sq
ZG857/89		Harrier GR9	nn
ZH660/108		Harrier T10	800sq

VR930/O-110		Sea Fury FB11	RNHF
ZE757/FI		Tornado F3	25sq
ZJ276/76		Squirrel HT1	DHFS
G-BXKW			T67M-200	ex HKG-13

PA474/QR-M		Lancaster B1	BoBMF
1x			Hurricane 	BoBMF
1x			Spitfire	BoBMF
9x			Hawk T1/T1A/T1W	Red Arrows

Hangar (Southern most hangar):
ZD348/15A, ZG471/61A	Harrier GR7A	4sq
ZD436/-			Harrier GR7A	4sq		no tail
ZD438/50		Harrier GR7	4sq
ZD469/-			Harrier GR7A	nn
ZG510/81, ZG511/82	Harrier GR9	4sq

Hangar (Mid South Hangar):
LA255/-			Spitfire F21	preserved
ZG472/62A		Harrier GR7A	1sq
ZG474/64		Harrier GR7	nn
ZG507/78		Harrier GR9	nn
ZH657/105		Harrier T10	1sq

Hangar BAe (Mid North hangar):
ZD346/13A		Harrier GR7A	800sq
ZD375/23, ZD401/30	Harrier GR7	nn
ZD409/38		Harrier GR7	nn
ZG480/70		Harrier GR9	4sq
ZH662/110		Harrier T10	20(R)sq
Plus approximately eight more Harriers, most of the without wings
and stored in frames.

Hangar Lark Hill (Northern most hangar):
ZD376/24A, ZD378/26A	Harrier GR7A	800sq
ZD403/32A, ZD431/43A	Harrier GR7A	800sq
ZD465/55A		Harrier GR7A	800sq
ZG506/77		Harrier GR9	1sq
ZG858/90		Harrier GR9	800sq
ZH801/123		S Harrier FA2	preserved

Seen "Over The Top":
ZE432			BAC111-479FU	to Waddington

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