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Leuchars 1977

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Date: 10 September 1977

Made by:


(P)-Pens, (H)-Hangared. (f) implies 'flying' 

Wessex HC.2      XR497               22Sq 'B' Flt 
Wessex HC.2      XT604 (H)           22Sq 'B' Flt 
Wessex HC.2      XR588               22Sq 'B' Flt        in ASR Hangar 
Phantom FG.1     XV571/A (H)         43Sq 
Phantom FG.1     XV575/C (f)         43Sq 
Phantom FG.1     XV576/D             43Sq 
Phantom FG.1     XV581/E (f)         43Sq 
Phantom FG.1     XV582/F (P)         43Sq 
Phantom FG.1     XV583/G (H)         43Sq 
Phantom FG.1     XT875/K (P)         43Sq 
Phantom FG.1     XV577/M             43Sq 
Phantom FG.1     XV572/N (f)         43Sq 
Phantom FG.1     XV578/0 (P)         43Sq 
Phantom FG.1     XT873/S (H)        111Sq 
Phantom FGR.2    XV437/A (P)        111Sq 
Phantom FGR.2    XV424/B (H)        111Sq 
Phantom FGR.2    XT895/D (P)        111Sq 
Phantom FGR.2    XV410/E (H)        111Sq 
Phantom FGR.2    XV414/F (H)        111Sq 
Phantom FGR.2    XV419/J (P)        111Sq 
Phantom FGR.2    XT892/K (P)        111Sq 
Phantom FGR.2    XV406/M (P)        111Sq 
Phantom FGR.2    XV491/0 (H)        111Sq 
Phantom FGR.2    XV426/Q (P)        111Sq 
Phantom FGR.2    XV494/T            111Sq 
Phantom FGR.2    XV401/U            111Sq 
Phantom FG.1     XT857/U (H)        PTF 
Phantom FG.1     XT861/V (H)        PTF 
Phantom FG.1     XT866/W (H)        PTF 
Phantom FG.1     XV569/X (H)        PTF 
Phantom FG.1     XV570/Y (H)        PTF 
Phantom FG.1     XV586/R (H)        892(R)Sq 
Phantom FG.1     XV589/011/R (H)    892(R)Sq 
Phantom FG.1     XV592 (H)          892(R)Sq 

Static Park: 
Victor K2        XL191              55 Sq 
Jet Provost T5A  XW370/72           No.1 FTS 
Bulldog T1       XX665/06           ELUAS 
Gazelle AH1      XW898/G            CFS (RW) 
Buccaneer S2B    XW527 
Hawk Tl          XX162/162          CFS (carrying badge) 
Lightning F6     XS899/L            5 Sq 
Jaguar GR1       XX758/18           226 OCU 
Jetstream T1     XX494/71           METS/3 FTS 
Dominie T1       XS737/K            6 FTS 
Hunter F6        XF527/70           4 FTS 
TF104G           D5809              Klu  TCA, Leeuwarden 
Mirage V-BR      BR-23              Force Aerienne Belge, 2 Wing, 42 Sm, Florennes 
Sk-35XD Draken   AT-159             RDAF 729 Esk, Karup 
F111E            68-034/UH          USAF, 20th TFW 
Canberra T.17    WF890/M            360 Sq 
Nimrod HR.1      XV230              St Mawgan Wing 
Gnat T.1         XP534/62           4FTS 
Harrier T.4      XW271/17           1 Sq 

Flight Line: 
Vulcan B.2A      XM606              101 Sq 
Vulcan B.2A      XM646              9 Sq 
Spitfire PN.19   PS853              BoBMF 
Spitfire PN.19   PZ865 'LT-A'       BoBMF 
Sea King HAS1    XV650/303 
Sea King HAS.2   XV659/305/PW       819 Sq. 
CF-104           104751             CAF 439 Sq 
Jaguar GR.1 (f), XX747/17           226 OCU 
Jaguar GR.1 (f), XX750/22           226 OCU 
Jet Provost T.5B XW306/Y            6 FTS. RAFA badge on tail. Inscribed/Wright Jubilee 77 
Bulldog T.1      XX515/7            RN EFTS  
Bulldog T.1      XX516/10           RN EFTS 
Bulldog T.1      XX532/15           RN EFTS  'The Bulldogs' 
Hercules C.1     XV193              LTW/Red Arrows  Support aircraft 
Gnat T.1         XP514              CFS/The Red Arrows 
Gnat T.1         XR540              CFS/The Red Arrows 
Gnat T.1         XR572              CFS/The Red Arrows 
Gnat T.1         XR955              CFS/The Red Arrows 
Gnat T.1         XR977              CFS/The Red Arrows 
Gnat T.1         XR987              CFS/The Red Arrows 
Gnat T.1         XR991              CFS/The Red Arrows 
Gnat T.1         XS107              CFS/The Red Arrows 
Gnat T.1         XR981              CFS/The Red Arrows 
Gnat T.1         XS101              CFS/The Red Arrows (spare) 
Stampe SV4C      G-ATIR             J Illiffe. 
Stephens~Acro    N81AC              R E Mitchell 
BN2A Defender.   G-BCMY 

Flying only: 
PA18             G-BBDI SGU         towing BGA.2258/775 . Type ??? 
Nimrod MR.1      XV255              KSW 
Victor K.2       XL160              55 Sq, drogues extended, but sans leeches 
VC10 C.1         XV106              10 Sq 
Shackleton AEW2  WL757              8 Sq 
Jaguar T.2       XX139/C            226 0CU, mock airfield attack 
Jaguar T.2       XX140/D            226 0CU, mock airfield attack 
Jaguar T.2       XX141/E            226 0CU, mock airfield attack 
Jaguar T.2       XX830/R            226 0CU, mock airfield attack 
Jaguar GR1       XX747/17           Solo display 
Hercules C.1     XV211              LTW. Gun Team demonstration 
Canberra PR.9    XH170              39 Sq. - guess the height competition 
F-111E           68-071/UH          USAF 20th TFW, two passes! 
Lightning F6     XP741/N            11 Sq 
Lightning F6     XP764/O            11 Sq 
Hercules C.1     XV306              LTW Falcons  support 
Buccaneer S2     XT286              237 OCU 
Hawk T.1         XX172              CFS 

Visitors (All parked on short runway): 
Devon C.2        VP955              207 Sq 
Devon C.2        VP968              207 Sq 
Canberra TT.18   WJ629/29           7 Sq 

Joy-rides (?) provided by Gill Aviation using G-AXYA, G-AYKU and G-BBCC 

Also present was Canberra nose WH903 on display in a hangar 

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