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Wethersfield 1966

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Date: 11 June 1966

Made by:


XH555 		Vulcan B2 	230OCU
XL614 		Hunter T7 	Wattisham Station Flight
XM173 		Lightning F1A 	226OCU
XM174 		Lightning F1a 	226OCU
DA+253 		F-104G 		WGAF
144827 		A-3B 		1/VAP-62 
63-8311 	F-105F 		49TFW
57-0547 	T-33A 		81TFW
61-0678 	T-39A 		HQ 3RD A/F
62-4462 	T-39A 		20TFW
57-6092 	U-8D 		US Army
Flying past for Queen's birthday fly-by over London:
XP699/O		Lightning F3 	56Sqdn 
XP738/G         Lightning F3    111Sqdn
XP740/J         Lightning F3    111Sqdn
XP765/N         Lightning F3    56Sqdn 
XR711/A         Lightning F3    111Sqdn
XR713/C         Lightning F3    111Sqdn
XR714/D         Lightning F3    111Sqdn
XR715/E         Lightning F3    111Sqdn
XR717/B         Lightning F3    56Sqdn 
XR718/C         Lightning F3    56Sqdn 
XR755/A         Lightning F3    5Sqdn  
XR756/B         Lightning F3    5Sqdn  
XR761/J         Lightning F3    5Sqdn  
XR763/H         Lightning F3    5Sqdn  
64-0854		F-4D		Bentwaters/Woodbridge
64-0859		F-4D		Bentwaters/Woodbridge
64-0900		F-4D		Bentwaters/Woodbridge
64-0903		F-4D		Bentwaters/Woodbridge
64-0904		F-4D		Bentwaters/Woodbridge
64-0910		F-4D		Bentwaters/Woodbridge
64-0919		F-4D		Bentwaters/Woodbridge
64-0923		F-4D		Bentwaters/Woodbridge
55-3586		F-100D		401TFW
55-3651		F-100D		401TFW
56-3039		F-100D		401TFW
56-3952		F-100F		401TFW
Based F-100s of 20TFW:
55-3614   55-3655   55-3657   55-3663   55-3665
55-3669   55-3683   55-3686   55-3687   55-3690
56-2963   56-2975   56-2984   56-2993   56-3003
56-3015   56-3022
56-3844   56-3883   56-3898
Overflight to Mildenhall:
52-1006 	C-124C 		62MAW

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