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Benson 1996

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Date: 6 July 1996

Made by: John Peake, Kevin Hall


ZG710  		Tornado GR.1A  	13 SQN
XW237  		Puma HC.1  
ZF168  		Tucano T.1  	1 FTS
XR508/B		Wessex HC.2 	60 SQN
XS674/R 	Wessex HC.2 	60 SQN
XX314/DU 	Hawk T.1  	208(R)SQN
XX634/1 	Bulldog T.1   	3 FTS
XX228/CC 	Hawk T.1  	100 SQN

WL419  		Meteor T.7  	Martin  Baker
ZA321/B-58 	Tornado GR.1  	TTTE
43+13/G-71 	Tornado  	TTTE
WV740 		Pembroke C.1  	Private (G-BNPH)
ZH118  		Vigilant TX.1   612 VGS
XR517/N  	Wessex HC.2  	60 SQN
XX638		Bulldog T.1  	3 FTS
XX698/9 	Bulldog T.1  	3 FTS
XZ108/A 	Jaguar GR.1A   	16(R)SQN
ZD461/51	Harrier GR.7 	20(R)SQN
ZD463  		Harrier GR.7 	20(R)SQN

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