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North Weald 1989

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Date: 13 May 1989

Made by: Darrell Brown, John Plant

Updated: 3 February 2001; 8 November 2022 by Alan Slack

F8010/Z/G-BDJW         SE5A Replica         Privately Owned 
FE992/G-BDAM           NA Harvard IIB       Privately Owned 
HB275/N5063N           C-45 Expeditor II    Privately Owned 
JV928/Y/G-BLSC         PNY-5A Catalina      Plane Sailing 
MH434/G-ASJV           Spitfire HF.IXB      Privately Owned 
XX661/B                Bulldog T1           Central Flying School 
XL568/N		       Hunter T7A	    No 12 Sqn
XX833                  Jaguar T2B           SAOEU 
XX835                  Jaguar T2B           No 41 Sqn 
ZA600/TH               Tornado GR1          No 15 Sqn 
ZE165/Q                Tornado F3           No 111 Sqn 
ZE202/AH               Tornado F3T          No 65 Sqn 
ZE203/FI               Tornado F3           No 25 Sqn 
ZE291/GQ               Tornado F3           No 43 Sqn 
ZE785                  Tornado F3           No 111 Sqn 
XH558                  Vucan B2             VDS 
272                    F-16A                No 332 Sqn 
692                    F-16B                No 334 Sqn 
20385                  T-6J Harvard IV      Harvard Formation Team 
U-110/G-PTWO           Pilatus P-2          Privately Owned EX 16+RF 
NZ5628/N240CA          F4U-4B Corsair       Privately Owned 
53/44-4393/N62822      RP-63C Kingcobra     Privately Owned 
100884/G-DAKS          C-47A Dakota 3       Privately Owned 
226671/MX-X/NX47DD     P-47D Thunderbolt    Privately Owned 
463221/G4-S/N51JJ      P-51D Mustang        Privately Owned Really '473149' 

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