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Middle Wallop 1996

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Date: 15 June 1996

Made by: Kevin Hall, Mark Wall


XR505/WA 	Wessex HC.2  	2 FTS
XW234 		Puma HC.1   	230  SQN
ZB665  		Gazelle AH1  	665 SQN
ZH776/EF 	Chinook HC.2    7 SQN
XZ655  		Lynx AH.7 	655 SQN
ZG846  		Islander AL.1   1 FLT
XX513/10 	Bulldog T.1  	3 FTS
KF183/3 	Harvard T.2B   	DTEO
B-48  		Bo.105CB  	KLu 299 SQN
84+72  		CH-53G  	HEER HFR-15

XX462/W		Gazelle AH1	658 SQN
XZ294/X		Gazelle AH1	658 SQN
ZA729/V		Gazelle AH1	658 SQN
XX445/T 	Gazelle AH1 	2 FLT (TA)
ZD345/12	Harrier GR7 	20(R)SQN
ZD461/51	Harrier GR7 	20(R)SQN

Southside Flightlines:
WP983/B 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WP925/C 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WP928/P 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WB615/E 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WG323/F 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WG321/G 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WP930/J 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WZ882/K 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WG432/L 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WK559/M 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WD325/N 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WZ884/P 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WB647/R 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WK586/V 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WP871/W 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WB565/X 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
WP964/Y 	Chipmunk T.10  	BFWF
ZA777/B 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XW865/C 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XW848/D 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XW908/E 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XZ290/F 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
ZB666/G 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
ZD688/H 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XZ329/J 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
ZA769/K 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XZ300/L 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XW846/M 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XZ322/N 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XZ322/O 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
ZB673/P 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XX378/Q 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XZ317/R 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XZ325/T 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
ZA737/V 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XX435/W 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XX385/X 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XZ330/Y 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XW897/Z 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XX392/A1 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XZ327/B1 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XX405/C1 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XX375/E1 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
ZA726/F1 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XZ349/G1 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XW904/H1 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
ZG889		Lynx AH.9   	653Sqn
ZG919		Lynx AH.9   	653Sqn
ZG922		Lynx AH.9   	653Sqn
ZG923		Lynx AH.9   	653Sqn
ZE375/2		Lynx AH.9   	659Sqn
ZE376/4		Lynx AH.9   	659Sqn
ZG885/7		Lynx AH.9   	659Sqn
ZG915/7		Lynx AH.9   	659Sqn
ZG916/8		Lynx AH.9   	659Sqn
ZG917/9		Lynx AH.9   	659Sqn
ZG921/11	Lynx AH.9   	659Sqn
ZG918  		Lynx AH.9   	659Sqn
ZG845  		Islander AL.1   AFWF
XZ298		Gazelle AH1 	unmarked
XW885		Gazelle AH1 	unmarked
XW899/Z		Gazelle AH1 	unmarked
XZ296		Gazelle AH1 	unmarked
XZ328		Gazelle AH1 	unmarked
XW892/C		Gazelle AH1   	666 (TA) Sqn
XX442/E		Gazelle AH1   	666 (TA) Sqn
XX394/X		Gazelle AH1   	669 Sqn
XX409		Gazelle AH1   	669 Sqn
XZ320		Gazelle AH1   	669 Sqn
ZB669		Gazelle AH1   	669 Sqn
XX416/W		Gazelle AH1 	657 Sqn
XX393/W 	Gazelle AH1 	654 Sqn
XW913/Y 	Gazelle AH1  	662 Sqn
XZ292/3		Gazelle AH1  	663 Sqn
XZ331/B		Gazelle AH1  	663 Sqn
XZ179		Lynx AH.7  	654 Sqn
XZ194		Lynx AH.7  	654 Sqn
XZ211		Lynx AH.7  	654 Sqn
XZ190 		Lynx AH.7  	663 Sqn
XZ173		Lynx AH.7  	669 Sqn
XZ609		Lynx AH.7  	669 Sqn
ZD277		Lynx AH.7  	669 Sqn
ZD278/A		Lynx AH.7   	671 Sqn
ZD272/H		Lynx AH.7   	671 Sqn
ZD281/K		Lynx AH.7   	671 Sqn
XZ676/N		Lynx AH.7   	671 Sqn
ZD283/P		Lynx AH.7   	671 Sqn
XZ652/T		Lynx AH.7   	671 Sqn
XZ175/Z		Lynx AH.7   	671 Sqn
XR379  		Alouette AH.2	AACHF
XP820  		Beaver AL1	AACHF
XT131/B  	Sioux AH.1	AACHF
XT626/Q  	Scout AH.1	AACHF
XL814  		Skeeter AOP.12	AACHF
XR244  		Auster AOP.9	AACHF

North side Hangars:

Hangar 1:
XX417 		Gazelle AH1  	667 Sqn
XZ606 		Lynx AH.7  	667 Sqn
XP893		Scout AH1
XV131/Y		Scout AH1  

Hangar 2:
XZ215  		Lynx AH7  	655 Sqn
XZ673  		Lynx AH7  	655 Sqn
XZ316 		Gazelle AH1 	666 Sqn
XZ339 		Gazelle AH1  	667 Sqn

Hangar 4:
XZ333/A 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XZ344/1 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XZ334/S 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XX403/U 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
XX447/D1 	Gazelle AH1  	670 Sqn
WK512/A 	Chipmunk T10  	BFWF
WB754/H 	Chipmunk T10  	BFWF
WB693/S 	Chipmunk T10  	BFWF
WB654/U 	Chipmunk T10  	BFWF

Hangar 5:
XT151 		Sioux AH.1 	AACHF
ZD279/C 	Lynx AH7  	671 Sqn
XZ641/G 	Lynx AH7  	671 Sqn
XZ193/1 	Lynx AH7  	671 Sqn

Dump on the southside:
XN494 		Jet Provost T.3A
XL847 		Whirlwind HAS.7	BDRT

The mass helicopter approach on Saturday featured 26 x Lynx AH.7/9s
44 x Gazelle AH1s and Alouette, Scout, Sioux (AACHF)

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