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Wolverhampton 1964

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Date: 20 June 1964

Made by: David Miller


WD355           Chipmunk T.10           Birmingham U.A.S.
WG460           Chipmunk T.10           Hull U.A.S.
XP441           Argosy                  114 Sq.
XL605           Hunter T.7              92 Sq.
XN392           Britannia               511 Sq.
WE169/K       	Canberra PR.3           231 OCU
XR666/58      	Jet Provost T4          6 FTS  -   Acklington.
XP652/52      	Jet Provost T4          6 FTS  -   Acklington
XP636/43      	Jet Provost T4          6 FTS  -   Acklington
XP638/42      	Jet Provost T4          6 FTS  -   Acklington
XP344/WK	Whirlwind HAR10		CFS
XB287/T        	Beverley                47 Sq.
XH503           Vulcan B1               44 Sq.
XK715           Comet C2                
PZ865           Hurricane               Pilot : Bill Bedford                                                        
XN857           Argosy                  Parachute Drop.
G-ARWP          Cessna 172              Parachute Drop
G-AIDN          Spitfire TR.8
G-ANLS          TigerMoth
G-ASHS          Stampe SV4B
G-ASIM          Zlin Z362T Trenner 
G-ARVR          Cherokee 160            Pleasure Flights

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