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Middle Wallop 2000

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Date: 8-10 September 2000

Made by: MAR, Kevin Hall

Updated: 3 November 2002

Static areas:
3C-OB			OH-58B 		Austrian AF Rgt 1                       
3E-KF		        Alouette III 	Austrian AF Rgt 11                      
H-32 (OT-ARN) 	        A-109HA  	BLA SLV                                 
P-319, P-369	        AS.550C-2 	Danish Army PHK                         
H-206, H-246 	        Hughes 500M 	Danish Army OHK                         
2325/AIA  	        AS.532UL 	ALAT 4RHC                               
3948/AEK  	        SA.342M  	ALAT 6RHCM                              
4222/AEH  	        SA.342LI 	ALAT 6RHCM                              
160  		        SA.321G  	FrN 32 Flotille                         
87+55 		        Bo105P 		HEER HFVS910                            
MM81149/4-62	        AB-212AM 	AMI 4St                                 
MM81156/9-14	        AB-212AM 	AMI 9St                                 
B-77 		        Bo105CB 	KLu 299 Sqn                             
R-02 		        AB-412SP 	KLu 303 Sqn                             
XZ313 		        Gazelle AH.1 	AAC                                     
ZB673/P 	        Gazelle AH.1 	671 Sqn                                 
ZB668 (TAD015)	        Gazelle AH.1 	SEAE Arborfield                    
XZ174 		        Lynx AH.7 	655 Sqn                                 
XZ676/N 	        Lynx AH.7 	671 Sqn                                 
ZH836/CU-582 	        Merlin HM.1 	824 Sqn                                 
ZG820/A 	        Seaking HC.4 	845 Sqn                                 
ZJ175 		        Apache AH.1 	GKN/WHL
ZJ282, ZJ298	        Phoenix D.1 	RA Larkhill                             
ZJ267 		        Squirrel HT.1 	DHFS                                    
ZJ275 		        Squirrel HT.1 	DHFS(Dept 8th)                          
XR379 		        Alouette AH.1 	AACHF                                   
XR244 		        Auster AOP.9  	AACHF                                   
XP820 		        Beaver AL.1   	AACHF                                   
WD325/N 	        Chipmunk T.10 	AACHF                                   
XP884 		        Scout AH.1 	AAC                                     
XT626/Q 	        Scout AH.1 	AACHF                                   
XT131/B 	        Sioux AH.1 	AACHF                                   
XT151  		        Sioux AH.1  	AACHF                                   

Ramp east end of Hanger 5:
ZJ168 ,ZJ169, ZJ172	Apache AH.1	GKN/WHL

Westlands Hospitality Area:
ZJ173 			Apache AH.1 	GKN/WHL
ZJ123			Merlin HC.3	nn

Far Side Flightlines:
Gazelle AH.1  Saturday (18 Aircraft):
657 Sqn:   XZ308
658 Sqn:   XX435/V, XX462/W, XZ294/X, XW897/Y,
665 Sqn:   ZB684
666 Sqn:   XZ316/B, XX442/E, XW904/H,
671 Sqn:   ZA777/B, XW848/D, XW846/M, XX403/U, XZ349/G1
	   XX378, ZA726, ZB688, XX409

Gazelle AH.1 Sunday (18 Aircraft):
657 Sqn:   XZ308
658 Sqn:   XX435/V, XZ294/X,
665 Sqn:   ZB684
666 Sqn:   XZ316/B, XX442/E, XW904/H,
671 Sqn:   ZA777/B, XW848/D, XW846/M, XX403/U, XZ349/G1
	   XX378, ZA726, ZB688,
6 FLT(TA): XZ309
4 REGT:	   XX385, XX409,

Lynx AH.7 (Same A/C Both Days):
656 Sqn:   XZ183
667 Sqn:   XZ647
671 Sqn:   XZ191/A, XZ203/L, ZD276/X,
3 REGT:    XZ174
4 REGT:    XZ217
671 Sqn:   ZD272/H, XZ193/I

Lynx AH.9:
653 Sqn:   ZG915/7H
659 Sqn:   ZE380/3, ZE382

Squirrel HT.2:
670 Sqn:   ZJ243, ZJ244, ZJ245, ZJ246, ZJ247, ZJ248, ZJ249
	   ZJ250, ZJ251, ZJ252, ZJ253, ZJ254

Chinook HC.2:
7 Sqn: 	   ZA684, ZA677/EG (Dept 8th Replaced by ZA684)
18 Sqn:    ZD981/BH

Seaking HC.4:
848 Sqn:   ZA299/ZT 

Hanger 1:
XX417 			Gazelle AH.1 	667 Sqn 
WP964/Y, WP971/W	Chipmunk T.10	MOAF
WZ706, WZ711		Auster AOP.9

Hanger 2 (REME Workshop):
XP242 			Auster AOP.9 	MOAF
XX399 			Gazelle AH.1 	847 Sqn
XZ346 +1		Gazelle AH.1
XZ655, XZ672, ZD273	Lynx AH.7	AAC
ZD283			Lynx AH.7	AAC

Hanger 3 (2 regt):
XX447, XZ330/Y		Gazelle AH.1	671 Sqn
ZG846 			Islander AL.1 	ITF/DERA
XL814 			Skeeter AOP.12 	AACHF
XZ652, XZ675/E, ZD281/K	Lynx AH.7 	671 Sqn

Hanger 4:
ZG845 			Islander AL.1 	ITF
ZD276 			Lynx AH.7 	671 Sqn

Daily Visitors-Flying:
ZD402/31		Harrier GR.7 	20 R Sqn, 9th
ZG859/91		Harrier GR.7 	20 R Sqn, 9th/10th
ZA321/TAB		Tornado GR.1 	15 R Sqn, 10th
ZE292/AZ 		Tornado F.3 	56 R Sqn, 9th/10th

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