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Farnborough 2012

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Farnborough Air show
Date: 9-17 July 2012
FAC1004 C-130H Esc 811  
FAC2446 T-90 Esc 712  
MM62127 MC-27J Alenia NC4033
CSX81798/15-42 HH-139A 15˚ Stormo  
AS1126 Beech B200 Malta Air Wing BB-2016
N-228 NH-90 NFH 860sq 1228/NNLN08
16712 C295MPA Esq 502 65
01wh YaK-130 Irkut Corp. 620001
39-7 JAS39B Saab  
T-317 AS332M1 SwissAF/RUAG  
ZJ200 Apache AH1 3/4regt  
ZH897/HL Chinook HC3 Odiham Wing  
ZK450/J Beech B200 45(R)sq  
ZH004 Defender T3 651sq  
XX278 Hawk T1A 208(R)sq  
XX307 Hawk T1 208(R)sq  
ZK020 Hawk T2 4(R)sq $
PA474/BQ-B+HW-R Lancaster BI BoBMF  
ZK001/AF Merlin HC3 28sq  
MK356/UF-Q Spitfire LF.IX BoBMF  
ZA369/003, ZA406/014 Tornado GR4 15(R)sq  
ZA453/022 Tornado GR4 15(R)sq  
ZF269, ZF374 Tucano T1 72(R)sq  
ZH248/UT Vigilant T1 618VGS  
ZE614/XN Viking TX1 CGMF  
ZZ404 Wildcat AH1 Agusta/Westland  
1-7-7170 C-17A 3rd AS  
08-8602/RS C-130J-30 37th AS  
91-342/SP, 91-0358/SP F-16CM 480th FS  
97-221/LN F-15E 492nd FS  
11-72224 UH-72A nmk 9501
166677/AD-234 F/A-18F VFA-106  
166688/EH-02 MV-22B VMM-264  
166689/EH-03 MV-22B VMM-264  
C-FTNB Bell 429 Bell Textron 57002
C-GIAZ CRJ900 China Express Airlines 15277  
C-GOCX (SP-EQE) DHC-8-402 Eurolot 4417
D-CNEU Do228-212NG RUAG 8206
F-GYBJ Falcon 7X Dassault 144
F-HBIP Falcon 2000LX Dassault 228
F-PFJP SA300 starduster 265-12
F-WWAJ (9M-MNB) A380-841 Malaysian Airlines 81
F-WWDD A380-841 Airbus Industrie 4
(F-WWEO) ATR72-600 Air Jamaica 1060
F-WWIQ A320-214 Airbus industrie 5098
F-WWMZ (ZM401) A400M Airbus Industrie 6
F-WWBP EC175 Eurocopter PT001
G-CGYK Embraer 145 Embraer 14500308
G-DOSB DA-42 DO Systems 42328
G-DSPY DA-42M Diamond Executive 42.M011
G-SJCH BN-2T-4S Spec ops devel. 4006
G-SVEY P68TC   415-05-OTC
G-VLCN Vulcan B2 Vulcan to the sky, ex XH558  
G-BWWW Jetstream 31 Cranfield University  
HB-HZC PC-21 Pilatus Flugzeugwerke 101
HB-FVM PC-12/47E Pilatus Fulgzeugwerke 1291
HB-LPY DHC-6-400   851
HL8248 B737-9B5ER Korean Air 37635
I-EASX AW109SP Mongolian Police 22265
I-FXRL P180 Avanti II K-Air 1225
I-RAIU AW139 Weststar 31419
M-AJWA Global 5000 Global expess Aviaton 9182
N34XR LJ45XR Learjet Inc 45-434
N1459 Beech 350iER Hawker Beechcraft FL-667
N188AM BN-2T EAS Aviation 2302
N27052 Eclipse EA500 Eclipse Aviation 120
N3000B T-6C Raytheon PH-1
N305CL Challenger 300 Bombardier 20305
N381GX Global 6000 WCA Holdings 9381
N404CZ Cessna 510 Cessna Aircraft 510-0404
N351CC Cessna 208B Cessna Aircraft 208B2351
N407GX Bell 407GX Bell Textron 54300
N339SS Spaceship 2 Virgin Galactic  
N812GS PC-12/47E FLIR Systems 1086
N883KA Beech 250 Hawker Beechcraft BY-143
N974VV KDC-10 Omega  
OE-9483 HK-36ECO Dimona 36583
OE-VRX DA-42MPP Diamond aircraft 42.M013
PT-TSB Embraer 190 Aerosvit 19000505
PT-TSC ERJ135BJ Embraer 14501149
RA-89008 SSJ 100-95B Aeroflot 95016
SE-MCG Saab 340MSA Saab 441
SP-YVE S-70i (Colombian police) 703785
VQ-BNO Beech 350i JSC Flight Inspect. FL-744
Of BN2T G-SNJH, the registration was removed on Monday morning
39273/273, 39281/281 JAC39C F17  
T-781 Falcon 50 LTDB 9
ZK317/ES, ZK330/EZ Typhoon FGR4 6sq  
ZK333/EH Typhoon FGR4 nn  
ZK334 Typhoon FGR4 3sq  
ZZ403, ZZ405, ZZ407 Wildcat AH1 Agusta/Westland  
91-342/SP F-16CM 480th FS  
166790/NJ-135 F/A-18F VFA-122  
168225/EH-13 MV-22B VMM-264  
168226/EH-14 MV-22B VMM-264  
A6-HEH B737-8AJ Dubai Air wing 9
A6-HHH GIV Dubai Air Wing 9
G-NOAH A319-115CJ Acropolis Aviation  
G-ASAJ Auster T7 ex WE569  
G-ANMY Tiger Moth II ex DE470  
G-BVEZ Jet Provost T3A ex XM479  
G-BWMF Meteor T7 ex WA591  
G-BXDH Chipmunk T10 ex WD331  
G-DHVM)/”WR470” Venom FB50 ex Swiss J-1542  
G-EUNA A318-112 British Airways  
G-IIHI EA300/SC Mark Jefferies  
G-PSST Hunter F58A ex Swiss J-4101  
G-TIMM/”XS111” Gnat T1 ex XP504  
I-AWIT AW139 Agusta/Westland 31043
I-EASF AW169 Agusta/Westland 69002
I-RAIH AW189 Agusta/Westland 49003
N10187 (A7-BCB) B787-8 Qatar Airways 38320
N147DC C-47A ex USAAF 42-10884  
N707TJ N2S-1 Kaydet Breitling Wingwalkers  
N5057V PT-13D Breitling Wingwalkers  
N74189 PT-17 Breitling Wingwalkers  
T-50B of 239sq/Black eagles:
10-0057/1,10-0058/1, 10-0056/2, 10-0055/3, 10-0052/4
10-0054/5, 10-0051/6, 10-0053/7, 10-0059/8
Hawk T1/T1A*of the Red Arrows:
XX227, XX242, XX263*, XX266*, XX308, XX319*, XX322*, XX323*
L-39C, team Breitling:
N10984 Bell 429 Bell Textron  
Flying only:
60-0042/BD B-52H 93rd BS 10
N208AF Ce208B Aerodynamics 208B0660
The Cessna acted as the Falcons jump platform, they did not land
Farnborough is always a difficult show to report correctly, as a lot of aircraft parked on the static are used in the flying display. We tried to make it as accurate as possible, but there are trade days and public days, of which the last days attract other aircraft as well.
Credits: Roy Blewett, Rick Sleight, Steve Mittchel, MAR, Scramble forum


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