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Farnborough 2002

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Date: 22-28 July 2002

Made by: Scramble, Nigel Howarth, Ralph Lunt, Steve Rush, Tony Wood


F/A-18F Super Hornet, US Navy
Super Hornets were again showing off at Farnborough International. This time two aircraft in operational US Navy colours were brought to the UK. The F/A-18F on the picture is 165894/NG-104 being used by VFA-102.

Photo Gary Parsons

More pictures of this airshow, see f4 Aviation

142805			CT-142		402sq			c/n 103
149906			CH-149		nb
01 bk			Su-25KM		Georgian AF		c/n 10629
MM55063/61-143		MB339CD		311°Gruppo RSV
MM62166/GF-14		ATR42-400MP	2°GrEM GdF
165			Lancer III	Aerostar		c/n N75001012
6073			L-159B		Aero
ZJ120			Merlin HC3	QinetiQ
ZJ184			Apache AH1	Westland
ZJ905/M22		Super Lynx 103	for Malaysia		c/n 435
99-1432			CC-130J		143rd AS RI ANG
91-0603/LN	        F-15E	        494th FS       
91-0410/SP	        F-16CJ	        23rd FS        
89-0140		        CH-47D	        F/159th AVN    
96-26674	        UH-60L	        D/3-158th AVN  
162142		        C-2A	        NAWC-AD        
165829/JV	        C-40A	        VR-58          
163849		        E-2C+	        VX-20          
165894/NG-104	        F/A-18F	        VFA-102        
163000/000	        P-3C	        VP-69			dep 23rd 
163006/LN-006	        P-3C	        VP-45			arr 23rd
159756/NG-703	        S-3B	        VS-33          
"327"			NH90 mock-up	ex prototype		c/n PT-1
F-GSDA	                Falcon 900EX	Dassault	        c/n 106 
F-GUYM	                Falcon 2000	Dassault	        c/n 191 
F-WQNA	                ATR72-201F	Farnair		        c/n 108 
F-WWCD/G-VSHY		A340-642	for Virgin Atlantic
F-WWLC			ATR42-500	to be CU-T1455
G-BWXG	                Firefly T67M	JEFTS         
G-MOMO	                A109E		Air Harrods           
HB-FOW	                PC-12/45	Pilatus			c/n 411    
HB-HZA	                PC-21		Pilatus                            
I-FBAX	                C-27J		Alenia		        c/n NC4115 
LN-RDN	                DHC-8-402	SAS Commuter                       
LX-PAT	                Lj31A				        c/n 31A-233
N5GV	                G.1159D		Gulfstream                         
N60LJ	                Lj60		Bombardier	        c/n 60-217 
N100GA	                IAI1125SPX	Gulfstream                         
N395KT	                P180		Piaggio		        c/n 1044   
N455LJ	                Lj45		Bombardier	        c/n 45-005 
N501MJ	                CRJ700		America West	        c/n 10047  
N604GW	                CL-604		Bombardier                         
N701WH	                Global Express	Bombardier                         
N60669	                B737-42C	Boeing                             
OE-XSB	                A119		Schenk Air	        c/n 14012  
PT-SAB	                EMB135BJ	Embraer		        c/n 145412 
SE-LGZ	                ATP-F		West Air Sweden       

98+29			EF2000		WTD61         
MMCSX62127		C-27J	        311°Gruppo RSV       
MM62153/RS-46	        G222TCM	        311°Gruppo RSV       
5831		        L-159	        Aero                 
XW934/Y		        Harrier T4	i/a                  
XV235		        Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW		dep 26th
ZA361/TD, ZG777/TC	Tornado GR4	15(R)sq                       
ZA611/TK		Tornado GR4	15(R)sq		        arr 27th
ZD720/TA		Tornado GR4	15(R)sq		        dep 25th
ZD408/37, ZD464/54	Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
ZH588			EF2000		BAE Systems
ZJ100			Hawk 102D	BAE Systems
01-0187			C-17A		62nd AW
90-0833/SP		F-16CJ		22nd FS
165877/NH-101		F/A-18F		VFA-41
39134/134, 39141/141	JAS39A		F7
A7-HHJ			A319-133X	Qatar Airways
F-WWCC	                A340-642	to be G-VATL 
F-WWIB	                A318-122	Airbus       
F-WWTE	                A340-541	Airbus       
F-WWYN/A7-ACB		A330-203	Qatar Airways		c/n 489
G-BWXY			Firefly T67M	JEFTS           
G-LFIX	                Spitfire Tr9	ex ML407        
G-MASH	                Bell 47G-4A                     
G-OHMS	                AS355F1                         
G-RRGN	                Spitfire PR19	ex PS853        
G-TVAC	                A109E		Sloane                  
HB-FOL	                PC-12/45	Pilatus         
I-ANEW	                AB139                           
I-FXRC	                P180		Foxair                  
N175SA	                Beech 200	General Atomics
N601DW	                CL-601		Bombardier              
N660CB	                Lj60                            
PP-XJA	                EMB170		Embraer			c/n 170005          
UR-14001		An-140		Odessa Airlines

Flying only:
ZH590, ZJ699		EF2000		BAE Systems		23th
PZ865/Q			Hurricane IIc	BoBMF		        27th
PA474/QR-M		Lancaster B1	BoBMF		        27th

Pleasure flights:
G-AGTM			DH89A		Air Atlantic        
G-AIDL	                DH89A		ex TX310            
G-APRS	                Twin Pioneer 3	Air Atlantic
G-DHDV	                Devon C2	ex VP981    
G-OPLC	                DH104		nn                  

43+53			Tornado IDS	JBG33			23rd        
131/XQ	                TBM-700		ETEC00.065	        22nd    
MM62171	                Falcon 900EX	93°Gr		        26th    
MM62172	                Falcon 900EX	93°Gr		        22nd    
U-06	                Fokker 50	334sq		        23rd    
038	                Yak-40		36SPLT		        22nd        
ZE701	                BAe146 CC2	32(TR)sq	        22nd    
CS-DNZ			Ce560XL		NetJets		        26th        
D-CSAP	                Lj31A	        SAP		        27th    
D-IFFI	                Ce525	        Air Evex	        24th    
EI-CVT	                G.1159C(SP)			        27th    
EI-PAX	                Ce560XL		Eurojet Ireland	        27th    
F-BVPR	                Falcon 100	EFS		        24th    
F-GCTR	                Beech 200	Eurl Stancraft	        24th    
G-BLKP	                BAe3102		BAE Systems	        27th    
G-BLRA	                BAe146-100	BAE Systems	        27th    
G-BPNT	                BAe146-300			        27th    
G-BRGN	                BAe3102		BAE Systems	        27th    
G-BWSY	                BAe125-800B	BAE Systems	        27th    
G-CBHT	                Falcon 900EX	TAG Avn		        24th, 27th
G-CORP	                ATP		BAE Systems	        26th, 27th
G-HAMA	                Beech 200	Gama			27th        
G-REYS	                CL-604		Greyscape	        24th
G-SPUR	                Ce550		Banecorp	        27th
G-TCAP	                BAe125-800B	BAE Systems	        24th
G-VSBC	                Beech 200	Vickers		        26th
HB-IDJ	                CRJ-SE		TAG Aviation	        24th
HB-VMB, HB-VMC		Lj45		TAG Aviation	        24th
HZ-KAA			G.1159C(SP)			        26th        
I-RONY	                BAe125-800XP	Alba Servizi Aero.	26th
N621KD	                IAI1125SPX				27th                
N737BZ	                B737-73Q	BCC		        24th        
N737CC	                B737-74Q	Wells Fargo	        24th
N40255	                BAe125-800A			        24th        
OE-ICF	                Falcon 900	Comtel-Air	        24th
OO-VLK	                Fokker 50	VLM		        25th        
PH-VCM	                Ce421C		Strovast	        24th        
VP-BGG	                Global Express	Air Nauticus	        24th
VP-BSL	                Falcon 50	Shell		        27th        
VP-CJA	                Falcon 2000	Kosmos/EAT	        24th

Historic Air Park (27th):
XX894/R-020		BuccaneerS2B	preserved
XX230			Hawk T1A	4FTS      
G-AWII	                Spitfire Vc	AR501/NN-A
G-BKTH	                SeaHurricane I	ex Z7015  
G-BZPB	                Hunter		ex WV256, "WB188" 
G-CVIX	                Sea Vixen D3	ex XP924  
G-FFOX	                Hunter T7B	ex WV318  
G-HELV "XE998"		Vampire T55	ex XJ771, U-1215
G-NATY			Gnat T1		ex XR537       
G-RORI	                Gnat T1	        ex XR538       
G-SABR	                F-86A	        ex USAF 48-0178
G-TBRD	                T-33AN	        ex Canada 21261

DU-111			SA365N2		Dubai Police		23rd    
XZ294/X			Gazelle AH1	658sq		        23rd    
ZJ131/P, ZJ134/S	Merlin HC3	28sq		        22nd, 23rd
ZJ136/U			Merlin HC3	28sq		        22nd, 23rd
ZJ139, ZJ140		AS355F1		32(TR)sq	        23rd    
ZH141			AS355F1		32(TR)sq	        23rd    
ZJ266	                Squirrel HT1	DHFS		        27tn    
01-5247	                AH-64D		Boeing		        22nd, 23rd
G-BTIS	                AS355F1				        26th, 27th
G-EJOC	                AS350B		                        26th    
G-EXEK	                A109A		                        26th    
G-FFRI	                AS355F1		                        26th    
G-GAJW	                AB206		                        24th    
G-HARH	                S-76B		Air Harrods	        24th    
G-IANW	                AS350B3				        26th        
G-LENI	                AS355F1		                        27th    
G-LOUN	                AS355N		                        24th    
G-MOBI	                AS355F2		                        24th    
G-NOIR	                Bell 222			        24th    
G-SCHI	                AS350				        26th        
G-SMAF	                S-76A				        26th        
G-SOHI	                Bell 222			        24th    
G-STOX	                Bell 206B			        24th    
G-UEST	                Bell 206B			        26th    
G-WEST	                A109A		Westland	        26th    
N109GR	                A109E				        26th        
VP-BKQ	                Bell 430	JUD Investment	        26th 

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