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North Weald 1998

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Date: 26/27 September 1998

Made by: Paul Carr, Kevin Hart


L-29 Delfin            G-DLFN (on rebuild) 
L-39ZO Albatross       28 10/G-BWTT 
AC 200D                G-SONY/31 
Pulsar                 G-BTDR 
Falco                  G-KYNG 
Aeronca Chief          42-78044/G-BRXL 
Auster J/5V            G-APUW 
Auster AOP.9           one on rebuild in back of Intrepid 
Jet Provost T.3        XN637/03/G-BKOU 
Jet Provost T.3A       XM424/G-BWDS, XM478/G-BXDL, XN459/G-BWOT, XN629/G-BVEG 
Jet Provost T.4        G-BXLO/L 
Jet Provost T.5        G-BWGS, XW324/G-BWSG 
Jet Provost T.5A       G-BWEB, XW431/A/G-BWBS 
Jet Provost T.52A      G-PROV 
Strikemaster 87        NZ6361/G-BXFP, OJ10/G-BXFS, OJ4/Z2/G-UNNY 
Pup                    1 G-AXPM, 2 G-TSKY 
Beagle 206 Srs 2       N40CJ 
Beech D17S             G-BRVE, DR628/PB1/N18V 
Beech 18 C-45G         HB275/G-BKGM 
Beech D18S             N96240 
Sundowner              G-BBTX 
Baron 58P              N79AP 
Sioux AH.1             XT223/G-BGZK 
Stearman PT-13D        N4596N 
Stearman PT-17         18263/822/N38940 
Jungmann               G-EMJA, G-RETA, E3B-350/05:97/G-BHPL 
CAP 10B                G-BLVK 
Cessna 172N            G-BOYP, G-BTMA 
Cessna P.210N          G-VMDE 
Cessna T210N           G-BNZM 
Cessna 340             N340SC 
Shadow                 DD  G-MGDB,  Streak  G-HLCF 
Catalina               G-BPFY/6 
Venom FB.54            J-1758/G-BLSD (derelict) 
Sea Vixen FAW.2        XN651/247H (open store) 
Chipmunk 22            G-BBMN, WD363/5/G-BCIH, + one on rebuild in back of Intrepid 
C47 Dakota             N47FK,  N47FL,  TS423/A/N147DC 
PT-19 Cornell          02538/N33870 
Argus III              G-BCBH 
FLS Sprint             G-BVNU, G-BXWU, G-BXWV, G-FLSI, plus one other 
Gnat T.1               G-RORI, XR991/G-MOUR 
Meteor TT.20           WM224 (open store) 
Grob 109               unidentified, outside Sqn 
Wildcat                N909WJ 
Hellcat                79863/00/N79863 
CASA 2.111D            G-AWHB (on rebuild) 
Hunter F.6A            XG172/A (on rebuild) 
Hunter T.7             ET-272 nose 
Hunter T.8C            WT799/879 (derelict) 
Silvaire               G-YRIL 
Gemini 1A              G-AKHP 
MS505                  TA+RC/G-BPHZ 
MS733 Alcyon           unidentified, on rebuild on Sqn side of field - wings in Sqn hangar 
Nord NC.8..            unidentified, on rebuild in building at side of Aces High/Intrepid 
Harvard IIB            54137/69/G-CTKL 
Harvard SNJ-7          27/G-BRVG 
TB-25J Mitchell        44-30861/N9089Z (derelict) 
P-51D Mustang          44-72216/AJ:L/G-BIXL,  44-74008/VF:R/G-SIRR 
Sea Prince T.1         WP321/750/G-BRFC 
L-4J Cub               44-80321/44H/G-FRAN 
PA-18 Super Cub        G-BIJB, G-HACK, +one on rebuild, building at side of AcesHigh/Intrepid 
PA-22 Colt             G-ARKK 
Aztec                  C  G-AYMO,   D  G-BADI, G-CSFT (both wrecks),  F  G-BLXX 
Comanche 260B          G-AVCM, G-KSVB 
PA-28-140              G-AVLH,  F  G-TEFC 
PA-28 Archer II        G-BOEE 
PA-28 Archer III       G-JACS 
PA-28R Arrow II        G-BCJO 
PA-28R Arrow III       N38273 , plus one in Aces High 
Cherokee Six 260       G-ATRX 
Cherokee Six 300D      G-SIXD 
Saratoga               G-BMJA, G-EENA 
PZL Koliber            G-BXLR, G-BXLS 
HR.100/210             G-BVMZ 
ASK-13                 BGA1608/CKR 
Slingsby T-67A         G-BJIG 
Rallye                 unidentified, outside Sqn 
Spitfire LF.16E        TE184/G-MXVI 
Vans RV-4              G-BVVS 
Kachina                G-BPVK 
Yakovlev C-11          27 wht/G-OYAK 
Yakovlev 50            G-BWYK/51 ylo, G-FUNK 
Yakovlev 52            G-BVOK/55 gry, G-BXAV/72 wht, G-CCCP, G-YAKS/2 red, LY-AFB/1:12 
                       LY-AHB, LY-ALS/69 ylo, LY-ALT, LY-AMU/42 red, RA44516/56 gry 
Zlin 226               G-EJGO 

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