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North Weald 1972

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Date: 29 May 1972

Made by:


RAFA Display Static: 
Sycamore HR.14      XG540                             71 MU 
Spitfire PR.19      PM651 
Hunter F.4          XF946 
Saab 105OE          1104/D                            1 Wg/Austrian AF 
C-1A                136753                            US Navy 
C-119G              CP-35/OT-CBO                      Belgian AF 

Flying Display: 
Boeing 737-204      G-AXNB                            Britannia 
CL-44D              G-AXAA                            Trans-Meridian 
Sioux AH.1          XT134, XT193, XT206, XT511, XW192 AAC/Blue Eagles 
Swordfish           LS326/5A                          FAAHF 
Sea Fury            TF956/123-T                       FAAHF 
CH-53               65223/5L-MA                       Austrian AF 
Puma HC.1           XW210/CG                          33 Sqn 
Jet Provost T.5     XW288/81, XW289/82, XW290/83      CFS/Red Pelicans 
                    XW291/84, XW294/87                CFS/Red Pelicans 
Saab 105OE          1110/J                            Austrian AF 
Skeeter AOP.12      XM553/G-AWSV 
Magister            MT-5/262, MT-12/269, MT-18/275    Belgian AF/ Diables Rouges 
Harvard             43-13132/G-AZBN 
Skyvan              G-AXPT 
Jet Provost T.5     XW406/48, XW410/51                3 FTS/Gemini Pair 
                    XW326/40, XW370/49                3 FTS/Gemini Pair spare a/c 
Hercules C.1        XV221                             LTW 
Vulcan B.2          XH554                             230 OCU 
Britannia C.2       XN404                             99/511 Sqn 
OV-1B               25906/13                          US Army/ 122 Av Co 
F-4C                37419, 40870, 40905, 40918        USAF/ 81 TFW 
Lancaster           PA474/KM-B 
Meteor T.7          WA669                             Vintage Pair 
Vampire T.11        XH304                             Vintage Pair 
Nimrod MR.1         XV240                             Kinloss Wing 
NF-5A               K-3062                            Klu 
SP-13A  Atlantic    253/V                             321 Sqn/KNL 
HC-130N             95823                             USAF/ 67 ARRS 
HH-53C              69-5797                           USAF/ 67 ARRS 
Jet Provost T.3     XM366/61                          CFS 
Lightning F.1A      XM177                             Wattisham TFF 
Hunter F.6          XG160/30, XF382/40                229 OCU 
Spitfire IX         MH434/ G-ASJV 
CH-54A              18448                             US Army/ 295 Avn Co(pod from 18594) 

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